Vatican city tours
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Vatican city tours. Top tourist attractions in Vatican

St Peter’s Basilica and St Peter’s square

1. Pieta

Pieta is one of the most famous sculpture on the world. It’s statue of St Mary, who is holding her dead son, Jesus, right after the crucifixion. It’s one of the most important spots of Vatican city tours.

Vatican Pieta was made by Michelangelo Buonarotti in 1498-1499.

This amazing marble culpture is situated in the first chapel on the right in St Peter’s Basilica.

Pieta is located behind the glass, so you can’t touch it. But it’s really beautiful. Shows real suffering of mother who had lost her son…


2. John Paul II tomb

We were in St Peter’s Basilica three times and we couldn’t find St John Paul II tomb. We were looking for this in Vatican Necropolis. And we were wrong.

It turns out St John Paul II tomb is in St Sebastian Chapel on the upper floor! There’s no need to go to Necropolis to pray to our ex-pope.

It’s forbidden to take pictures of his tomb but we managed to make one (below).


3. St Peter’s Baldachin

One of the most beautiful baroque sculpture that we’ve ever seen! It’s huge,very impressive and monumental. It was made by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini to indicate the burial place of St. Peter.


4. Vatican necropolis

It’s really difficult to find in and it’s often closed. The entrance to the necropolis is in the front left of St Peter’s Basilica.

If you are confused where to find it, just ask a guard, he will help you for sure.


5. St Peter’s Dome (Cupola)

Admission is surcharged. Ticket price for climbing the stairs is 5 euro and for elevator+stairs is 7 euro.

If you want to go to Cupola, choose stairs. It’s cheaper and more cost-effective. It’s also one of the best places in Vatican city tours to take a pictures.


6. Peter’s toes

It is the most sacred place in St Peter’s Basilica.

Many people come to St Peter’s statue only to touch his toe and pray for a while.

The sculpture is situated in the front right of Basilica, just before St Peter’s Baldachin.


7. Egyptian obelisk

It’s always mentioned as one of the best monuments in Vatican. We don’t understand why. There’s nothing special about it.

In our opinion, the obelisk ruins a beautiful view on St. Peter’s Basilica from St Peter’s square.

We think it should be removed to other place in Vatican city.

Vatican city tours

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

8. Sistine Chapel

We thought it was bigger than it actually is.

Sistine Chapel is the place where conclave takes place (the election of new pope).

It’s Michelangelo’s masterpiece, one of the most famous ‘room’ on the world. We really liked it! Especially the famous painting of man creation on the ceiling.

It’s forbidden to take pictures in Sistine Chapel but especially for you we broke this rule and took few photos ;).


9. Vatican Museum

Vatican museum is big and really impressive! In our opinion, it’s the best thing to see during Vatican city tours. You can find there amazing sculptures, paintings and old, valuable things (vases etc.) It’s very difficult to give you tips what is the best to see.

Just see it all! We enjoyed tapestries the most :).


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  1. Beautiful photos! I visited Vatican city when I as 12 years old, and I only remember the Sistine chapel but I am planning on going back to refresh my memory! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Vatican city is really awesome. We have a little advice to you- don't go there in the summer because it's really crowded… Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Rome and Vatican 🙂

  2. The statue of David created a lot of confusion as a lot of visitors think you can see it right in the middle of the square. Well, we are sorry to tell you this, but that is just a copy of this famous Michaelangelo’s work and the real David is standing inside in the Accademia di Belle Arte Stay patient when you visit as the line might be as long as to Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre or Sistine Chapel in the Vatican city.


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