Recommended Online Travel Resources

On this page we are sharing with you all the tools, websites and resources that we use almost every day. They are very useful in organising our trips and finding the best travel deals.

Things To Do, Attractions and Tours

Get Your Guide

Well-organized tours all around the world. It's our favorite website to book activities. GYG offers a variety of things to do in many countries: from tickets to museums, sightseeing buses, day trips to romantic dinner cruises.


It's similar to Get Your Guide but sometimes they have different tours (compare offers with Get Your Guide)

Lonely Planet

They offer arguably the best travel guidebooks. Click to see Lonely Planet current discounts.


Tourradar is a great source of information for longer trips. You can book there organized tours to many countries in the world. If you prefer traveling on your own, you will find there inspiration for best places to see in the specific destination.

Eat With

Unique culinary experiences around the world. The food is served by local chiefs for small group of guests.


Ultimate source of travel information around the world. Be sure to check TA "Things to do" and Forum.


Travel deals and discounted local services like restaurants, massages, or manicure.


We almost always use when we are searching for the hotels. We were never disappointed- once or twice the hotel refused to accommodate us. We called the Booking support and asked for the help. We've got a new, better hotel within 15 minutes. It was great. Be sure to check the opinions before booking the hotel- 7.0/10 is a minimum to accept.


We absolutely love Airbnb! It is a perfect place to find the long-term accommodation. If we want to stay in one city for more than a week, we always use Airbnb. Renting an apartment is cheaper and more comfortable than staying in hotels.


If we can't find anything interesting on and, we go to It is a great website that gathers together offers from other search engines (like We found it very useful especially in Asia.


If you don't really like organising a trip by yourself, this is a great website for you. This online travel agency will help you create the ultimate online travel experience.

Flight Deals


Hundreds of Online Travel Agencies in one place. Skyscanner compares prices for you and helps finding the best fares.


We often use it to book our flights. Momondo is the best alternative to Skyscanner and sometimes have better rates so be sure to check both!

Dollar Flight

You don't need to search for the deals by yourself. They will do it for you. They are often finding better prices than you can see on Skyscanner.and Momondo but not always to destinations are you need.

Last Minute Travel

Interesting discounted last minute offers around the world.

Money Abroad, Visa Application, Travel Insurance, VPN

Money Abroad

Prepaid debit card that will solve all your money problems while traveling abroad. Revolutionary, safe, with lowest possible fares and conversion rates.

Visa Application

Easy and fast visa to most of the countries in the world. They will manage your entire visa application process.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must when going abroad. Without it, the smallest accident can cost you a fortune.


Using free wifi hotspots without VPN can end up in clearing all your bank accounts and credit cards by hackers. The best way of protecting your money is by using a reliable VPN.

Cruises, Buses, Trains, RVs


Easy to use and reliable website for finding the cruise deals all around the world.

Buses in Europe

Bus tickets in Europe (domestic and international). Prices start from $5.

Trains in Europe

Trains are one of the easiest and the most comfortable way of getting around Europe. Booking the tickets online can save your time and money.


The largest and most trust RV rental marketplace with wide ranging inventory to fit any of your RV wants or needs.

Car Transport

Car Rental Compare

We love traveling by car. This search engine helps us renting the cars in the lowest possible rates.

Luxury Car Transfers

If you appreciate the highest standard of travel choose this company. They use only high-class cars to transfer their guests.

Car Transfers

Private car transfers all around the world. Easy to find, low fares.

Airport Parking

Online airport parking spots all around the world discounted up to 60%.

Making Money Online

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Our post with the best tips for the beginners.

If you don’t know how to start living an independent life, travel the world and make money online or if you don’t know exactly who digital nomad is, you should definitely read it.

Ways to Make Money Online for Couples

Want to travel the world with your partner?

Check out this creative list of ways to make money online as a couple. It will help you stay on the road and earning in the meantime.

Travelling with Kids

Toddler Travel Gear

Traveling with kids may be quite challenging. I remember how overwhelmed I felt when I was searching for the most helpful things to take on the road for the first time.

I wanted to pack light but on the other hand, I wanted to bring all the necessery items with me. My toddler travel gear includes must-haves only, be sure to check it out!

Best Breastfeeding Travel Gadgets

Long and very helpful post for all nursing moms and moms-to-be!

Not only you will find there the best breastfeeding travel gadgets but you will also have a chance to read the stories of breastfeeding moms.

Plus, the ultimate list of travel nursing gadgets will definitely make you inspired!


How to Start and Name a Travel Blog?

Thinking about starting your own travel blog? Although it’s not as easy as it seems, it’s doable! Check out this helpful post with travel blog name ideas and tips on how to start and set things up.

WordPress is the best and the most popular software for creating a blog. What’s important- it is free and very easy to use. Lazy Travel Blog is a user from the very beginning.

The best website to buy themes for your blog (for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Landing Pages and more). Right now we are using the Newspaper 6 theme.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion is the best hosting that we have found. We are using it for three years and we had no problems with it. They provide the newest SDD disk technology which in practice will make your site loading super fast.

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