What’s sexy in Asia? Beauty canon in the East.

what's sexy in Asia
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What’s sexy in Asia?

Asia is a continent different from all others. It’s colorful, inspiring and (in contrary to what most ‘western people’ think) high developed.

Asian people think differently than us, they have different standards and beauty canons. Things that are sexy in Asia, are just weird to us ;).
We made a list of 5 things that are weird to us and absolutely amazing to Asians.

1. Whitening

In Europe or in America women visit solarium, to have perfect, tanned skin.
Asian women think it’s crazy and they do everything to make their skin whiter.
For example: best western lotions are bronzing. And best Asian lotions are whitening. Most of costmetics in Asia are whitening: soap, gels, cream etc.

White skin is extremely sexy in Asia.

2. Hiding away from the sun.

When we were walking around Asian countries in t-shirts and shorts, many people looked at us as on the weirdos.
Why? Because we didn’t hide away from the sun.
In most Asian countries people do EVERYTHING to protect their skins from the ‘evil sun’. They always have umbrellas, long shirts, pants and sometimes they even wear gloves.
We use all these clothes to protect ourselves from getting cold. In Asia, they wear it only to hide from the sun.

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3. Long nails.

Ughh… That’s the thing we just can’t get used to.
Many Asian men have long nails to look sexy. Why? Because it means they are rich enough to not work physically.
Sometimes they have only one long nail (mostly at thumb or the smallest finger).

4. Big eyes.

Big eyes are very sexy in Asia. The more western your eyes are, the more sexy you are.
That’s why many Asian woman wear lenses.
In our opinion, they are not improving their looks, but they make it worse.
Asian girls with huge eyes (big apple of the eyes and small white) looks quite creepy.

5. Natural look.

In contrary to western women, Asian girls don’t care that much about shaving.
Many of them have long hairs on their legs or under arms.
It’s OK for them to look naturally.

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