Vienna romantic weekend - 3 days in Vienna for a couple
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 3 days in Vienna for couples – Vienna romantic weekend

Vienna… it’s probably one of the most famous cities on this planet. Everybody has heard about the beautiful capital of Austria. Even though our homeland, Poland, is located quite close to it, we haven’t been there before this month. Our wedding anniversary is in few days, so we thought visiting Vienna would be a perfect idea to celebrate. Vienna romantic weekend sounded like the best way to unwind, focus on our love and relationship.

3 days in Vienna is not a long time- this city has a lot to offer, so you won’t get bored there, even if you decide to spend there a week or more. For us, weekend was all we had.

In this post we are giving you the best plan with things to do, when your stay in Vienna is short. You will see all the important places and have a time to relax and truly feel the atmosphere of the city.

Vienna romantic weekend

Day 1 of Vienna romantic weekend

We’ve came to Vienna in the afternoon and most of you will probably do the same. The first thing to do is to check in in your hotel.

We’ve been staying in the awesome 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier. It is located in the heart of the city, within the walking distance to all the best tourist attractions, like Parliament, Hofburg Palace, Old Town etc.

What we liked the most about our hotel is the circus-style design (which you can see on the photos below). We had everything we needed there: delicious breakfast, comfortable bed, fast WiFi and free bottled water.

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There is always a lot going on at Prater. Attractions that are available to visit all year round are:

The Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad)

Almost every city has its ferris wheel and so does Vienna. The views from the top of it are absolutely breathtaking! You can either buy traditional tickets or book a private, luxury cabin.


Madame Tussauds

The museums of wax figures are famous all over the world. Even though we have visited them in London, Hongkong and Bangkok, we still enjoy going there. The wax statues are so realistic that it is very easy to believe they are the actual human beings. In London, we’ve been standing for 5 minutes next to the girl who was taking photo of Jennifer Lopez’s statue. Then we realised that she is not a tourist but the wax statue as well!


Spring & summer attractions at Prater (from 15th March):

Amusement park with roller coasters, haunted houses, go-karts and many more.


Autumn attractions at Prater:

Amuesement park and… Oktoberfest! This year the celebration started on September 22th and will last until October, 9th. The time of beer festival is different every year. Check out this website for the latest updates.


The admission to Oktoberfest is free of charge. People are having fun there all day round, so you can have a beer even in the morning.

We absolutely loved the happy atmosphere of Oktoberfest in Vienna! Austrian of all ages were dancing, singing, laughing and celebrating together.


Winter attractions at Prater:

Christmas Market! It usually starts in the middle of November and ends at the beginning of January. You can have the mulled wine, eat local food and listen to the live music at weekends.

Christmas market in Warsaw

Romantic dinner

After having fun at Prater, romantic dinner will be the perfect ending of the day. There are many amazing restaurant in Vienna but our absolute favourite is The Bank in Park Hyatt hotel.


It is located in the heart of Old Town and has really luxurious interiors. You can eat there traditional Austrian food, like for example famous schnitzel. Yummy!


Day 2 of Vienna romantic weekend

Austrian Parliament Building

It is located very close to the Old Town in Vienna. We absolutely loved the architecture of Austrian Parliament’s building. The high and winding stairs and monumental bronze horse tamer are something we will never forget.

It is possible to take a guided tour of Parliament but since our time in Vienna is limited, it is better to take some photos from the outside and go to the next tourist attraction.

Parliament is very close to the hotel
Parliament is very close to the hotel

Hofburg Imperial Palace

The palace is located close to the Parliament (5-10 minutes walking). After Schoenbrunn, it is the most beautiful place that we have seen in Vienna.

The entrance to Hofburg is located at Sisi Museum. On the lower floor, you can see the original cutleries,  dishwares and tablecloths of Habsburg family. It was really interesting to see all of these beautiful items.


The higher floor, with Royal Apartments and Sisi Museum are even more interesting. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos of anything that we saw. We spent more than 2 hours there, reading about Empress Elisabeth and her extraordinary life. She was just a girl when she got married to Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Austria. She had to left her idyllic home in Bavaria and move to the palace. She felt like a bird in a golden cage. Her biggest dream was freedom and she couldn’t have it because of her royal duties.

We are full time travelers, so we understand her more than anyone. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to do everything that you want, whenever you want.

There is one quote we saw at Sisi Museum that we can really relate to:

I am a seagull, of no land,

i call no shore my home,

i am bound to no place,

I fly from wave to wave.

North Sea songs 7, 1885


Jewish museum (optional)

We really loved visiting Jewish Museum but we understand that it may be the best option for Vienna romantic weekend. Learning about antisemitism is not the perfect way to relax and spend valuable time with someone you love.

We like history and we are kind of nerds, so we went there right after visiting Hofburg Palace. If you don’t feel it is a good option for you, just skip directly to the next point of our tour.


Schonbrunn Palace

It is the best tourist attraction in Vienna. We totally recommend booking the tour to Schonbrunn palace in advanced. The option that we have chosen is a City Discovery offer with palace tour, romantic dinner and classical music concert.


Spending more than 6 hours in one of the most beautiful castles in Europe is something we will never forget. Why it is worth to choose City Discovery tour?

First of all- you are being treated like a VIP. You will see the best parts of Schonbrunn that not all the people have access to.


Secondly- you will have a delicious, 3-course candlelight dinner in the palace. It is probably one of the most romantic things you can experience in Vienna.


Last but not least- classical music concert! We are not really into the operas and operettas. To be honest, we get bored of it really quickly and we want to leave after first two songs.

It was totally different at Schoenbrunn palace!

The concert was more like a show, with a charismatic conductor and musicians full of positive energy.


At every one or two songs, you will see the performance of ballet dancers, singers or mime artists.

They were really AMAZING! We were tired after busy day of sightseeing but after this concert we didn’t even want to go to sleep. We had so much positive energy that stayed up late at night.

As City Discovery guests, we were sitting in the first row, which was awesome. We could see the faces of artists and every small detail of the performance. We got a complimentary glass of a sparkling wine (Prosecco) during a break and we really felt special for an entire evening.


 Day 3 of Vienna romantic weekend

There is not much you can do in the last day of your stay in Vienna- checking out before 12 pm is mandatory in most of the hotels. What we did, is a stroll around the Old Town.

This weekend is all about love, so you should spend the last hours in Vienna with your partner. You can stay in bed, walk around like we did or go to the cafe to taste famous Viennese coffee and cheesecake.

Don’t get so busy of sightseeing that you’ll forget to spend valuable time together.

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Disclosure: We want to thank 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier for complimentary stay & City Discovery for a complimentary tour. All opinions presented in this post are honest and our own.


What are your ideas for Vienna romantic weekend? Share your thoughts in comments!

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