Best Travel Toys For Toddlers That Will Keep Them Busy For A Long Time

Best Airplane Toys For Toddlers That Will Keep Them Entertained

Looking for the airplane toys for toddlers? It’s no secret that small kids get bored pretty quickly. We, as parents, need to plan their time during flight ahead. There are thousands of hundreds toys available online, however, it may not be so easy to pick the best travel toys for toddlers.

They need to be light, quiet, no-mess, small, and of course interesting enough to keep the kid entertained for a long time. Apart from the toddler plane activities that are worth planning ahead, we need to think about the actual toys to give them during travel.

Here is the list of the best airplane toys for toddlers, that I tested on my daughter. She loved all of them!

Plane Activity Packs

If you don’t feel like buying all the travel toys for kids separately, there are some awesome toddler busy bags for airplane available.

Your kid will get a backpack full of surprises that will definitely keep her/him entertained for a long time. Check it out on Amazon.

Sensory Quiet Book

It’s not only one of the best travel toys for toddlers but something that every kid should have at home. The sensory quiet book will help your child learn how to button the clothes, open the zipper, tie the shoe, and do many more useful things. These skills are very useful, as traveling with self-reliant kid is definitely easier!

The sensory quiet book is light and small which makes it great to take on a plane. My daughter LOVES it and it keep her busy for a very long time.

Magnetic Puzzle Box

It’s no secret that kids love animals. These magnetic puzzles are the brilliant plane activity packs that will keep your toddler busy for a long time.

In contrary to the standard puzzles, these can be stick to the box. It’s super helpful while traveling, as the small pieces won’t be falling down so easily.

Check out the Magnetic Puzzle Box on Amazon.

Drawing and Painting Sets

Doodle Board

I think it’s one of the best airplane toys for toddlers EVER. Light, no-mess, reusable. The kid can spend a long time drawing so doodle board can definitely be helpful while traveling. Here are some of the recommended models:

Water Wow Books

It’s one of the best travel toys for toddlers. No wonder why! Water wow books make no mess, they are light and small.

All you need to do is to pour water into the small pen. Your kid can paint with it. It takes about 10 minutes for the colors to disappear. Then the book can be used again.

Wipe Off Books

They work exactly like the standard paper+ crayons. However, the book is reusable which means that your kid can simply wipe off the drawing and start all over again.

For younger toddlers, I recommend dry erase crayons, as they are completely no-mess. My baby girl loves using wipe-off books when we are traveling. Here are her favorite ones: 

Finger Puppets

Why finger puppets are awesome? Because your kids can play with them alone, or you can use them to make a show for them. It’s a cheap source of endless fun for all of you.

I think they are perfect plane toys for 2 year old, 1, year old, 3 year old, and even 4 year old. Finger puppets are small, light, and noise-free. Check out the recommended ones below:

Lacing Toys

Another example of educational toys for airplane travel. It will not only keep your kids busy for a long time but also develop their fine motor skills.

Check out the best lacing toys on Amazon:

If you are traveling on a budget, you can also do it yourself. All you need is penne pasta and a straw! 

Surprise Eggs

Kids love surprises! While Kinder egg’s chocolate is unhealthy, you can buy a great alternative on Amazon with toys only.

If your budget is tight, you can also do it yourself. Buy small toys/gifts in a Dollar Store and wrap it up with paper, foil and boxes. 

The more unwrapping, the better. The point it to keep your child busy for a long time. Try to give one egg/ gift to your kids, every time they get bored. These are simple, yet great toys to entertain toddler on plane!


Hands down, all kids LOVE stickers. They are one of the best travel toys for babies of all ages. You can either buy reusable window gel clings or standard stickers.

I recommend choosing sticker books- it’s way more entertaining for the kid to search for the right spot to put the sticker.

 Here are my daughter’s favorite books:

Farm Animals

They are great travel toys for 2 year old+. The small, plastic figures may not be good for younger toddlers, as they are still teething. The plastic, painted elements are definitely not good for biting.

Why farm animals are the best toys for toddlers on plane? Kids can play with them and you can also make a small theatre using these small figures. Most of the kids’ songs are about the animals:

  • This Little Piggy
  • Baba Black Sheep
  • Bingo
  • Old McDonald’s

And many more. When your kid gets bored, you can take one of the figures and start singing the song. It will entertain even the fussiest toddlers. See farm animals on Amazon.

Suction Cups

Simple yet brilliant travel toys for toddlers. The kid will spend a lot of time sticking them to every surface on a plane- from windows to the tray tables.

After the journey, the cups may serve as the bath toys or can be used on a beach. I love how multifunctional this toy is. Check it out on Amazon.


Last but not least- books. They are definitely the best airplane toys for toddlers. You can take their favorite titles or buy something brand new.

Speaking from experience, lift-flap books can do wonders during a long flight. When we were flying with a baby to Thailand, Mia spent most of the flight sitting on my lap and opening the small windows in the books. She absolutely loved it! Here are some lift-flap books worth buying:


Best Accessories For The Travel Toys For Toddlers

Fun N’ Fly Foldable Travel Tray

The foldable tray is a brilliant invention that will help you keeping all the toddler travel toys organized.

The toys and snack won’t fall down on the ground anymore. I love the fact that the front panel is foldable tough, it makes drawing and playing easier. The foldable tray is washable, light, and it even has mesh pockets for pens and crayons. Find it on Amazon.

Backpack With Buckles


 Add it to your toddler travel gear! I am obsessed with this backpack that has plenty of colorful buckles, squeakers, shapes, and crinkles. 

You can pack your child’s favorite toys inside. Regardless of age, the kids should be able to carry it by themselves. The backpack will definitely entertain your kiddo for a long time.
Check it out on Amazon.

What Are Not Recommended Travel Toys For Toddlers?

I’ve been reading many blogs where Play-doh, lego, or interactive toys are recommended travel toys for toddlers on plane. Don’t pack them!

First of all you need to remember that the best travel toys for toddlers should be:

  • quiet
  • mess-free
  • small
  • light
  • multifunctional


Lego’s elements are too tiny, so you will need to bend down all the time to pick them up from the floor. It’s only good to pack when you are traveling with the foldable tray that I am writing about above.


Even though play-doh is better than plasticine it still leaves a mess. It’s a great thing for kids to play with but NOT IN A PLANE.

Interactive Toys

Good travel toys for kids should make no sounds. Remember that the plane is full of people who want to spend their journey peacefully. Don’t disturb them with noisy toys.

Read also my post about the Genius Toddler Plane Activities.

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