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Planning The Perfect Trip To Amsterdam: Top Tips & Recommendations

Gaining the opportunity to head to Amsterdam is one that should never be missed, as it’s a place that’s truly like no other! There are so many sights to see, places to visit and experiences to be had, so there’s no time like the present to start booking up your Amsterdam trip. 

Thankfully, figuring out how to plan the perfect Amsterdam getaway doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, this handy guide contains some of the best tips and recommendations that you can make the most of to ensure you and your fellow travelers can enjoy the most amazing vacation ever!

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more, and plan the perfect trip to Amsterdam today. 

Reaching Amsterdam 

Figuring out how to reach Amsterdam from your current location should be your first priority when you’re planning out the perfect trip, as you need to know exactly how to get there in the most hassle-free manner. If you’re traveling from the UK, or from any nearby European countries that surround the Netherlands, then your best bet is to get a train.

It has to be said that getting the train to Amsterdam is generally the easiest and most convenient choice, as you’ll be transported right into the heart of the city amongst the hustle and bustle rather than arriving at the airport miles and miles away from all of the action. If you do have to utilize the airport for whatever reason, then it’s best to check your other transport links well in advance before you arrive in Amsterdam.

There are trains, trams, buses, and many other options available, but such public transport can be a little confusing if you haven’t taken the opportunity to plan things out! 

Finding A Place To Stay 

Next up, it’s time to book the perfect place to stay. You need to find somewhere that’s right for you and your unique needs, as there are countless different options and concepts that you can utilize as accommodation in Amsterdam! There are a few key factors that will influence what kind of accommodation you choose, including your budget and your main intentions on vacation.

If you have a limitless budget and want to be right in the heart of the action, then you can book into one of the luxury city center hotels that have their doorsteps in the most iconic streets. If you’d like to save some money and don’t mind gaining the chance to socialize with some new people, then opting for a hostel is going to be your best bet.

For families that need a little more space and privacy, there are countless AirBnB options as well as other rental properties that you can make the most of! Be sure to check the surrounding areas of any places you intend to stay, as you can find local tourist hotspots as well as any nearby amenities or essentials that will make your trip more comfortable. 

For those looking for the best deals, there are often discounts and cashback rewards available when booking hotels in Amsterdam. A great way to earn cashback is by using a SoFi credit card with bonus points – plus, many online booking sites provide discount codes and coupons for extra savings. Additionally, keep an eye out for loyalty programs offered by your preferred hotel chain or website. These offer the chance to gain additional rewards such as monetary benefits or complimentary amenities. With all these tips in mind, it’s easy to find the best deals and make sure your stay in Amsterdam is comfortable without breaking the bank!

Planning Your Day To Day Excursions & Activities 

Last but by no means least, it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to plan out a couple of excursions and activities that you can get up to during your trip to Amsterdam.

There’s just so much to do in Amsterdam, which means it’s highly likely you’re going to be able to find something to keep yourself occupied throughout your trip – no matter how long you may be there! Some of the best places to visit and activities to explore in Amsterdam include the many galleries and museums, historical sites, amazing restaurants, a picture-perfect canal lined city streets and so much more. 

Galleries and Museums:

There are countless amazing galleries and museums that you can visit during your next trip to Amsterdam. In fact, Amsterdam boasts one of the most amazing museums in the world – the Rijksmuseum. It has some stunning artwork along with so many National treasures, making it a brilliant place to add to your list of excursions. Another museum that’s certainly an interesting visit is the BodyWorks museum.

The BodyWorks museum contains some of the most interesting and unique exhibitions around, as they actually feature real human subjects to accurately portray different parts of the body and brain! There are also many ‘themed’ museums that relate to the local cannabis culture or other aspects of the nearby community, so it’s certainly worth investigating.

If you prefer art to other forms of the exhibit, then be sure to add the Van Gogh gallery to your list of galleries and museums to visit. 

Historical Sites

There are numerous historical sites that you can visit during your trip to Amsterdam, with the most notable being Anne Frank’s house. Anne Frank’s house is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the whole of Amsterdam, so you can expect to be greeted with a long queue – buy your tickets in advance to make this process much faster and smoother!

Another historical area that is worth a visit is De Wallen in Amsterdam city center. De Wallen, otherwise known as the red light district, has been around for hundreds of years. It’s a sight to see to say the least, and it’s certainly an interesting and unique stop to add to your itinerary. 

Restaurants and Food Stalls:

Amsterdam is slowly but surely making a name for itself in the food world, with some amazing restaurants and food stalls leaving a delicious taste in tourists mouths from the backstreets right to the heart of the city.

Trying out some of the more traditional foods like cheesy chips is a must, but you’ll also find some more exotic eateries too. Vegan and plant based food is in abundance in Amsterdam, so be sure to try out a few meat-free options. 

Final Thoughts 

Visiting Amsterdam can be such a fun and exciting experience when you’re able to plan out your trip effectively. Following the steps above will certainly help you to get the most out of your Amsterdam adventure, so be sure to take these ideas on board! 

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