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5 Unique Corfu Villas That Redefine Island Luxury

Corfu is not only the Italian-style Greek island that steals your heart with its elegance, well-preserved town that is a World Heritage of UNESCO, and stunning beaches surrounded by lush greenery.

Corfu is also the island that redefines luxury with exclusive properties and modern mansions that have everything you may have imagined of. Private pool, vast garden with playground, panoramic sea view, lavish interior and outdoor spaces as well as personalized services and a full VIP experience.

Explore the luxury Corfu villas that are managed by Kinglike Concierge, the top travel agency for luxury accommodation in Greece that focuses on the full satisfaction of each separate client with high-tier services, offering a royal-like experience.

Villa Jazzlyn

This stone-built mansion with 4 bedrooms is a perfect example of how local architecture and tradition can be seamlessly combined with lavishness and modern comfort. Its private pool with breathtaking seascape is the ideal spot to relax with your friends and family in a serene setting away from the crowds.

Villa Nixie

Corfu is not only about traditional and neoclassical buildings that remind of a glorious past. Villa Nixie is an ode to modern design, hidden inside the wild nature, where cypress trees create a tranquil atmosphere. Opulence meets timeless elegance around the private pool, while the olives inside the garden emphasize the Mediterranean character of this unique villa where you will forget about the outside world.

Villa Sundial

White-washed walls and roof tiles together with the element of wood around the private pool bring into life a unique concept of understated luxury. Villa Sundial is the epitome of the distinctive character of Corfu Island villas, where the rustic accents are blended with great attention to detail and classic charm.

Villa Seagull 

This 8-bedroom traditional mansion on the beachfront is something more than a rustic villa with private beach, private pool, boat jetty, tennis court and private church. It is an exclusive property of stunning beauty, where the past finds its place in the present, creating a luxury sanctuary.

Here, the connection with nature is not just a phrase. It is the very essence of this unbelievable property, surrounded by olive grove and vegetable garden, where you will find a tranquil oasis to spend valuable moments with your beloved ones.

Villa Moonstone 

Villa Moonstone is a majestic retreat for those seeking the opulence of traditional design at its finest. This property is synonymous to high-end living with full VIP facilities: Interior and heated pool to enjoy the relaxing aesthesis of swimming whenever you want, gym, large lounge and dining area in front of the captivating infinity pool on the outside, as well as great facilities for your family vacations, such table tennis and vast garden, create a setting of effortless splendor.

Are you looking for Corfu Greece villas for rent? See even more exclusive properties from Kinglike Concierge in a top selection of the best villas in Corfu to explore the Queen of the Ionian Sea. Book your stay now and live the Kinglike way!

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