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Addressing Your Child’s Wellness While Homeschooling

When you are homeschooling your child, it is important to also address their wellness. Some aspects of this may be easier than when they are going to school outside the home, since you have more control over their activities and what they are eating. Here are a few areas that you may want to concentrate on. 

Watch What They Are Eating

One of the most important aspects of keeping up with your child’s wellness is making sure they are eating proper meals. When they are being homeschooled, you can ensure that they eat food throughout the day, which can be a relief. You won’t have to be concerned about what they are serving in the cafeteria, since you will know precisely what you put in their food.

When you provide your children with healthy meals throughout the day, this can ensure that they have the vitamins they need and that they also have the energy to complete their assignments. 

Help Them Work Through Issues

Something else that can be beneficial in helping your child work through issues. When they need help working through a problem or figuring out how to approach a situation, allow them to handle these instances. You can assist them, but you should also let your child come to their own conclusions. If you have all the answers for them, this may not be productive. 

Moreover, if a child is able to solve problems, this may help improve their self-esteem. A kid may feel like he has accomplished something that he can be proud of. Perhaps he was able to finish a hard math problem on his own or complete a science experiment. 

For more details on self-esteem and how it affects you, look at BetterHelp. 

Have Playtime

Letting kids utilize playtime when they are being homeschooled can be beneficial for their wellness for a couple of reasons. One is that they will be getting the exercise they need. Just like adults, kids need to stay active. 

Another way this helps is that it allows them to blow off steam. Maybe your kids had a math test that they are glad to be finished with. Being able to play outside can make them feel better and get fresh air after a job well done. That may sound nice even as an adult. 

It may take a bit of trial and error to determine when the proper time to utilize recess is, especially if you expect them to go back to their schoolwork after playing outside. 

Be Sure They Get the Recommended Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is also something that is necessary to monitor for your child. Your kid may need anywhere from 9 to 12 hours of sleep each night, so do what you can to make sure that they get this amount. 

To accomplish this, set a bedtime and stick with it. You should even enforce this bedtime on the weekends. When you go to sleep at the same time every night, it lets the body know the appropriate time to wind down. 

Spend Time With Them

Another aspect of homeschooling that is much different than traditional school is that you are able to spend plenty of time with your kids. In many cases, homeschooling won’t take all day, so in between assignments, you can spend time with your little ones.

You may eat a snack together, read a story, or do anything else you both like. Additionally, you could spend as much quality time with your kids as you wish, and they will still be learning throughout the day. 

Remember that you must set solid boundaries during the school day. Just because your kids are at home, doesn’t mean they are able to do whatever they want to.

Establish rules and carry them out. Your children should understand that the school day is different than just being at home and relaxing.

Make sure they know what they are responsible for completing each day and by what time. While you can be more flexible with the time limits, this is not something that should be misused. 

Note Changes in Behavior

You will also have a chance to monitor your child’s behavior. This may not be the case when they are going to school outside the home.

You can take notice of any changes that take place in their behavior, which can let you know that they may need additional support. For example, if your child seems down or isn’t sleeping and eating as they should, they may be feeling the effects of depression.

When you notice these things, you can search for a therapist to work with, which may be able to alleviate some of the symptoms a child is experiencing. 

On the other hand, if something minor is bothering your kid, you should have plenty of time to talk to them about their problems when you are homeschooling them. Moreover, it may help you learn information about your child that you may not have learned otherwise.

Special Needs

If you have a child that has special needs, it may be necessary to home school them, since your local school system might not have the resources to teach them properly.

It still may take a lot of effort and planning to school them at home, but you will be able to tell when they are learning and you can spend as much time as you need on the lessons, in case they need a bit more practice. 


Addressing your child’s wellness when you are homeschooling them can be a little bit easier than if they are rushing off to school in the mornings. Homeschool has the capacity to take up less time, offers a kid time to sleep enough, provides a place to get healthy meals, and you will be able to spend more time with them.

While homeschooling may not be an ideal choice for all households, it is something worth considering if you have the means to do so. It can be beneficial for your relationship with your kids. 

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