Uniejow Thermal Spa – the most popular spa in Poland
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Uniejow Thermal Spa is a great destination for those of you who like relaxing, care for their health and like experiencing new things.

Solec Zdroj is not the only spa in Poland. There are many others, including Thermal Spa in Uniejow.

It is the most popular and- unfortunately- the most crowded spa that we have ever been to.

Uniejow Thermal Spa is located in the central Poland, about an hour driving from Lodz and 2 hours from Warsaw.

Termy Uniejów, Uniejow Thermal Spa outside

How to get to Uniejow Thermal Spa?

The fastest way is to get there by car.

Nevertheless, there is a bus directly to Uniejow from Lodz.

It is very easy to get to Lodz from almost every city in Poland.

Use www.e-podroznik.pl website to search the best connection and read our tips how to travel through Poland.

Swimming pool at Uniejow Thermal Spa

Where to sleep and eat near Uniejow Thermal Spa?

The best is to stay in Hotel Uniejow or Lawendowe Termy. They are really close to Thermal Pools and they have great spa facilities.

There is a restaurant inside the pool complex, so you can spend all day in Thermal Spa.

Food is cheap and fresh. They have very good pizza and cakes :).

Uniejow Thermal Spa building with logo

Pool complex at Uniejow Thermal Spa

There are 6 pools in Uniejow

  • indoor/outdoor on lower floor with hot water
  • indoor/outdoor on upper floor with hot water
  • indoor for children
  • outdoor with minibar
  • outdoor round with hot water
  • outdoor for swimming
  • outdoor jacuzzi

At Uniejow Thermal Spa, there is also a Relax Area. You can find there 6 saunas, the graduation tower and the ice chamber.

If you don’t know what graduation tower is, click here.

Ice chamber is just very, very cold room where you can toughen up.

Prices at Uniejow Thermal Spa

Below, there is a pricelist for year 2014.

Remember that everytime you go to restaurant, the time stops.

You will always have extra 15 minutes to dress up. You won’t pay for it.

pricelist uniejow



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