Why bloggers do not write about their home countries?
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Why bloggers do not write about their home countries?

This is a question we try to answer for a very long time. They write about so many things and places. But most bloggers do not write about the places they were born and raised.

We are following many amazing bloggers. We love their posts, photos and tips. They are our inspiration.

But we have no idea why they are only writing about foreign countries?

At the beginning we were also creating posts only about distant places, like Thailand, Italy or Denmark. And then we realized how weird is this.

We figured it out in Canada. We were walking around Toronto and talked how pauper America is. There are no castles or beautiful monuments there…

Our home country, Poland, is so much better for sightseeing than USA! So why 70 million tourists visit United States each year and only 14 million come to Poland?

At that moment we realized that it is all about advertising. Poland is just not popular tourist destination. People don’t know this country or associate it with World War II and Holocaust.

When they come to Europe, they rather go to Paris (which is really overrated) or Rome (which is worth seeing).

Everybody know that Paris is a City of Love and Rome is The Eternal City… And Warsaw? Or Krakow? These are just nice cities with no famous name.

In USA we realized how beautiful our country is. We have amazing mountains, sea and cities (Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw etc.)

The more we travel, the more we discover how amazing Poland is. And we are trying to write about our country as much as possible.

We now wonder why other bloggers do not do the same? Why they are not writing about their home countries?

Do you know the answer to this question?

If yes, please write an answer in comment. We would be very happy if you join the discussion! This is very important topic in blogosphere, so any ideas will be helpful :).


  1. I think the reason that some travel bloggers don't write about their home countries at first, is that they left to travel partlybecause they feel disenchanted with the country that their originally from. For me, this was true to some extent, but there's nothing like being away from home for a couple of years to make you appreciate what you left behind. I know I'll see England from a new exciting perspective when I return home and I fully intend to blog about my awesome country!

    • Yes, you are right… The reason of travelling is desire to experience something new, discover new countries, meet new people. These give you new perspective of seeing your home :).

  2. It's absolutely true about the disenchanted part… but it's a really good idea to blog about your home country. We aren't nomads, but we travel very frequently and then are home the remainder of the time… which we are happy about because we still explore the area we are from/attend festivals/etc. It can open up new opportunities with local tourism organizations and definitely makes "home" more inspiring.

  3. Interesting question! Perhaps it also has something to do with what the bloggers WANT to write about. So for example, when I first moved abroad I was so amazed with life over here, it's all I WANTED to write about. I wasn't disenchanted with my home country, so much as I was seriously in LOVE with all the new, exciting things I was seeing over here.

  4. Usually the blogger you find on internet that they do no write about their home ciuntry are considered as an International blogger, they write their blog in English. For example in my country a lot of famous travel blogger in Indonesia write about Indonesia but in our own language, bahasa Indonesia, so you cannot find them around internationally but they did. They will not popular in the country if they write in English.

  5. I have hardly written posts about China, is where I come from, except few sponsored posts and guest posts. I love my homeland but I left my country 10 years ago and before that I’ve barely traveled in my own country. I only caught travel bug on 2008. And when I back home for holidays, I have spent many time with my parents and on guided tours (most of them sucks I confess), and posts of those add no value to the niche of my blog -expat living and travel through local’s perspective. I will try to generate posts about my country as much as I can, but I feel I do not have too much experience in this regard.

    • Interesting! We’ve been to China once and we absolutely loved your homeland. Maybe it’s that only foreigner can appreciate a new place and it’s difficult for local to see the beauty of the country that he/she grew up in :).

  6. I am from South Africa. It honestly never crossed my mind that having wild monkeys / peacocks in my garden is blog worthy. Table mountain was a daily view when I’m stick in traffic. Hard to blog about everyday things, I guess?


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