Travel Tips for First Time Flyers – Travelling Alone for the First Time

First Time Flying Tips

Are you afraid of flying? Are you worried that something bad may happen? Or maybe you are just scared of the unknown? No matter what is your biggest struggle right now, you don’t need to worry anymore. Below you can find the tips for first time flyers, what to do before, during and after the journey. Make your flight pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing!

Step 1: Check-in

What is check-in? It’s nothing more than the final confirmation that you are going to take a flight. You need to verify your identity with your ID card (f.e. if you are EU citizen traveling within the European Union) or passport to receive the boarding pass.

The boarding pass is a ticket with your name, seat, and gate (a place where you can enter the plane) numbers.
You can check-in in 2 different ways: at home via the Internet or at the airport.

a) Low-cost airlines

When it comes to low-cost airlines, such as. Ryanair and Wizzair, online check-in is required (it is for free).

When you purchase a ticket, the system will guide you to step by step on what to do to check-in. Everything is really simple and should not cause any problems.

It is very important to print boarding passes at home and take them to the airport.


Low-cost airlines will try to convince you to buy more than just a plane ticket. You need to look very carefully whether all the extra options are unchecked. If you care for your budget, don’t buy additional insurance, priority boarding, etc. It’s not really necessary.

You can take on board one piece of luggage for free. Typically, its dimensions and weight are strictly checked. It is worth checking baggage restrictions relating to the carrier’s website. If you want to bring more luggage, you’ll have to pay extra.

b) Traditional airlines

Flying by traditional airlines is certainly easier if you are first time flying alone. After entering the airport, you just need to find your carrier’s desk (eg. LVA) and check-in.

All you need is your ID or passport.
If you are traveling with someone else, you can ask for a seat on the plane next to each other.

You can also check-in your luggage here. Just put it on tape, and airline employee will give a sticker on it to identify your destination.

Each airport has its abbreviated 3-letter name. Thus, for example. Warsaw is WAW, Krakow is KRK, Newark EWR and so on.


If you are taking a connected flight with a stopover in another city, you check-in your luggage only once. You do not need to collect it at the point of interchange and check-in again. It’s almost always like that. Nevertheless, it is worth to check it again before the flight.

Step 2: Duty-free Zone

When you receive your boarding passes, you can safely move to the duty-free area. If you do not know where it is- just follow other people or ask the airport staff.

You are not allowed to bring any liquids over 10 milliliters to the duty-free zone.

You and your hand luggage will be scanned. Airport worker will give you special plastic trays, where you should put all your electronic items (computers, telephones, cameras, etc.) and liquids.

Sometimes you have to remove the shoes, belts, jewelry or jacket. Just do what aiport staff ask you to.

Put everything you have on the tape and walk through a special gate, which detects dangerous objects.

Don’t worry when the gate starts beeping. It is common and normal.

Step 3: Boarding a Plane

In the duty-free zone, there are plenty of shops. Here you can buy a bottle of water or a book to read during the flight.

However, the most important thing is to find your gate, which is the place where you enter the plane.

Gate is usually indicated on the ticket. If it’s not- you need to find the board that displays all departures. There you find all the information about the gates and boarding time.

If you already know your gate, you just need to find it. It is very easy because there are plenty of signs everywhere.

When you find the gate, just sit and wait for the boarding. It is usually 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Depending on the carrier, you will get on board directly through the substituted sleeve, or take a bus ride there.

The Most Useful First Time Flight Tips

During takeoff:

Always keep your seat belts fastened, turn off your phone and all other electronic devices. Seats must be straight, armrests lowered, and the windows exposed.

During the flight:

Your phone must be turned off or set to the airplane mode.

During takeoff and landing:

You can feel a lump in the stomach. It’s unpleasant, but a temporary feeling. Ear popping is another common symptom (resulting from the pressure difference). The solution is to suck a candy, yawn, or blow with your nose and mouth plugged. After take-off, you can unfasten your seat belts but you must remember that you need to fasten them again, every time seat belts light will turn on. Toilets are located at the front and at the back of the plane. They are typically very small.

What if your flight got canceled or delayed?

After taking more than 100 flights, we experienced many difficult situations. Fortunately, only 1 flight we were supposed to take was canceled. Delays happen more often though. There is the only solution for that: stay calm and relaxed. There is nothing you can, as it’s not you who is in charge of the plane. You can always get compensation for the flight delay afterwards or get the full refund when the flight is canceled.

How to feel good during the flight?

If you have a health problem, you should ask your doctor to prescribe you heparin: blood-thinning medicine. If give yourself an injection in the stomach before the flight, you will not swell up and avoid the risk of possible blood clots.

Avoid eating meat 2-3 days before the flight. Your daily diet should consist of vegetables and fruits. You will avoid the risk of water retention in your body and hence the feeling of heaviness and swelling.

Don’t drink alcohol during the flight. It will make you feel bad and you’ll need more time to recover after the trip.

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