Venice- the most beautiful city in the world

Gondoliers in Venice
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Venice… mmm… one of the best place we’ve ever been!

It’s difficult to get to Venice from Poland, so we flew from Prague and returned to Wroclaw.
From Treviso airport we took a bus directly to Venice. We had the hotel near St. Mark’s Square, so the only option was to walk there.
Because as you know, in the City of Gondolas you cannot drive a car. But of course you can take gondola tours.
It turned out to be very difficult to get to the hotel! The streets of Venice are short, narrow and incredibly tangled. Although we had a map, this short route takes an hour.


Gondolas in Venice

However, it was so wonderful to digress :). Venice is so charming that you can walk through it and move into the amazing, magic world… In a narrow corridor between buildings, over our heads the laundry is drying. In the distance we hear the lapping of the water and the loud discussions of Italians. Sometimes you can see how the natives speak to each other, leaning out of the windows of their homes. Divides by the very small distance, because the buildings in the city are close to each other.


We liked almost everything in Venice (only Afroamerican pushy sellers bothered us). The most impressive was St. Mark’s Square with the Basilica of St. Mark and singing gondoliers. The town has a lot of churches, which are monuments and making an amazing impression. It is best to just walk and enter for a moment into each one of it. We wholeheartedly recommend you to spend the night in the Water City. Most of the tourists just drop in there for one day. Hardly anyone stays longer. A pity, because after dark there is a lot less people and we can observe the daily life of the locals. That is what we love the most 🙂

At 10 p.m. Venice is so desolate that it’s hard to find anyone on the street. You can not hear anything except water hitting on the edges and your steps. It is interesting that at ten o’clock in the evening restaurants, shops and markets are also closed. We were very surprised by this. We are accustomed that tourist cities are never asleep and everything is open 24 hours.

Do not forget that Venice is situated on the Adriatic. If you will be there a bit longer, you have to go to the nearby Lido island. There is a beach where you can relax, sunbathe and swim in the sea 🙂


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