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Should Adventure Seekers Head North or South when Visiting the America?

Deciding between the two continents can be tricky for anyone considering visiting the USA. Both the north and the south have so much to offer travellers seeking exciting thrills and once in a lifetime adventures. From the snow-covered mountains of Canada and the breath-taking Niagara Falls to the lively Rio carnival, Chilean mountains, and Amazon Rainforest in the South, both continents are so mesmerising it can be hard to choose. Here’s a guide to the two different continents to help you to make your mind up:

visiting the america niagara falls

North America

Vast, sheer natural beauty is what best characterises North America and although the South is equally as beautiful, the north seems to do natural beauty on a grander scale. From Mount McKinley in Alaska, now known as Denali, to the iconic Grand Canyon, North American’s extremes are what make it so breath taking. Whether you want to catch a few rays whilst on the West Coast or pull on your snow boots in Canada, the North has variety and geographical extremes that make it perfect for an adventure.

North America is better suited to those who want to experience wildlife, with wild bears, rare birds in the Canadian Rockies, Moose and coyotes all easy to spot. Extreme sports are also hugely popular with skiing, sailing, hiking and sailing opportunities all available to take advantage of in the north.


South America

An adventure seekers paradise, South America is the ideal adventure seekers destination. An area of incredible natural beauty, huge contrasts, and amazing cultural differences which you’ll love experiencing, South America is not for the faint hearted. Encompassing everything from the snow-covered peaks of the Andres to the Amazon Rainforest, dry deserts and sun drenched beaches, the contrasts and variety are what make it to such a fantastic region to travel.


Head to Peru and embark on the famous sacred Inca trail to Machu Picchu, visit the Bolivian salt flats or even explore the Galapagos islands, South America has so much to do and discover that it really is an adventure lover’s paradise.

Both continents have amazing star attractions and offer visitors once in a lifetime opportunities. With adventure holiday providers specifically dedicated to the United States and Latin America you can visit both these amazing places and go on tons of excursions to create memories which will last a lifetime. You could even visit one this year and the other the next to get a full America experience ticked off your list of must visit adventures.


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