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Why most people overpay to travel?

On a late spring afternoon, two couples have started they journey to Thailand. They were very much alike, these two couples.

Both wanted to spend a great time there, both had middle class incomes, and both lived in the same neighborhood.

Both couples took the same flight to Thailand. Both stayed at the same luxury 5-star resort.

Both couples attended the same tours, and ate at the same restaurants.

Both couples spent the same amount of time in Thailand, and returned home on the very same plane.

But there was a difference….

One couple spent $3,700 on their vacation. The other spent just $900.

What made the difference? The ones who spent $900 was us.

The ugly truth about our life

Hi – We’re Karolina&Patryk.

A family who is traveling the world, making money online and living their dream life. We are also two happy and lazy fatties who love cuddling in the bed and doing nothing. We are normal people just like YOU.

We’ve written a guide about the best tips, tricks and hacks to afford traveling on a ridiculously low budget. Strategies that can literally save you thousands of dollars on one trip.

You see – we’re not only travel bloggers. We actually do travel a lot.

Some Places We Have Been To:


Beach in Dominican Republic


Rice terraces in Bali


Ancient ruins in Thailand


15+ Asian islands


Luxury hotels all around the world


100+ spas 


Unesco World Heritage site in Malaysia


Great Wall of China


Andaman Sea


How did we afford traveling there?

We used TRAVEL SAVER strategies

Travel Saver is a digital product with the best strategies to comfortably travel on a budget. It’s not the other ebook about the tips like: ‘sleep in a tent’, ‘eat with locals’ etc. We are not hitchhikers, we only stay at hotels and we usually eat out.

Our techniques may help you save even thousands of dollars on a single trip.

  1. Everything in one place: complete step-by-step guide on how to plan your vacations in the cheapest way.
  2. Many examples: We tested every single strategy that you can find in our ebook. We will share with you the real screen shots and costs of our travels.
  3. Plug and play: every strategy we use is really easy to implement. You will instantly know how to comfortably travel on a budget.


We Will Teach You:

The little-known secret for finding cheapest flights

How to stay in 5* hotels for a 3* price

How to stay safe while traveling abroad

How to SAVE $1,000 on your next holiday

“If you don’t save $500 on your next holiday abroad using the techniques from this book, we will give you money back”It’s 50 x ROI !

What you will get:



Cut costs 30% upfront In the first chapter you will find out how to reduce the costs of you travel for up to 30% 



Best travel planning tips. In this chapter you will learn why recommendations are important and how you can save money by using them wisely. 



Finding best deals. In this chapter you will find out how to find good deals and what is The Golden Deal



Flight deals Hacks on how to find the best flights deals.



Transport deals Hacks on how to find the best transportation deals (buses, trains, taxis etc.)



Hotel deals In this chapter you will learn how to find and book hotel with up to 70% discount.



How to choose the right time to travel In this chapter you will learn why timing is important, and how to take advantage of it while traveling.



Loyalty programs how to use loyalty programs to save tons of money.



Life-changing question In this chapter you will get to know one question that can change your entire way of travel.



Price comparison In this chapter you will learn how to compare prices correctly and how to avoid frauds.

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We’ve written a guide about the best tips, tricks and hacks to afford traveling on a ridiculously low budget. Strategies that can literally save you thousands of dollars on a single trip.


Are you still hesitating?

We know it may sound crazy but it is really THAT simple! This course can help you save on your vacations. We are real people, full time-travellers, and bloggers, so you can easily check us out on our blog. You can read about our travels and adventures all over the world. We are not rich, we don’t have wealthy parents or anything like that. We just found a way to travel cheaply! 

Start travelling with a little cost

Don’t worry, travelling is really easy. With our simple tips, you can start your amazing adventures right away! There is really nothing more beautiful than discovering new places and spending time in a beautiful surroundings. YOU can do it. You can travel in a luxury, explore amazing destinations all over the world with a little cost. 

The world really is beautiful, there are so many countries out there, waiting for YOU to visit them. Imagine yourself on the beautiful tropical beach, hiking in the national parks or skiing at highest mountains. Think about your dream destination and realise that you are just one step away from it. All you need to do is invest in this course to find out how to finance your travels. That’s it. It’s really that simple.