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Improve hotel guest satisfaction – 10 ways.

Have you ever wondered why some hotels have great guest ratings and some or just reviewed as terrible? We are traveling for almost 3 years now and we think we should finally share with you what we think about hotels. Most of them really need to be improved. Hopefully this post will be read by many hotel managers who are looking for ways to improve hotel guest satisfaction without any cost or with a little cost.

10 ways to improve hotel guest satisfaction

  1. “Do not disturb” means “Do not disturb”.

We’ve been disturbed by hotel staff so many times even though we marked that we don’t want anybody to knock to our doors! If you want to improve hotel guest satisfaction you should explain to your staff that “Do not disturb” means “Do not disturb”.
It doesn’t mean anything else! The best hotels are those who respect their guests privacy.
Nobody should knock to the doors with ‘no disturb’ sign, no matter what. Even if guests order room service.
if you want immediate contact with the guest- call him or leave him a note. Don’t go to his room if he doesn’t want to be disturbed because it’s very rude.

2. Always give enough toilet paper!

We’ve been given a little toilet paper so many times! They just gave us something what was left by previous guests.
The absolute minimum you should give are two toilet papers but it’s better if you leave more. That’s a small thing that can really improve hotel guest satisfaction.
3. Give more towels.
One big and one small for each person. The bigger one should be REALLY big. We always like hotels where we get towels long enough to cover our calves.
The second, small towel is especially important to women who usually have long hair. They like to put one towel on hair and wrap another around their bodies.
If you don’t have enough small/ big towels in your hotel, just leave additional towel in the bathroom to improve hotel guest satisfaction.

4. One double bed DOESN’T mean two single beds standing together.

The thing we hate the most about hotels are no double beds in rooms. So many hotels put two separate beds together and try to pretend it’s one bed. IT’S NOT. When you sleep together, the beds are splitting up and it’s extremely uncomfortable.
Remember to always give one big mattress on the double bed. Two small mattresses are also very uncomfortable to sleep on.
Bed is usually one of the biggest differences between budget and luxury hotel.

5. Two pillows per person increase sleep comfort.

Giving each person additional pillow is a small thing but can really improve hotel guest satisfaction. Everybody loves to sleep with many pillows, right? And it also makes a great impression when the guest first see the room.

6. Good and fast check-in to improve hotel guest satisfaction.

Your staff should be as fast and helpful as possible. Ask guest if they are first time in a city and if they know the area they are staying. If they are not familiar with the place, show them on map where they are, where they can find the nearest stores and restaurants. That would be also nice if you show them how to get to main attractions of the city and how much they bcost. If you have a hotel restaurant convince guests to eat there, for example by giving them a discount or a welcome- drink.

7. Clean the room everyday.

If you are not sure when the room will be empty, ask guests about it. Get to know when they want their room to be cleaned. And remember- if the ‘no disturb’ sign is on all day, you should not clean the room.

8. Fresh air in a wardrobe.

It may seem funny but most wardrobes in a hotel smell really bad! Probably because they are not used.
Guests usually stay in a hotel for one or two nights and they don’t need to use wardrobes or cupboards. Tell your staff to put air freshener inside the furnitures or ask them to open wardrobes while they are cleaning the room.

9. Fresh water everyday.

Small bottle of water costs a little in every country all over the world. Give it everyday to your guests. It’s a small thing but great to improve hotel guest satisfaction. People are thirsty after long journey and drinking some free water will help you make a good impression on them.

10. Good WiFi.

You can’t imagine how much your hotel can loose on having bad or slow WiFi. Invest in good Internet and it will pay off. Nowadays people use WiFi all the time and they don’t want to spend a lot of time on waiting until the website will be ready to use.
Remember that logging is also very important. It should be easy and intuitive.
It should never disconnect after logging in.
Never set the limit of devices! Most people use laptops and smartphones, so one WiFi login per person won’t be enough. Remember that tablets, ebook reader or smartwatch also needs an Internet connection.


  1. Absolutely agree with every comment here guys! We have been in so many hotels and wondered why they don’t seem to care about providing good customer service every time. They know we will tell our friends so surely they want us to say nice things? But it seems not because 95% of the time we find simple things not done that could have made our stay so much nicer. Let’s hope someone in charge reads this.


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