Why travelling is addictive? A few thoughts before the Wedding...
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Why travelling is addictive?

As you all know, we are getting married in one month. What is has to do with the fact that travelling is addictive?

Well.. getting married is really great and we can’t wait to be a real family! But there is a dark side of this… we can’t travel 🙁

Everyday, we have a lot stuff to do: practicing our first dance, dealing with administrative matters, matching clothes etc.

It is just driving us crazy that we can’t go anywhere abroad. At least once a week we travelling to some places in Poland but it’s not the same as travelling overseas.

We realized how powerful drug travelling is!

Everyday we are talking about where we want to go and what we want to see. We are working on our blog, coming up with new ideas and honing our photo and writing skills.

Wedding is a big thing. Some people say it’s a best day of life. But we can’t agree with it.

For us, wedding is just the beggining of our journey. Something beautiful at the start of our lives. We are young, full of ideas and energy. How can we agree that now is our best time?

Why travelling is addictive

We want to make our lives one long and unforgetable journey… Thanks to you and your postcard, we will have many amazing places to visit!

We are sure our wedding will be awesome. But we want to have many better days in the future :).

In fact, we are more excited about our honeymoon on Dominicana Republic than about our wedding itself. Is it weird? Should we feel like that?

Are we so deeply addicted to travels that we can’t think of anything else?

We were talking about this a lot. And we realized that wedding is for other people, not for us. We already feel like family. We live together, travel together, fulfill our dreams together.

Will anything change after we get married? We don’t think so…

In our opinion, something may change when we will have kids. Our family will be bigger and of course we will have to take care about this little people :).

The biggest change about the wedding is that Karolina will change her surname. Our families know each other, our parents like to hang out, so nothing will be different.

You may ask- why are we getting married if it won’t make any change? Well, in Poland marriage is still very important. Our grandparents still think that living together before getting married is a sin.

And for us, it will solve many problems. Especially when it comes to the hospitals and public offices.

What do you think about it? Do you think wedding can change anything? Do you agree that travelling is addictive?



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