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7 Most Visited Opera Houses in Europe

If you’re an opera lover, these top 7 most popular European opera houses will have you swooning. This list was created by the travel app Visited, which has over 1.9 million users worldwide. Add these ornate and royal opera houses to your bucket list. You can browse more top travel lists, bookmark where you want to go and get a personalized travel itinerary using the Visited travel app. 

Here are the top most visited opera houses in Europe according to the Visited app:

Vienna State Opera

The opera in Vienna attracts the most visitors of any opera house in the world. The stunning, statuesque 1,709-seat Renaissance Revival-style opera house has world-class performances and tours.

While admission can be pricey, for opera lovers, it’s well worth the cost to experience the beautiful venue. Also, the opera house hosts free performances on the front of the building in April, May, June, and September. 

Palais Garnier

It is an iconic symbol of Paris and Europe’s second-most-visited opera house. The storied venue includes 1,979 seats and was the setting for the famous “Phantom of the Opera.” The eclectic and elegant architecture is classified as a Napoleon III style, which combines Baroque, classicism, and Renaissance architecture.  

Opera Real De Versailles

It also known as the Royal Opera of Versailles, is the main theater and opera house of the Palace of Versailles in France. The elaborate interior is almost entirely wood, with a paint that resembles marble. The stately building dates back to 1770, during the reign of King Louis XV.

La Scala Opera House

The opera is located in Milan, Italy, and it is Europe’s fourth most visited opera house. The canal-lined venue is known for its excellent acoustics and neoclassical style. The opera house is a popular draw for tourists and opera lovers. 

The Hungarian State Opera House

It ranks as the fifth most visited opera house in Europe. The 1,300-seat neo-Renaissance-style building is located in central Budapest. Visitors come for the remarkable beauty and exquisite acoustics of the opera house. 

Copenhagen Opera House

It is a modern opera house located in central Copenhagen, Denmark. The opulent structure is perched on the harbourfront on the island of Holmen. Copenhagen Opera House was one of the most expensive opera houses in the world to build, costing 2.5 billion DKK.

Teatro La Fenice

It is a landmark theater and opera house in Venice, Italy. The opera house stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, as it burned down twice and was rebuilt both times. 

Have you visited any of the most popular opera houses in Europe? Browse more top travel destinations, create a personalized travel map, and plan your next dream vacation using the Visited app. You can also get a custom-printed map of your travels using the Visited app. Download the Visited app for free for iOS or Android. 

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