We have no idea how you have found us but we are really happy that you did! You probably read one of our posts and now want to know a little bit more about us and the blog. Another possibility is that we made shi*ty useless navigation and you don’t know how to find something interesting.

No matter what is your answer, we are hurrying with the help and informations what’s going on at this website…

What is KarolinaPatryk.com?

It is a travel & lifestyle blog. We love personal growth in every meaning of this word. We like learning, gaining new skills, discovering new technologies, places and things. We are full time travellers so we mainly write about our adventures all over the world. But our main goal is to motivate others to live their dream life. To be FREE. We wish all the people on this world wake up in the morning and be able to decide what they really WANT to do, not what they need to do. We are not attached to any place, job or country. We are doing what we want and we are truly living our dream life- as digital nomads. On this blog we are trying to help and motivate you to do the same. To find your own path and don’t be afraid to walk through it.

What’s in it for you?

There is a lot you can get from us. We are young couple who is traveling the world, making money online and living their dream life. We are also two happy and lazy fatties who love cuddling in the bed and doing nothing. We are normal people just like YOU. The things that we are doing are unusual though. We believe in ourselves and believe in others. Read our posts or follow us on social media and get this amazing, positive energy that we have! We guarantee that you will get inspired by our wonderful adventures and get the strength to make your own dreams come. And we promise to support you. At the end of the day, we are writing this blog for you. To help YOU doing what you love.

Who we are?

More about us and how it all starts you can read at About us page and the post “Fat, poor, insecure. Screw it and let’s travel the world!

What you can find in the particular categories?

Blog – the easiest and fastest way to find the newest content on our blog.

Destinations – posts from our travels divided by countries

Motivation – all motivational stuff. We really believe that you can do more than you think!

Make money online – make-money-related materials. How we started and how you can do the same and even more.