What to Pack for Turkey? Turkey Packing List

Are you heading to Turkey soon? That’s what we call a great decision! Turkey is a great destination offering all sorts of experiences as well as beautiful landscapes. If you are heading to Turkey soon and you are wondering what to pack for Turkey, we decided to help you by creating this useful Turkey packing list. We’ll make sure you pack all the Turkey travel essentials and we will answer the common questions about this incredible country!

Flights are booked, your visa is sorted and now you’re staring at your luggage wondering what are the things to take to Turkey? Don’t worry – this Turkey checklist is going to be useful! Packing for Turkey should be exciting, not stressful!

This Turkey packing list features the things you must bring with you on your trip to Turkey. That being said, we will skip the basics such as holiday toiletries and pajamas. Let’s focus on the important things to help you understand what to pack for a trip to Turkey.

Turkey travel planner
Turkey travel planner

What to Pack for Holiday in Turkey

Holiday essentials for Turkey #1:

Sunblock and Hat

If you are wondering what to take on holiday to Turkey, you should definitely pack sunblock, after-sun and a hat. The summer can be quite hot so you might want to be sunshine ready! On the other hand, if you’re visiting Turkey during winter, you should bring a raincoat or an umbrella (the best for travel is the cool portable one with a flashlight).

Turkey holiday checklist
Turkey holiday checklist

Turkey holiday essentials #2:

Anti-Theft Backpack

One thing you should add to your packing list for Istanbul would be an anti-theft backpack. Having a day backpack while visiting touristy areas is always a great idea. In places like Istanbul, we would recommend having an anti-theft backpack as some places can get really crowded and overwhelming. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Holiday essentials for Turkey #3:

Modest Clothes

Our next topic is about Turkey travel tips clothing! In places like Istanbul where you see many tourists, it’s okay to wear shorts – unless you’re planning on visiting mosques. Of course, if you’re a woman, you should be wearing modest outfits as it’s quite conservative and you may avoid unwanted attention by dressing up like the locals.

When visiting a mosque, the rules are different for men and women.  If you’re a woman, your hair must be covered as well as your shoulders and your knees. You should also remove your shoes before entering the mosque.

Holiday to Turkey checklist
Holiday to Turkey checklist

Turkey holiday essentials #4:


If you are wondering what to pack for a trip to Turkey, you should add your swimsuit to the list! Turkey has some amazing beaches, especially around Antalya and Bodrum. If you’re planning on staying in Istanbul, you should still bring a swimsuit if you’re planning on experiencing one of these famous Turkish baths – which is truly a fun experience to try at least once in your life!

What to pack for a holiday in Turkey
What to pack for a holiday in Turkey

Holiday essentials for Turkey #5:

Comfortable shoes

You should definitely add comfortable shoes on your Turkey packing list. In places like Istanbul, where you’re likely going to walk a lot, you should make sure your shoes are as comfortable as they can get. Also, if you’re going to discover places that requires you a bit more adventuring such as hiking, it would be more comfortable with good quality shoes. If you’re heading to Turkey during summer time, you could also consider bringing comfortable sandals.

Turkey holiday essentials #6:

Camera gear

Turkey is an incredible destination and the country has some of the most unusual landscapes which are perfect for photography lovers. When it comes to traveling, we all like to keep some great memories, so bring a good camera with you! You could also bring a tripod or a selfie-stick to capture the best destinations in Turkey.

Essentials for holiday in Turkey
Essentials for holiday in Turkey

Holiday essentials for Turkey #7:

Extra toilet paper or tissues

If you are wondering what to pack for a holiday to Turkey, the next one might make you laugh! You should bring extra tissues or toilet paper with you when exploring Turkey. Also, you should keep in mind that most public toilets ask for a small fee to use the toilet and you could be confronted to squat toilet experiences.

Turkey holiday essentials #8:

Adapter for Turkey

One of the important things to pack for Turkey is an adapter! The power sockets in Turkey are like pretty much anywhere else in Europe (they have 2 pins).  That being said, make sure you have a power adapter to charge your devices while visiting Turkey.

Holiday essentials for Turkey #9:

Sarong, scarf or anything to respect the Turkey dress code

We already mentioned that you should dress modestly while in Turkey.  That being said, you should also bring something to cover up your shoulders/hair. It could be a wrap, a sarong or simply a scarf. You won’t be able to visit a mosque if you aren’t following the rules or you might have to pay to use a sarong on the spot. That’s one of the most important things to bring to Turkey. This might seem a bit annoying, but you should always respect these cultural rules when exploring the world!

Checklist for holiday to Turkey
Checklist for holiday to Turkey

Turkey holiday essentials #10:

Travel Insurance for Turkey

When planning your trip to Turkey, you should make sure to buy a travel insurance. A lot of things can go wrong while traveling and having travel insurance will simply make your life easier in case of an emergency. That being said, you could always add a few medicines to your activity holiday checklist for Turkey.

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Turkey Travel Planner

Now that we had a look at the things to take on holiday to Turkey, let’s talk about a few things to keep in mind when it comes to planning your upcoming trip to Turkey. We will answers questions like when is the best time to travel to Turkey and what to bring from Turkey.


Holiday packing list for Turkey
Holiday packing list for Turkey

When’s the best time to travel to turkey?

Like most places in Europe, Turkey has four seasons. If you are wondering when is the best time to travel to Turkey, here’s what you have to keep in mind. The summer can be quite hot, so it could be a good alternative to go during spring or autumn. On the other hand, the winter can be quite cold.

Packing list for Turkey vacation
Packing list for Turkey vacation

What are the things to buy in Turkey?

Turkey is well known for its famous carpets and rugs. That being said, bringing a carpet home might be a bit tricky, so you could consider smaller things such as Turkish delights, Turkish tea or ceramic items. When visiting these big bazaars, you’re going to be surrounded by many temptations!  This also means you should leave some room in your luggage to bring souvenirs home!

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What to pack to Turkey
What to pack to Turkey

What are the best places to travel during winter in Turkey?

Visiting Turkey in winter can also be fun and less crowded! Traveling off-season is a great way to have a unique travel experience.  If you’re wondering where you could go during the winter, destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia or Izmir should be amazingly beautiful at this time of the year.

You might just have to make sure your holiday list for Turkey is ready for the cold weather.

What do women wear in Turkey?

In Turkey, women dress modestly – what we call “smart casual”. They will likely wear sleeves even if they wear beautiful summer Istanbul dresses. If you are wondering what would be the Turkey tourist dress code – as we said before everything that is casual and smart. Otherwise, yes, you could have a lot of unwanted attention.

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What are your top Turkey travel tips? Would you add anything to our Turkey packing list or to our Turkey travel planner?

3 Responses

  1. I have loved reading all the tips for Turkey.
    I am travelling to Turkey – Istanbul and Antalya in May this year for 7 days.
    Any other helpful ” summer ” tips and tips to visit the country and any lightlife tips would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Teressa! Antalya and Istanbul are great choices when traveling to Turkey. Be sure to visit Pamukkale as well, it’s truly is a natural wonder.
      May in Turkey is not that hot, so I think you will enjoy the weather. Be sure to visit the Grand Bazaar while in Istanbul and try Turkish delight. Turkey is a great country. I am sure you will love it there. Have fun!

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