Unique Things To Do On Your UK Travels

If you’re planning a trip to the UK and you want to get a flavor of the more unique and unusual side of the place, there are lots of things you can do other than seeing Buckingham Palace or visiting Harry Potter World, as much fun as they may be. 

Below are some of the  most unique things you may want to consider doing on your next trip to the UK.

Visit Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an ancient and impressive stone circle located in Wiltshire, England.

Popular with tourists, not to mention the local druid and new age population of the country, it is truly a sight to behold, especially if you visit at sunset or sundown when it is at its most magnificent. Many people claim to feel strange vibes around the circle, so why not visit and see if you can feel anything for yourself?

Search for Sea Shells on Mount Snowdon

Seashells at the top of one of the UK’s tallest mountains? You bet. Unlike most other mountains, it is actually possible to find remnants of the seas right at the summit of Mount Snowdon owning to the fact that it was once located at the bottom of a vast prehistoric ocean!

Walking through the Mount Snowdon National Park area, you’ll see lots of evidence of the area’s watery past, making this one of the most unique and unusual mountains walks in the world.

Hobby Holidays

One of the best things about the UK is the sheer number of opportunities there are to combine hobbies with vacations, or holidays as they are more commonly known in the UK.

From photography holidays in picturesque Cornwall that allow you to improve your artistic skills to foraging courses in the New Forest that will teach you how to find your own food in the wild, there are so many ways that you can combine a hobby or interest with a relaxing vacation when you visit the UK.

A Touch of the Tropics in The Scilly Isles

When you think of the UK, you probably think of the weather as being predominantly gray, wet, and windy – tropical islands are probably the last thing that comes to mind, but maybe they shouldn’t be.

Okay, so The Scilly Isles, which are located off the British shore are not quite tropical, but they aren’t far off either! Measuring around 30 miles, just off the coast of Cornwall, the Scilly Isles benefit from their proximity to the gulf stream and the hot air it sends tier way, which means you can have an amazing beach holiday there, especially in the height of summer.

They really are a unique part of the UK landscape, and definitely one for your British bucket list.

Get Spooked at Highgate Cemetry

Highgate Cemetry, which is situated in the London Borough of Highgate, is one of the most atmospheric cemeteries you are ever likely to visit, as well as being known as the burial place of such famous faces as Karl Marx, Henry Moore, and Douglas Adams.

It is also known across the world for being home to the infamous Highgate vampire, who is believed by many to stalk the magnificent tombs of the graveyard by night. Be sure to pack your garlic before you pay a visit!

Visit a Vineyard

When you think of Britain, you probably don’t think of vineyards, which are more synonymous with other parts of Europe like France and Italy, but actually, the UK is home to a number of vineyards where you can sample some of the finest British wines currently available.

Tinwood Wines, which is located in the South of England, is a particular favorite, but there are plenty of other options to explore.

Get Lost in Puzzlewood

Puzzlewood is a unique tourist destination located within the Forest of Dean, famous for inspiring Tolkien’s landscapes in The Lord of the Rings.

It is packed with unusual tree formations, meandering pathways, and some 14 acres of Celtic iron mines dating back even further than Roman times. It’s also home to a picnic area, petting zoo, and playground to keep the whole family happy. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to get lost in the woods for an hour or two.

Explore the Plague Village

If you’re a lover of history, you simply must visit the Plague Village of Eyam, which is located in the picturesque Peak District of England, known for its sweeping moors and mountain landscapes.

What makes this village special? In the 1600s, when the plague was sweeping through the UK killing people in their millions, the brave inhabitants of Eyam opted to completely isolate themselves from the rest of the country and the world.

They knew this meant certain death to them, in order to prevent the spread of the disease to the rest of the Peak District, which was, at that point, yet to be affected. Their sacrifice has never been forgotten and many people make a pilgrimage to the village to pay their respects and learn a little more about the people of Eyam in times gone by.

Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave is a magnificent example of a geometric cave located on the Isle of Staffa in Scotland.

Its unique shape and eye-catching appearance have provided inspiration to many famous people including Jules Vern and the legendary 60s rock band Pink Floyd. If you’re a lover of landscapes or geology, you’re certainly going to want to visit this unique sea cave and explore its many Celtic legends.

Explore an Enchanted Scottish Forest

The Enchanted Forest of Scotland is open to visitors every winter season.

So, if you happen to be in the UK during the darkest months of the year, be sure to pay a visit and see the amazing light show, impressive aerial acrobats who fly effortlessly between the trees and, of course, the beautiful woodland surroundings, which would be magical enough on their own.

Make your next visit to the UK unique by visiting some of these more unusual attractions!

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