Ukraine FAQ – Best travel tips for Ukraine

Ukraine faq
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Ukraine FAQ

Ukraine FAQ – the most popular questions about Ukraine with answers.

Ukraine faq

1. Is it safe enough to travel to Ukraine?

It’s definately safe in Western Ukraine now. If you want to travel to the East, you first need to check your country’s Foreign travel advice.

2. Are credit cards accepted in Ukraine?

Yes, you can pay by card in most places in Ukraine.

3. Are there many ATMs in Ukraine?

It’s very easy to find ATM in Ukraine’s cities. But it may be difficult in a village.

4. What souvenirs I should bring from Ukraine?

The most common gifts brought from Ukraine are liquors and cigarettes. They are extremly cheap there ($1 for pack of cigarettes and $3 for bottle of vodka).

Ukraine is also famous from delicious candies and beautiful handicrafts.

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5. Do I need visa to travel to Ukraine?

If you are European Union citizen- no.

If you are from other country, you have to check this information online.

6. Is it easy to communicate in English in Ukraine?

Well… It depends. Most young people living in big cities speak English very well. Unfortunately most signs are in cyrillic, which may be pretty confusing.

Cyrillic is very easy to learn though, so you just need to practice for a while to understand everything.

7. is it easy to find good WiFi in Ukraine?

Yes! Ukrainian big cities like Kiev or Lviv has many cafes with fast WiFi. If you are a digital nomad, you will be surprised how pleasant it is to work online in Ukraine.

8. Is it true that they drink so much vodka?

Haha… yes. Ukrainian people like alcohol as much as Poles or Russians.

9. What are the prices in Ukraine?

Very low!

Let us give you some examples:

  • dinner in a good restaurant- $2
  • big beer in a restaurant- $1
  • shot of vodka- $0.75
  • bottle of vodka- $3
  • pack of cigarettes- $1
  • double-room in a very good hotel- $20
  • city bus ticket- $0.25
  • bread- $0.30
  • butter- $0.50
  • big coffee in a fancy cafe- $2

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This is all we have for Ukraine FAQ right now. If you have any questions- feel free to ask. We will try to add the answer to this post.

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