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The Hidden Gems of the Black Forest

The Black Forest in Germany is an incredible region filled with picturesque villages, fairy tales, and generous gastronomy. While tourists around the world visit this region and its most obvious spots, such as Freiburg, there are many unique places and experiences to enjoy.

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Freudenstadt, Biggest Market in Germany

Freudenstadt is a beautiful small town in the middle of the Forest. Much like most cities in the area, it’s an incredible place to unwind and relax while having all the conveniences of modern life at hand.

Aside from enjoying the magnificent surroundings, you can explore the city’s main attraction. As it turns out, Freudenstadt has Germany’s biggest enclosed market square. It has over 50 water fountains, and it’s almost a perfect square of 216 x 219 meters.

Visitors can enjoy retail shops, cafés, and restaurants there. If you visit Freudenstadt at Christmas time, you’ll be able to visit its beautiful Christmas market at the same location.

Schluchsee, Almost Like the Real Thing

Many visitors to the region enjoy their summer days at the Titisee, an important touristic spot in the zone. However, not many know about its bigger brother, the Schluchsee.

This is an artificial lake, or better said, a lake that was enhanced by human ingenuity. The original lake was 30 meters lower than today, and around the 1930s, a dam was built. It made the lake bigger and more usable as a water reservoir.

The Origins of the Danube and a Dispute

The Danube is the longest river in the European Union and was immortalized by Johann Strauss II with his waltz “The Blue Danube.” The river’s origins are, conventionally, two streams near the city of Donaueschingen, the Brigach and Breg.

There’s a beautiful spring where you can take pictures and enjoy the sights. However, there’s a dispute between Donaueschingen and another city, Furtwangen, which also claims to be home to the Danube source.

In Furtwangen, you have the opportunity to visit the Danube’s “alternative” place of birth, where the water flows from underground in a more rustic but well-worth-the-visit location.

The Walled Altstadt of Villingen-Schwenningen

Villingen-Schwenningen is a twin city composed of, of course, Villingen and Schwenningen. In Villingen, you can find an incredible Altstadt (an old town in English) with complete walls from the 13th century. 

Besides the walls, many ancient medieval buildings are still standing, and four towers are the main access points. One of them, the Kaiserturm, is available to visit by appointment. It was built in 1372.

Inside the walls, a vibrant city center offers boutique shops and large retail chains, a myriad of cafes and restaurants, museums, live music pubs, and much more. It offers an incredible contrast of modern city life with medieval features.

Rottweil and Germany’s Highest Viewing Platform

On the edge of the Black Forest, you can find the city of Rottweil. This city is famous worldwide for being the place of origin of a popular dog breed, the Rottweiler. You can find statues of Rottweilers all over the city.

The city is also home to TK Elevator’s test tower. This futuristic, space-looking structure not only offers a stark contrast to the rest of the city but is also one of Germany’s highest buildings and the fourth-highest test tower in the World.

Additionally, it’s the highest viewing platform in Germany. You can visit the platform at 232 meters and get spectacular views of the region.

Triberg, The Highest Waterfall 

This small town, right in the middle of the forested hills, is home to Germany’s highest waterfall. It has a 163 meters descent and seven steps.

You can enjoy the complete waterfall trajectory via a series of stairs, bridges, and terraces where you can take pictures and enjoy nature at its best. On special occasions, there are incredible shows and events.

You can find many places to get souvenirs for your loved ones, including the world-famous cuckoo clocks originating in the Black Forest. In the town of Schonach, just outside Triberg, there’s the biggest Cuckoo Clock in the World.

Mummelsee and the High Road

This is one of the most spectacular and less-known destinations in Southwest Germany. Most visitors to the Black Forest enjoy the incredible views of its High Road, whose altitude ranges from 800 to 1,000 meters. However, not everyone knows about a special spot on the road: the Mummelsee.

This small lake is high up on the road and home to many myths and legends. A spirit is said to live in its waters, sometimes called the Mummelsee King. According to the legends, the entrance to the Inner Earth is also located here.

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