US and Canada flags mixed
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Eastern US and Canada by public transport

This summer, we were on 3-weeks trip to USA and Canada.

We forgot our driving licences, so we couldn’t rent a car. It’s very uncommon in America but we were travelling by buses and trains.

Below you will find informations about our route. Use it as an inspiration for travelling across eastern US and Canada by public transport.



1. From Newark to New York and back

We were staying in Best Western Robert Treat Hotel which was really close to Newark Penn Station.

You could get to Manhattan (World Trade Center station) in 25 minutes.

Staying in Newark is great for budget travellers. Hotel and food are cheaper and it’s really easy to get from there to NYC.

2. From Newark to Washington

We were travelling by Boltbus. It’s really comfortable, has WiFi and AC.

Travel time was about 3 hours.

3. From Washington to Buffalo

That was the worst journey during our stay in America.

MegaBus is very strickted when it comes to the luggage. We didn’t expect that. We had 2 suitcases, one was very small (weight: 20 pounds) and the other was big (weight: 70 pounds).

We thought that total weight of luggage per person should be less than 50 pounds. We were wrong. They told us to repack our suitcases, so that each weighed 50 pounds.

It was extremly difficult, stupid and frustrating for us. We were affraid that the driver won’t take us on board.

Thanks God, all ended well.

We never travel by MegaBus again. It’s better to choose Greyhound, which is less crowded and restrictive.

Travel time from Washington to Buffalo was about 10 hours.

4. From Buffalo to Toronto

This time, we booked tickets for Greyhound bus. It was really great! Greyhound has good WiFi, comfortable leather seats and a lot of free space.

We needed to leave the bus on the border and cross it by foot.

Travel time was about 3 hours (including crossing the border time)

5. From Toronto to Niagara Falls, ON

Again, we were chose Greyhound.

Travelling time was about 1,5 hour.

6. Niagara Falls, ON to Newark

Of course we were travelling by Greyhound. But we will tell you a secret that nobody knows 😉

Don’t buy a ticket from Niagara to Newark. It will be very expensive. Buy it seperately. From Niagara to Buffalo and from Buffalo to Newark.

Thanks to this trick we saved $300! It’s really crazy how the price change when you divide your journey.

Travel time was about 12 hours.



  1. I always wanted to do some hitchhiking across the States. Although I love buses, it's a great way to meet amazing people and interact with locals. Agree?

    • Locals in U.S. can be annoying some time. They are louder than Europeans. Nevertheless buses are great to meet new cultures 🙂

  2. I greatly like the way you are traveling and wish for you the very best of experiences and safety!

    Can I offer some other not so complimentary comments? On your article about America, I agree with all that you said, but as a Canadian you did not address what we see is their greatest flaws: they are ignorant and rude – don't know and don't care about others;

    • Thanks for your comment Irwin! You are right, we didn't see much in Canada. We believe your country is beautiful and we really wish to come back there one day. We'd love to see the real, natural beauty of your homeland.
      About Americans: there are many things we hate in U.S. but we don't think Americans are rude or violent. They are a little self-concerned but hey… ever nation has some flaws ;).
      It's true though we felt better in Canada than in United States 🙂
      Sorry if your feelings were hurted because we mixed these two flags. We really didn't want to insult anyone.


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