Washington District Columbia
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Washington fully deserves the proud title of capital of the United States. This is beautiful, historic city.

From New York to Washington, DC we travelled by Bolt Bus. After leaving Union Station, we saw the vast dome of the Capitol. Unfortunately, we were unable to explore it, because tickets must be booked at least 5 days in advance. We didn’t know it before. We were in the city for just three days so…

Washington District Columbia

 Ridiculous public transport in Washington

We went to the hotel by subway. And it was a big surprise for us because … we had no idea how to buy a ticket! There was virtually no signs, and if one homeless person didn’t help us, we want be able to travel anywhere.

It turns out that ticket to our station costs $ 2.10. But this is not enough, because you have to pay extra $ 1 for the printing the ticket. This ticket is theoretically reusable and you can simply recharge it later. But:

-Firstly, within such a short stay a machine didn’t give us back tickets, 3 times when we were leaving the subway

-Secondly, even when you are recharging your ticket, you must pay at least 60 cents extra. Why? We have no idea, but this is how it works in Washington.

Therefore, in our opinion, the safest way is to simply print a new ticket each time and don’t get mad about all of this.

To make it simplier, there are all subway station listed, when you are buing a ticket. You have to find the stop on which you want to get off, see how much this travel costs and add a dollar to this amount.

A little complicated, huh? 😉

Visiting USA

Top tourist attractions in Washington DC

  1. The White House

When we finally got to the hotel, we went to see the city. We were relatively close to the White House, so we went there on foot. It did not, however, make a big impression on us. Normal, plain building, behind the fence. With about 15 policemans around, some of them were with dogs.

It looks a lot better on the pictures.

Greater attraction for us were the squirrels. There are plenty of them in parks in Washington. Not only they are not afraid of people, but they are even happy to pose for pictures.

The White House in Washington DC

2. Smithsonian Institution

The next day, we went to visit a huge Smithsonian Institution. It is the largest complex of museums on the world. What is important-admission is free! Of course you can pay to enter, but everyone chooses how much they want to give.

  • Museum of American History

First we went to the Museum of American History. We loved it. It was colorful, multimedia, interesting. The building has 3 floors, if you don’t read everything step by step, you will spend there 2-3 hours.

American history museum

  • Museum of Natural History

Then we went to a neighboring building- Museum of Natural History. It was amazing! We were delighted above all interesting films about animals, earth, genetics. Definitely the biggest fun was there for kids. Watching the microscope specimens, carrying out studies, solving genetic crosswords and many, many more.

This museum surprised us with a ton of stuffed animals. So it is a kind of zoo, but with creatures that don’t live anymore.

United States of America

  • National Air and Space Museum

The third object, which we went to was National Air and Space Museum. It’s a real treat for astronomy, aircraft and space lovers. You can see space rockets and spaceships in normal sizes. We were surprised how small they are (smaller than a normal plane).

Space cosmos

3. The Holocaust Museum

We still had a lot to see, but we didn’t have much time. We had to choose one last object that we want to see. As we are Poles, we decided to go to the Holocaust Museum.

We had very mixed feelings- everything there was shown in a very gentle and pleasant way with American happy ending. Because the war is over and the Holocaust too. Unfortunately, according to us, there were too little information about how many Jews died, how many were mutilated and that only a small handful of people ended well…

American flag

That’s all we were able to see during our short stay in Washington DC. If you will be there longer-go for a walk to the National Mall, visit the Pentagon (after previous booking a ticket) and go to all the museums of the Smithsonian complex.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had such a hard time in D.C. with the transportation, but I agree buying tickets is a bit complicated. On the other hand, the D.C. metro network is pretty good compared to many cities in the U.S. Plenty of cities have much worse public transportation. I agree with you on the Holocaust Museum. Much too sanitized.

    • Exactly… If you want to learn more about Holocaust, you need to go to Europe. Here's where this horror took place. The most famous Holocaust Museum is in Poland, our home country.


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