Warsaw Uprising Museum
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Warsaw uprising museum in Poland

2 days ago was 11th November. It is Polish National Independence DayWarsaw Uprising Museum is one of the most important places about WWII in Poland.

After 123 years of slavery, in 1918 Poland was finally free. But not for long… only 21 years after Adolf Hitler attacked Poland. Millions of people were dying. Poland was very tired of fighting all the time. But! In contrary to other countries, we never gave up.

Polish people did everything to get back their freedom. The most famous spurt for independence during the World War II was Warsaw Uprising.

In 1944, Warsaw’s citizens and people from other parts of Poland have united to fight with Nazis.

Sadly, they didn’t win. The Warsaw Uprising ended on October 1944 and the war ended on May 1945.

But the memory of all brave women, men, boys and girls will remain with Poles forever. The Warsaw Uprising Museum was built in their honour. To remind all their ancestors that their death was not in vain. Thanks to them they now live in the free Poland. The specter of war seems to be so far away… Even though the World War II and the Warsaw Uprising was only 71 years ago.


How the get there?

Warsaw Uprising Museum is situated in the heart of Warsaw on Grzybowska 79 street.

You can easily get there by:

buses: 102, 105, 109, 159, 178
trams: 1, 22, 24, 8

The bus/tram stop is named Museum Powstania Warszawskiego (Warsaw Uprising Museum), so it’s really easy to remember.


Visiting the museum.

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 08.00-18.00,

Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-18.00,

Thursday: 08.00-20.00,

Tuesday- closed.


Ticket prices:

Adult – 18 PLN
Child – 14 PLN
Group – 10 zł PLN for one person (only for groups that have booked the toor on-line)

Guide fee – 100 PLN

Audioguide fee – 10 PLN


Useful informations.

1. Visiting the museum takes approximately 2 hours.

Take your time and see everything. You can learn so much in the Warsaw Uprising Museum!

2.  Museum is also interesting for the kids.

They can pick up cards from every day of the uprising.




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