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Practical Advice for Students Who Dream Of Traveling

Beyond the walls of your lecture hall, there is a whole world waiting to be discovered. Those who made traveling their lifestyle of choice know that it teaches us to be more adaptable in the ever-changing world and helps us appreciate other cultures without being overly critical or judgmental. But what if you are a college student who dreams of traveling but is scared they won’t be able to afford it? 

As you begin to make acquaintances through various apps for socializing, with the best ones found on ilounge.com, you come to understand that traveling requires a great deal of analytical planning and thinking. Let’s check out some of the most practical tips for students who want to broaden their horizons while traveling but don’t know where to start.

Choose Budget-Friendly Options


You can find the cheapest flights available by using flight comparison apps like Hopper and Skyscanner. These allow you to save funds on air travel as you book the tickets in advance, avoid the peak season, and select cheaper morning flights.


Instead of staying in a luxury hotel, which will definitely take a toll on your savings, make sure you have access to local hostels and Airbnb options. You can also try Couchsurfing as a way to save a considerable amount of your budget and meet new people.


You can always bring a suitcase if you need a lot of items on your trip, but we strongly suggest opting for a backpack instead. You will have an easier way of navigating a crowded airport or generally getting around if you don’t have a large suitcase that holds you back all the time.


Students who want to try the local cuisine can forget about restaurants and expensive cafes. But how can you become an authentic traveler without trying the delicious local cuisine? Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of trying something new and exciting!

Attend the local food market and make sure you have all the ingredients to prepare a meal at home. You have no idea how much you are going to save by doing that on your own. This also means you won’t have to think, “Who will write my paper cheap?” while traveling, as you will have enough money to rely on a team of writing experts to complete your college assignments. 

Learn How to Travel for Free

Becoming a Housesitter

If you don’t have enough money to organize a trip you have always dreamt about, you should not despair. You can always look for online services that provide temporary jobs for people who don’t mind sitting with somebody else’s pet in exchange for accommodation.

The homeowners will let the guests stay in their house as long as they promise to take care of their companions and tend to all of their needs.

Volunteer Programs

Check out IVHQ volunteer programs to join in with a particular mission or project abroad, which will eventually allow you to become a part of the volunteer community and get housing as well as food and basic resources to cover your stay in another country.

If you are willing to work for a good cause and take part in a charity project internationally, this might be your chance to see the world without spending too much of your budget.

Get Educated

Before you choose your travel destination, take a short course related to your dream country. It can be a workshop to help you learn more about the local cuisine or a dance class that will help you get acquainted with the fiery rhythms that are popular in that region.

Whatever your class of choice is, it can offer valuable insights into the cultural landscape of the country you plan to visit. You can also interact with the people and step outside of your comfort zone as you learn about the differences between your country’s mentalities and attempt to understand the customs and traditions of a different nation. 

Stay Flexible 

Even if you consider yourself to be the type that loves planning ahead and taking care of the most minute details, travel experts recommend choosing several locations at once so you don’t get too obsessed with a single destination.

Using your student status, you can visit various cultural sites and get discounted prices for tourist merchandise as you explore the country’s most memorable places. Being flexible with where you want to go allows you to explore the desired destination without any restrictions.

If you are not afraid of new sensations and experiences, you can plan a trip during the off-season. This will help you avoid spots that are teeming with tourists and enjoy the local scenery. Even if this is your first time abroad, you will appreciate the feeling of venturing off the beaten track where no one has traveled before and becoming a true wandering spirit who is not scared of exploring the world. 

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