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Best Things To Do In Tenerife With Kids

Looking for the best places to visit in Tenerife with kids? Here’s the perfect itinerary for a week in Tenerife with the family. We started our trip in Katowice Poland. We were traveling at the end of February, so it’s still wintertime in Europe.

Leaving from a cold country, we were hoping to catch some sun in Tenerife, Spain. The weather forecast showed that the temperature during the day will average from 21 to 24 Celsius degrees which is 70 to 75 Fahrenheit degrees. The forecast was right and it was exactly the temperate we had throughout our stay!

Here’s the video from our trip:

Tips To Manage The Long Flight With Kids

The flight from Poland took 5 hours and 50 Minutes. We traveled with Wizzair with our children aged 6 and 3 during that time. My tip for traveling with kids is to bring many different snacks. Don’t pay too much attention to how healthy the snacks are. At the end of the day, it’s all about surviving the trip!

Take books, stickers, and a tablet or phone with headphones. Be sure to download offline cartoons. A good way to do this is to use a YouTube premium account. Netflix is another great option. These will help keep the children occupied throughout the whole trip. Read my full article to learn how to entertain kids on a plane (follow the link).

We agreed to buy one new toy for the kids at the airport, and then one another in Tenerife. I think it’s good to settle the rules before traveling so that the kid won’t beg you to buy something every time they see a shop or a new interesting toy.

When it comes to luggage, we packed in one large suitcase for our family of 4. Apart from that, each one of us had a hand luggage.

Tenerife welcomed us with sunny but windy weather. One thing that surprised us was how much longer the days are in Tenerife. The sun sets at about 7 am and the sunrise is at 7 pm. So even in the wintertime, the day lasts for 12 hours in Tenerife.  The days are much longer in the summer.

Car Rental In Tenerife

The best way to get around Tenerife is to travel by car. That’s why the first thing we did after we landed in Tenerife was to pick up the car that we rented online before. It is important to note that we rented the car seat for our 3-year-old. We took a Mifold foldable car seat for our 6-year-old daughter.

Driving in Tenerife is very easy, and the roads are great.

Things To Do In Tenerife With Kids

Here are the best things to do in Tenerife with kids! Keep in mind that we were traveling in winter so we decided not to visit the water parks.

1. Spend time on the beach!

Tenerife has pretty amazing beaches both with white sand, and black sand, and with rocks and pebbles. During the 7 days of our stay, we were spending every day on the beach. Here are our favorite beaches in Tenerife.

Best Beaches In Tenerife For Kids

Los Cristianos Beach

The first beach that we really liked was the Los Cristianos beach. Why did we love it? Los Cristianos beach was never windy, the sand was soft and nice. A big bonus is that there were showers everywhere. You will find that the beach is surrounded by restaurants and shops. Our kids loved to watch the ships and boats on the ocean.

Los Cristianos Beach has everything you need to spend a relaxing time with your family.

Playa Jardín

The second beach worth recommending is Playa Jardín. This beach is located just 10 minutes walking from the famous Loro Park. It is considered as one of the best black sand beaches in Tenerife and we really loved it!

Playa De Las Teresitas

Another beach that we really liked was Playa De Las Teresitas. It is considered the best white sand beach in Tenerife. What’s interesting, the sand at Playa De Las Teresitas was imported from the Sahara desert!

El Medano Beach

Last but not least- El Medano Beach. El Médano is one of the best places in Tenerife for water sports that’s why it gets very windy. The beach is great but check the weather before going! If it’s too windy, your kids may not like it.

2. Volcano Teide

Enough about the beaches! What can you do in Tenerife when you are tired of the ocean and the sand? You can go up the volcano Teide!

Older kids may try to hike up. Since our kids were still small, we decided to take the cable car up to the volcano. We booked the online tickets a few days before and we strongly recommend that you do so as well because the tickets sell up fast.

You can park your car before the entrance to the cable car so the entire trip doesn’t require a lot of walking. The views from the volcano are pretty amazing! There is no shop or restaurant on top and you can only spend a maximum of 1 hour there. For us, half an hour was enough. Be sure to dress warm, as it gets quite cold in the mountains.

3. Visiting Loro Park!

This zoo is considered the best in the world! We weren’t sure why before our visit but now we know. The entire park is beautiful, the nature is so breathtaking that you don’t want to leave. All the animals are well taken care of.

If you want to buy some snacks or toys it’s ok but unlike other zoos like that, they don’t push you to buy. Everything is peaceful and focused on animals. There are some animal shows that you can watch in Loro Park. We saw a sea lion show, dolphin show, and orca show. All of them were amazing!!

You can rent a stroller in the park if you are traveling with smaller kids. There is a small roller coaster and a Kinderlandia zone where your kids can have fun on the playground.

You don’t need to worry about food and drinks as there are plenty of choices available all around the park. When we asked our kids what place they liked the most in Tenerife, they both mentioned Loro Park. Quite frankly, we loved it too!

4. Feeding Animals At Monkey Park

Monkey Park is a smaller and cheaper alternative to Loro Park. It is great especially for the smaller kids, as you can hand-feed animals such as lemurs, monkeys, and Guinea pigs. Our kids loved it! We did too as we’d never had a chance to see wild animals so close before.

My tip for visiting is to go early in the morning. Reach there right after the opening of the park. It’s not that crowded and the animals are more hungry and are more likely to eat the food!

5. Take A Dolphin Watching Cruise

This cruise was an absolute highlight of our trip! We opted for a 4,5h long cruise from Adeje. It included seeing the Los Gigantes cliffs as well as chasing the whales and dolphins.

We had alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks included in the price as well as lunch. If you pay 20 euros more, you could get a sun bed for 2. The number of sun beds is limited so if you want to get one, be sure to stand at the beginning of the line!

It was very windy during our cruise so, the entire ship was swinging all the time. We didn’t mind, and we simply enjoyed the beautiful weather! We saw only pilot whales but it was completely enough for us.

6- Visit The Museum Of Science And The Cosmos

If it’s too windy or cold outside, the Museum of Science and the Cosmos is your place to go. There aren’t many indoor activities in Tenerife, so the Museum of Science is pretty unique.

Our kids loved learning about science and the cosmos. Even though the majority of the museum is in Spanish, it’s still interactive and keeps the kids busy.

7- Visiting The Pirámides Of Guimar

Did you know that there are Pirámides in Tenerife? We didn’t until we visited this beautiful island!

No one knows the reason why they were built but you will find that they are pretty impressive. The canarian pyramides became famous because of Thor Heyerdahl who is known for the Kon Tiki expedition.

Apart from seeing the pyramids, when you are visiting the museum, you can learn more about this remarkable man. There is a small playground where the kids can have fun. It is located in the pyramid area. 

Where To Eat In Tenerife With Kids?

La Pepa Food Market

This was our favorite place to eat in Tenerife! La Pepa Food Market is located in Los Cristianos. This is the same town that is home to our favorite beach.

You will find that there are many food options available in this food market- from Italian to American, Asian, and of course Spanish. What we loved the most about La Pepa Food Market is that it had a kid play zone.

You can leave your kids there and eat your meal peacefully. The ladies working there will bring the kid back to you if they need you. You also see your children play so I can’t imagine a better place to eat for families traveling to Tenerife with small kids.

Veinte 04

The second place worth recommending is Veinte 04- it has a playground right in front of the restaurant. The food is delicious, it’s good for breakfast

So this is it! We stayed in Edificio Aguamarina and we loved our apartment. If you wonder what’s the best area to stay in Tenerife, I’d recommend either Los Cristianos or Puerto de la Cruz.

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