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College Hack: Where and How Students Can Travel During Their Academic Year

Are you a college student who loves travel but struggles to find the time and resources for it?

No wonder:


Academic overload with tons of assignments and tests to complete; after-school activities to earn bonuses for social work and grow emotional intelligence and soft skills; exam preparation and term paper writing — all make traveling look unachievable. (Until college breaks, at least.)


The same is true for prospective students getting ready to enter a university. 


The same is true for prospective students getting ready to enter a university. While admission essay writers from EssayShark.com can assist with academic assignments, this blog post proves that travels during an academic year are possible.


Keep reading to learn some travel hacks for undergraduates willing to discover the world while studying.


Road Trips to Explore the Homeland

Your trip doesn’t have to be lengthy to be worth it: Travel when you can, taking the most out of a one-day or weekend journey in your local area.


It’s the fastest and most affordable way to travel for students. Nearby places may hide exciting views or remarkable landscapes you couldn’t even imagine while living there. Take your friends or organize a solo road trip to neighboring towns! It will save you money and won’t distract you from a college schedule too much.


If you don’t have a car, consider public transport or hitchhiking. Prepare everything in advance: Get a travel map, calculate the travel time given a bus schedule, decide on your stop spots, etc.


Keep safety in mind:


Travel with friends (or use the buddy system if solo), keep your phone charged, and be aware of your surroundings.


Efficient Time Management

He who does not want seeks an excuse; he who wants seeks an opportunity. You can find ways to travel even with a busy academic schedule: Weekends are a great way to start, but your time management skills can make it possible to organize alternative travel options, too.


For example, you can add one day of traveling to a long weekend to avoid missing classes. (National holidays are the perfect time for that!) Leave longer trips to college breaks like winter or summer vacations. Take a day off once you feel academic burnout: A little walk in the countryside can do wonders and bring back your motivation to study.


Off-season travels are also about proper time management and cost-effectiveness. Organize your trips during off-peak times for where you want to go: The place will be cheaper and less crowded, so you’ll enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Tip: Wherever you go, bring your student ID with you. You can score discounts for bus tickets and museum passes to see new places, get positive emotions, and recharge your inner “battery” for more academic achievements.


Participating in Conferences

This one is among the most underrated ways to travel as a college student. Conferences are budget-friendly (as a rule, a department pays for transportation and meals), allowing you to explore new places while studying.


The only catch here:


It can be tricky to join a research group and convince an advisor to let you attend a conference in another city or abroad. Moreover, only some academic fields have research and organize corresponding international events to invite undergraduates. Anyway, it’s not a sin to ask, right?


Talk to your advisor to learn about relevant conferences in your area and ask the department to send you to represent your college. If they can’t provide you with meals or living options, consider Couchsurfing: Stay at locals’ homes and explore the neighborhood in your free time between the conference events.


A Semester at Your Dream Place

This option will work for students who can take their classes online. Organize a semester of remote work and spend it in a place you dream of visiting. The top spending here will be housing and Internet access, but you can always find more affordable options such as a hostel or living at locals’ for some work: cleaning, farm labor, etc.


Another option for the luckiest ones:


Ask your admission counselor or study abroad office about the Semester at Sea program. It’s an opportunity to take classes from world-renowned professors in a shipboard classroom setting while traveling around the globe! You’ll explore European, African, and Asian countries, join the community of international students, and grow your experience and cultural background.


Group Tours

Travel with others to save money (as a rule, group tours are less expensive than individual travels) and make new friends. This option might be the #1 choice for college students afraid of solo travels but willing to discover new places and cultures.


Some easy ways to meet new people in solo travel: Stay in hostels or join free walking tours in the cities you explore. Besides, many top landmarks, museums, and galleries offer entrance fees and tour discounts for group tourists; it’s another chance to organize a budget-friendly trip.


Friends’ Hometowns

Campus and Greek life make you meet people from different cities, countries, and continents. All have different experiences and cultural backgrounds, and some become your best friends. Visiting their hometowns for a weekend or a holiday is a great travel option:


You see new places, spend time with friends, and save money. But remember to invite friends to your city or favorite local destinations, too!


Study Abroad

It’s the most obvious yet the best travel opportunity for a student. If you are still deciding whether to spend all your college years abroad and enter a university in a foreign country, you can check the programs offering a month or a semester there.


Talk to your study abroad office and see if any programs are available for your major. You’ll spend several months living, studying, and exploring another country! Australia and the UK are among the most popular destinations, but wherever you go — ensure you take this chance to travel during your academic year.

Over to you:

Did you try any of the above to travel as a student? Let’s share your favorite travel hacks in the comments!

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