Toddler Travel Gear That We Can’t Live Without (Must Haves Only)

When you’re traveling with a toddler, things can get difficult quite quick – missing socks, bulky strollers, lost pacifiers, and more. The weight of toddler travel gear can easily add kilos to your luggage. So it’s important to travel light by using only the best baby travel gear for your young ones. We’ve traveled a lot with Mia and tested quite a bit of travel items for kids, from breastfeeding accessories to other gadgets for flying with baby till we found the ones we love. If you’re looking for some of the best kids travel accessories, here are our favorites.

All the products that I am recommending have been tested by us. We use them almost every day and they do make traveling with toddler easier. All of them are light, portable, easy to fold, and still, they are not expensive.

Travel Bed

For our Mia’s baby travel bed, we use the Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot. With easy setting up and dismantling, it’s the best travel cot out there. This toddler travel bed even has an intermediate level for kids under 2 months. 

We also loved this toddler travel bed that has a smaller bag than the Aeromoov. It can be set up within 15 secs, is easy to fold and unfold, comes with a bag and weighing just 13 lbs is super light. It’s also the best portable crib because it can be used on the beach, and baby travel accessories like sun canopies and mosquito nets can be bought along with this portable travel crib

Travel Car Seat

Travel changes your life, and babies do too. Thankfully, Mia is a born traveler and she loves seeing new things. We had quite a hard time to choose the best car seat for her, as we knew she would spend lots of time in it. We went for an Axkid travel car seat.

It’s only available in Europe but it’s pretty similar to Graco 4Ever travel car seat. Both are the rearward facing car seats? There are some things that you need to know about RWF. One, they’re the safest and best travel car seat in the world. Why are they good travel car seat for 2-year-old and more? Because babies’ heads are heavy and need to be protected more. And these 4-in-1 travel baby seats can be used till your little angel reaches 7 years old, or 120 lbs in weight and 57 inches long. 

This travel baby seat is one of those travel gadgets for toddlers that can be used in varying positions as your child grows – with a rear-facing harness, forward-facing harness, high back booster, and backless booster. And what puts it right up there with the other best baby travel gear that we use is the protection and comfort this baby travel gear offers our little one.

Travel Stroller


When we’re taking Mia out for a walk, we use the best travel stroller, the GB Qbit Plus. We honestly LOVE IT. Again, we spent hours researching, reading reviews online, talking with fellow traveling parents. GB Qbit Plus ‘joined’ our family a few months ago and we really regret that we haven’t bought it sooner. It would be really useful during our trips to Thailand, Spain, or Malta.

What’s great about this baby travel stroller is the innovative folding technology that allows it to be folded and unfolded using only one hand. So you don’t have to worry about putting down the baby while folding or unfolding. Plus, it is freestanding when folded. So you don’t have to carry it or have it leaning on something. It’s the best stroller for air travel, especially when you’re alone with the baby. This travel stroller airplane is easy to manage, super easy to push, super light and even has a place under it to put a decent sized bag under 5 kgs.  

See the back of the stroller? Our bags and hanging there (on the hooks).

The GB Qbit Plus is an improved version of the world’s smallest stroller Qbit Pockit One and is one of the best baby travel products to use while traveling. In contrary to QB Pockit One, it has a reclining seat so your kid can have a nap there. It also has a canopy to protect the little one from the rain and sun, and a window for the hood so you can always see your baby. It can fit in the smallest car trunks and under train seats easily. 

If you prefer, there’s an option of buying a bag to carry the stroller separately. Qbit also offers a number of cool accessories that can be bought with the stroller, for example, a really practical cup holder that was missing in the Pockit version. Parasols and rain covers can be attached to the stroller to provide added protection for your little one. You can also buy the adapter for connecting to infant car seats if you need it.

The other accessory that is worth buying are the hooks to hang bags, purses or water bottles. They are so helpful while traveling! Honestly, if you are looking for the best travel gear for toddlers, this is something you need to have. It’s very cheap but awesome. Your hands will always be free to push the stroller.

Free-to-grow Tula

The free-to-grow Tula is a lifesaver when it came to travel stuff for kids as we can continue to use it for quite some time since it’s adjustable for weights from 3 kg to 20 kg.

It’s the best travel gear for toddlers and infants, lightweight, easy to use, and can adjust to different body types with both front and back carry options. The padded waistbands on this baby travel gear allow are comfortable and evenly distribute the weight.

It even has a waist pocket for phones or other small items. The free-to-grow Tula is made from 100% cotton It’s machine washable and is available in a variety of colors. We use the plain black one.


Ever seen those funny movies where the baby is struggling to get the last few drops of water or juice out of the Sippy cup? It may be funny on TV, but it’s not funny for the baby. One of the best travel items for baby is the B.Box Sippy Cup. It has a weighted straw that moves with the liquid, no matter the angle of the Sippy Cup. It’s essential on the list of baby travel items, and Mia loves this neon pink one that she uses. 

Being PVC and phthalates free, it’s also dishwasher safe. You can also buy cleaning brushes or replacement straws online.

