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Abu Dhabi Oasis: A Journey into the Heart of the UAE

A trip to the Middle East always promises more than good cuisine and gorgeous skyscrapers. If you still need to, consider Abu Dhabi to be your next destination for your holiday.

While it is about taking a tour to see the city or going away from the city to see the golden desert, it is a trip everyone should plan on taking once at least. And you can get all these experiences with budget-friendly Delhi to Abu Dhabi flight tickets from Cleartrip. But before booking the tickets, just take a look at what to marvel at in your journey into the heart of UAE.

1.   Yas Island

If you are someone who has a knack for checking out posh hotels and large malls, it is the place to be for you. In contrast to the big part of the city, this place is a human-made island that has been planned and executed to perfection. Additionally, there are race circuits on the island for racing fanatics.

2.   Skydiving in Abu Dhabi

In general, skydiving is one of the most sought-after activities. And Abu Dhabi is one of the most amazing hosts for the divers. Leap the height of 13,000 km and experience the life-changing adrenaline rush in the blue skies. Relish the moment for 4 to 5 minutes in the air that you will never forget.

3.   The Emirates Palace

Known to be one of the greatest luxuries in the city, the palace is one of the preferred options to stay for many people around the world who take frequent vacations in the city. However, if you are not planning to stay at this palace, some restrictions might exist. Even with the limitations, you can still book a guided tour to get the most out of your visit.

4.   The Desert Safari

Your trip to the city is not complete without wearing traditional clothes and reserving a day to enjoy the golden yellow sands of the desert. You can book transportation for the desert safari, which will include luxury cars, camel rides, and much more. Additionally, if you have enough time, you can also book lunch in the tents in the desert.

5.   Abu Dhabi Mall

Considerably bigger than any other traditional mall you see, it is home to over 200 branded and local stores that will leave you confused about which store to shop from. You can schedule a day in a way that leaves you the 2nd half to explore the mall and check out the fashion wear the mall has to offer. Furthermore, the food court will let you take a break from all the shopping with its delicious range of foods.

6.   Emirates Park Zoo

If you are planning a trip with your family or have young members visiting the city with you, you can introduce them to the Emirates Park Zoo. From animals to birds, the young ones will have the time of their life looking at and identifying over 1400 species in the zoo. A trip to the zoo will turn out to be a fun and educational getaway for the kids.

Wrapping Up

Planning a vacation is exciting, however it can be one of the daunting tasks too. That is why it is essential that you have time in your hands to perfectly plan a trip. If you are looking for a platform that can assist you with your travel plans, consider giving Cleartrip a try. 

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