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U Guljana Inn

We almost always stop at Karczma u Guljana when are going from one parents to another. The cities from which we come from are located more than 250 miles away from each other, so we drive at least 6 hours. In our opinion, U Guljana is the only place where you can eat well 🙂

The restaurant is large, wooden and majestic. It’s located in Grebenice near Zarnow, right at the border between Swietokrzyskie and Lodz province.

You order food at the bar. The cuisine is regional, dishes are always fresh and tasty. For a starter, you can eat a bread with lard and pickled cucumbers for free.

If you ever be near Zarnow- go to Karczma u Guljana. It’s really worth it 🙂


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