Undiscovered Cuba: Why it’s Perfect for Camping and Hiking Holidays

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Undiscovered Cuba: Why it’s Perfect for Camping and Hiking Holidays

The vibrant, colourful and fascinating country of Cuba is one which is largely undiscovered by tourists and this makes it a great choice for a unique adventure. Whilst heading to the brilliant city of Havana is the obvious choice (and somewhere that you should certainly visit), there is a lot more to Cuba than just this.


Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Cuba’s immense natural beauty and gorgeous climate, famously led to Christopher Columbus once declaring that it was ‘the most beautiful land human eyes had ever seen’. Thick rainforests, dramatic mountain ranges, sprawling countryside and sandy beaches make up a large percentage of its landscape, meaning it is a fantastic holiday destination for outdoor enthusiasts and boats no fewer than three national parks all with UNESCO World Heritage status. Those that enjoy nothing more than hiking, camping and other outdoor pursuits are spoilt for choice in Cuba and there is the added bonus of this being terrain that is largely unexplored territory by tourists.

Nowhere is this more the case than Desembarco del Granma National Park where the spectacular terraces and pristine costal cliffs that border the Atlantic Ocean, are considered among the most important centres of plant diversity and endemism in the world. Situated in the southwestern tip of Cuba, its virgin woodland and saltwater lagoons, are perfect for camping and swimming and are also home to 44 species of reptile, 13 species of mammal, 7 species of mammal and 110 species of bird including the native Cuban Colobri or blue-headed quail dove.


Historical Setting

Cuba’s natural surroundings played a key role in its utterly fascinating history, meaning by exploring its rugged landscape you can follow the footsteps of Cuban revolutionaries and get a greater insight into the Cuban story. The Desembarco del Granma National Park located 12 miles south of Niquero, for example is named after the place where Fidel Castro’s boat, the Granma, came ashore after his exile in Mexico and even today, you can still visit the exact spot, the revolutionaries’ boat landed. The best way to explore this and the and the countless other trails Cuba has to offer, is with a hiking and camping tour organised with travel companies dedicated solely to the Caribbean island, such as Cuba Holidays.

Undiscovered Cuba

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Exploring Cuba’s cities

A typical Cuban camping and hiking tour will enable holiday-makers to experience the nation’s stunning landscapes with hikes through its mountain ranges, national parks and dense rainforests but many of the best tours now include trips to Cuba’s major cities. This bustling metropolis is also home to one of the country’s most prominent universities. This combined with the city’s modern architecture and industrial developments, give this historical and cultural treasure a young and vibrant edge.
If Havana, is the island’s most notorious city, Santiago de Cuba is widely regarded as Cuba’s cultural capital. The glittering city has played an integral part in the evolution of the country’s literature, music, architecture and politics throughout the centuries and its rich mix of cultures make it a must-see destination for everyone visiting the Caribbean island.

With a guided tour, you will learn all about Santiago de Cuba and its place in the country’s turbulent yet fascinating past, as well as getting plenty of free time to explore or relax.


Finishing your Trip in Style

After such a big adventure, you may want to spend some time relaxing before heading home. Havana is a great place to do this as this city is home to dozens of cultural attractions, but many tourists prefer to head down the coast to one of the many all-inclusive resorts. This allows you to sit back and relax at one of the countries gorgeous beaches.

With over 22km of creamy-white sands and deep turquoise waters, Cayo Coco effortlessly draws holidaymakers to its shores. Like most of the country’s best beaches it is situated in the north coast that also offers no shortage of luxurious all-inclusive hotels. Two of Cayo Coco’s three big beaches that hog the narrow easternmost peninsula jutting out of the cay’s north coast are packed with boisterous activities, but for a pocket of serenity, holidaymakers are encourages to head to Playa Los Flamencos.  The beach is a famous for offers 3km of fine bone-white sands and transparent waters where an abundance of varied sea life is clearly visible to the naked eye.

Cuba is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination due to the easing relationship with the USA. It is currently a largely unexplored island, but it is one with breathtaking natural beauty and a fascinating history. For those that like adventure with their holidays, a hiking and camping tour in Cuba could be the trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Great article! I am so glad to see US based airlines picking up more and more flights to Cuba. And I’m sure it will just continue as tensions continue to ease and more Americans learn what they’ve been missing.

  2. Cuba is always a good place for camping and hiking. Last month, my beloved daughter and I went to a National Park in the Southen of Cuba. The first day there was awesome. We spent 2 days together building up our bond, enjoyed the fresh air in the morning and had bbq in the afternoon also. Thank you for sharing and please keep it up.

  3. Cuba has always been a good place for camping. I had a trip to Mojave last year and planning for a camping this summer too. Cuba’s outdoor seeing is really awesome, and I could give that a try.

  4. I was planning to go cuba for hiking, but the problem is I can’t manage anyone to go with me. Even my wife didn’t want to go with me. Your post remember me that I have to go cuba.
    Thanks for your post.

  5. Hey,

    Great article! Can you give me more information on camping in Cuba? I only find information saying that you can’t easily camp there.



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