What to do in Bologna?

Bologna in Italy
You will definitely find a romance in Bologna!
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What to do in Bologna ?

Bologna is one of the most famous city in Italy. It is known from delicious spaghetti bolognese, mortadella or pizza. Because, of the food, Bologna is one of the best places in Italy to take cooking class.

Bolognese people are often considered as snobs but in fact they are really nice and helpful (like all Italians ;).

The city is beautiful like all Italian cities but there is not much to see there.

One day of sightseeing would be enough for an average tourist.

1. Two towers.

Historians do not know the exact reason why the towers were built. It seems most probable that the richest families in the city built them to show their power. authority and strength.

Anyway, two towers are landmarks of Bologna and they are definately worth seeing! 

2. San Petronio Basilica.

The most famous church in Bologna. It’s not as impressive as basilicas in Rome, but still it is worth visiting!

IMG_8490 (1)

3. Piazza Maggiore.

The most famous square in the city, right next to San Petronio Basilica.

It is in the hearth of Bologna. If you wonder where to eat in Bologna, Piazza Maggiore is your place to go! There are many amazing restaurant and cafes around.


4. Fountain of Neptune.

Beautiful fountain with the bronze statue of Neptune, situated right next to Piazza Maggiore.


5. Palazzo d’accursio.

Bolognese call it Palâz. Palazzo d’accursio is situated on the Piazza Maggiore and it is the city’s Town Hall.


6. Palazzo dei Notai.

It is beautiful example of bolognese Gothic architecture. Palazzo dei Notai was designed by Antonio di Vincenzo and built in 1381.

7. Castello di Galliera.

It is not top toursit attraction, but you will see it for sure. It is right next to the Train and Bus station.

Nothing spectacular, but it is a good place to take a picture.


You can see all these landmarks and monuments by walking, there is no need to use Bologna taxi or public transport.

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