Traveling the World With Kids: How to Address Their Mental Health Abroad

You may be interested in traveling the world but are unsure if it is possible to do when you have children. It is possible to travel with kids, as long as you pay attention to their needs, especially their mental health needs. In fact, traveling with your family can be fun and rewarding. Keep reading for ways you can do this.  

Set Boundaries

When you plan on embarking on a journey with your family, it is important that every member knows what is expected of them. This means you should tell everyone what they are responsible for doing and how they should behave. Essentially, this sets boundaries that must be followed.

For instance, if you tell your child that they must pack their suitcase and stick close to you at all times, this is what they should do. If they do not, you need to discuss their behavior and let them know that they have to act better. 

Show Your Kids Some Love

It can be difficult not to get frustrated or overwhelmed a bit when you are on vacation, especially when you are on a bus or plane, or in a car. However, you should take a little bit of time each day to tell your kids that you love them, and you are happy that you are experiencing this trip with your family.

Even if you have to fuss at or correct them a few times a day, it is vital that they understand that you aren’t mad and that you are excited to be somewhere new with them. 

Make Children Feel Heard

Something else that may be necessary when it comes to traveling with kids is that you need to make sure they feel heard. Even though you are in charge, let them express their opinions on what to eat for dinner a certain night or a place they want to visit at your destination.

This can allow kids to feel like they are heard and that their opinions matter. Additionally, this may improve their self-esteem and let them be aware that they are a valued member of the family. It is important for a child to know that you care. You should also listen to their side if you get in arguments or fights along the way. Keep in mind that traveling can be stressful for your kids as well. 

Allow Them to Make Decisions

Along with being heard, let your children make decisions. Perhaps you can let them dress themselves or tell you what activity they want to take part in on a certain day.

This can ensure that they will have fun where you are, which means they won’t be moping around the hotel. You may be able to turn your outing into a learning experience too, especially if your kids want to go to a museum or a park. 

Notice Changes in Behavior 

You should always take note of any changes in your kid’s behavior. If they start acting in a way that is uncharacteristic of their personality, this could mean that there is something wrong.

This is especially important if they start to seem down or depressed, or if they are trying to get in trouble and do things that you don’t want them to do. They might be attempting to be noticed and get your attention. Moreover, they may be experiencing a mental health condition and need to speak with a therapist, in some cases. 

Talk to a Therapist

If you do notice that your child’s behavior has changed, either on a trip or prior to a trip, you should consider therapy for them. They may be experiencing symptoms that are concerning you, which need to be addressed right away. In the case of a teenager, you should pay special attention to their behavior, since they are undergoing so many changes as they age. 

Make sure you get them therapy as soon as you determine that there may be an issue. This could allow them to get diagnosed with a mental health condition if necessary and the therapist will be able to get a treatment plan started right away. A proper treatment plan can be helpful at lessening some of the symptoms your teen is expressing.

To learn more about teenagers and how to take care of their mental health, read BetterHelp. 

Finding A Therapist

Finding a therapist is no longer difficult to accomplish. You can choose to visit with a therapist online, from the privacy of your smartphone. All you need to do is download a mental health app online and go through the signup process, then you’ll be matched with a counselor that will be able to work with you.

There may be special sites that handle therapy with kids, so do some research beforehand to figure out what service you are most comfortable with. Since you aren’t at home, this can be a convenient option and allow therapy at your fingertips. 

Parents may also wish togo through therapy when their children are, so they have the ability to learn how to take care of their kids better or understand their conditions if they are present. In some cases, it takes family therapy to get through a mental health crisis. Consider this if your child is experiencing a mental health condition. 


There are a number of ways to address your child’s mental health, even if you are far away from home. Make sure that they know you love and care about them, allow them to feel like they are an important part of the family, and opt for online mental health support when it is needed. If you are traveling with teens, it can be especially important to watch their behavior, to make sure it isn’t changing, and they don’t seem down. 

You may see that these things are able to keep your family cohesive and allow everyone to enjoy their vacation. This will give you a chance to see the world and appreciate the togetherness at the same time. 

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