Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail. Common Causes of Relationship Failure.

Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail. Common Causes of Relationship Failure.

You met a dream guy (or girl), your first date is amazing. You are more and more into her/ him. Everything seems to be perfect, you have so much in common. You can talk for hours, have fun and spend awesome time together. You start to believe that it may be a love for a lifetime. And then something bad happen. Sometimes it comes all of sudden and sometimes it’s a slow process of moving away to each other. What went wrong? What are the reasons why relationships fail? Why modern relationships are falling apart so easily today? Check out the common causes of relationship failure:

Why Relationships Fail#1 You haven’t’ talked to each other

One of the top reasons why do relationships fail is lack of communication. If you don’t talk to each other, you can’t possibly be close. You have to talk about good and bad things, you have to truly be honest with each other.

The worst thing that you can do in a relationship is to build it on something unstable like money, or the way you look. The more you talk with your partner, the closer you are to each other. You are building something strong and special. If you fail to do so, you have a very little chance that this relationship will last for a lifetime.

#2 You had too many secrets

It’s ok to have some privacy, even in a relationship. But keeping too many secrets can destroy even the strongest bound. Some things just cannot be hidden, especially when they are very meaningful.

Every relationship deserves honesty and trust. Lies are one of the top reasons to break up.

#3 You didn’t match

It’s as simple as that. Sometimes people are too different to be together. They have different priorities, values, beliefs.

In the beginning, it may seem that you found your other half, that you were made for each other. But then, the reality shows you are totally different. In some cases, that’s what makes relationships fail.

I know some couples who formed their bond on differences but it takes a lot of effort, patience, and understanding. Even though these people seem to be totally unlike, they have many things in common. I am talking about core values, like beliefs or life goals.

Let me give you an example: if your partner doesn’t want kids and you were always dreaming about a big family, you have a very little chance to built a lifelong relationship with this person. You are just too different to make it work unless one of you compromise.

It’s great to talk about these core things at the beginning, to avoid disappointments after years of being together.

#4 You chose the wrong person to be with

When your relationship is falling apart, think whether the person you are with is right for you. I know a woman that has always had a soft spot for bad guys. When she was a high school girl, she wanted to find a boyfriend that is currently in jail (!). She heard of a man who had been put in prison recently. She wrote a letter to him and their romance began. Even though everyone said that she shouldn’t be with him, she made a conscious choice to marry him.

He beat her, cheated on her and he was an addictive alcoholic. They had 2 kids. Their son is currently in jail, he is just like his father.

I am not making this out, it’s a real story. I know these people personally.

The woman was very unhappy for years until her husband passed away. Her troubles didn’t end afterward because she was (and still is) afraid of her aggressive son. I am sorry for her but on the other hand, I know she consciously chose this path.

You shouldn’t always listen to other people but when everyone is telling you that you should not be with your partner, try to consider their opinion. Maybe they are right?

#5 You are not ready for a relationship

If you keep thinking ‘why my relationship failed’, maybe the reasons is you were not ready for it. A real relationship requires commitment. You can’t think only about yourself anymore. Now it’s time to think about your partner as well. If you are not ready for this, you are unable to build a strong bound.

To avoid disappointments, you should talk about the priorities at the beginning of a relationship. If you need a lot of personal space, tell your partner about it straight away. The sooner you set the rules, the more likely you will be happy together. Be honest and be sure you know what you want to. Don’t expect that your partner will be just like you. You will encounter many differences but if you really love each other, you can make it work.

Don’t jump into a relationship if you are not ready for this. It’s better to be single than to hurt someone else’s feelings.

#6 You weren’t honest at the beginning

One of the top reasons why relationships fail nowadays is that they were built on lies. Honesty is a clue to a lifelong relationship. It’s the crucial thing if you want to build a strong bound.

Don’t pretend to be someone else, sooner or later your partner will find out the truth. Stop listening to the stupid dating rules that you need to behave in a specific way. BE YOURSELF! It’s the sexiest thing on Earth. There is no other person like you in this world. Copies are always worse than the originals, so don’t try to be like someone else. Act naturally, be confident. You have nothing to be ashamed about. You are beautiful and special, no matter how you look like or what is your story. If you think how to fix a relationship that’s falling apart, maybe it’s because you don’t love yourself in the first place?

#7 You didn’t spend enough time together

Life is though. Sometimes you are too busy with your work and everyday duties that you don’t have time for your partner. It’s ok for a while but things like that can’t last for too long.

Every day you move away from your partner. It’s very easy to go TOO FAR. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find a way back. Be caution because you don’t want to wake up one day thinking how to save a relationship that’s falling apart. In some cases, it’s even impossible.

#8 You let other people be a part of your relationship

You should listen to your friends and family and consider their opinion. But you should never let them decide for you. It’s your life and your choices.

Remember that there are only two people in a relationship, so take care of your privacy. Your friends shouldn’t know everything about your partner. Some things just should stay between the two of you.

Your besties are always biased, so their opinion is not always right. If you always talk bad about your partner, they will start to dislike him/her. And you don’t really want that, do you?

#9 You relationship wasn’t balanced

The perfect relationship is when you get as much as you give. If you are sacrificing too much and get nothing in return, then it’s just not healthy and something missing in relationship. If you feel that you are being taken for granted, talk to your partner. And start thinking about yourself and your needs. Demand attention, you deserve it.

On the other hand, if you feel that your partner is too good for you, don’t think it will last forever. Make him/ her happy. Their needs are just as important as yours.

#10 It was boring

Last but not least- one of the top reasons relationships fail is boredom. If you want the bound to last forever, be interesting! Take care of yourself, don’t stop learning new things. Invest in self-development. Be the person you were before starting a relationship.

There is nothing sexier than a partner full of energy and with many hobbies.

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