If you’ve ever bought baby travel stuff for just a few dollars that you and your baby loved, you’ll have to add these travel items for toddlers to that list! 

B.Box can actually be used by infants. Mia started to drink water from it when she was just 7 months old. We still use the same model today, all we do is change the straw from time to time.

Keep in mind that there is a new version of BBox now. The differences are really small but the cups have completely different straws. 

It’s also possible to buy B.Box for older kids that is bigger and made of Tritan.


Bundles of energy that need something to keep them busy. That’s what our children are. We use an iPad Mini for our pretty one to watch cartoons, and play games. To protect the tablet while she’s being entertained we use this affordable Ledniceker kids case for iPads.

On the side note, if you are looking for the best app for toddlers, check out Dave & Eva. Mia loves it, and it works offline, which is REALLY important when you are abroad.

Inflatable bath 

One of the best travel accessories for toddlers that we have is this cheap portable baby bathtub. It is multi-functional and can work both as a travel baby bathtub or as a small pool for the toddler to cool play in when it’s hot outside. Weighing less than half a kg, it is very light and an easy to use travel baby bath, and the textured bottom makes sure Mia doesn’t slip. 

Mia doesn’t enjoy the shower or a regular bath, so this travel bath toddler is a life saver while traveling. The only thing that would have made it better is if we didn’t have to buy the pump separately. 

Packing Cubes

We use these amazing Zero Grid packing cubes to segregate Mia’s stuff in the bags. One cube takes the diaper changing accessories, like the balm, diapers, wipes, small plastic bags etc.

The second one takes Mia’s second set of clothes. Yes, we always carry a full second outfit for her, in case she gets dirty. We’ve also got her pretty hat in there and our socks, just in case we walk barefoot in the playground, which happens quite often. 

We use another cube for Mia’s food pouches, snacks, and food jars. Packing cubes are a great way to go because having things segregated means we’ll also notice if something’s missing or forgotten. 

Sanitizing Wipes 

We travel a lot, and it’s not easy to know if the high chair in the restaurant we’re visiting is clean, or if the baby changing station has been sanitized. So we use these individually wrapped Purell wipes to sanitize and disinfect things before Mia touches it. We don’t want her sweet tushy sitting on a contaminated chair, even if she’s fully clothed. So these sanitizing wipes come to our rescue quite nicely! They’re individually packed and easy to carry. 

Of course, we are not crazy about hygiene, so we don’t run after her to disinfect the entire world for her. That would make traveling with toddler impossible. We only clean surfaces that may somehow touch her mouths, like the high chair.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

An inflatable travel pillow may well be the coolest toddler airplane travel gear that we’ve used to date. It’s quite easy to use on a flight. No pump is needed.

The creator recommends just blowing it up with your mouth, putting it in the space between your seat and the one in front of you, and giving your child the comfort of a good night’s sleep.

The flatness provided is good for adults too and it can double up as a footrest or a leg pillow. The inflatable pillow is definitely one of the must have air travel accessories for toddlers or adults. 

Ride-on Suitcase

My mom gifted Mia a ride on a travel suitcase from Trunki (see also: best travel gifts for toddlers).

She’s not old enough to use it yet, but it has some great features that we’re waiting to try out. We’ve seen a few other parents using the Trunki Boy and towing their toddlers on it through the airport.

It looks really useful since the kids ride on suitcase and stay entertained while the parents can march at their own speed.

These 18 litre ride on suitcase for toddlers are apt for children above 3 years and gives them the joy of having their own separate kids travel bags.

Backpack With A Leash

What a brilliant invention! When your toddler learns how to run, it may be VERY difficult for you to sightseeing.

They may get bored sitting in a stroller or staying in an FTG Tula, so you will eventually need to let them walk. To make sure your kid is safe, you may use a backpack with a leash.

Mia absolutely loves it, she feels like an adult when she is wearing her giraffe skip hop backpack.

You can put some snacks and toys inside to entertain your toddler when he or she gets busy.

Portable Inhaler


Now when you’re thinking about cool travel stuff for kids, you wouldn’t necessarily think of an inhaler. But sometimes when you are on a flight, the air is quite dry, and it’s easy for a baby to get sick while traveling.

This portable mini vaporizer comes in handy for both kids and adults and is really helpful when the baby is coughing or having difficulty breathing. It’s quite easy to give your child medicine using the fine mist function.

Being the latest in a generation of products and weighing just 100 grams, the portable inhaler is perfect to carry anywhere! 

Attipas Shoes

Mia loves her Attipas shoes. They’re both shoes and socks and they are quite comfortable. The soles are perforated to release heat and excess moisture and the big toe box allows for improved movement and motor development.

They’re also lightweight, flexible and easily washable. Your baby won’t even know he or she is wearing them. Being ergonomic, the Attipas shoes are a must add to your list of travel items for toddlers!

Travel Potty

I can’t imagine traveling without our travel potty

It helps us keeping our daily routine and progressing with our potty training on the road. We use Potette Plus which can be used both during the travels as a potty and a seat and at home.

Follow the link to read my full best travel potty review.


So that’s our list of everything we use for our Mia. What items from this list do you have? And what are you going to buy right now?

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