How To Survive Traveling with your Partner

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How to Survive Traveling with your Partner

When you scroll down your news feed on Facebook or Instagram, you see hundreds of photos of smiling couples. They are having fun on the holidays, spending valuable time together, eating delicious food in the fancy restaurants… at least that’s what they want you to see. What is the truth behind traveling as a couple? Is it as perfect as it seems? Is it easy to survive traveling with your partner?

We’re living a life of digital nomads for more than 5 years. Fortunately, we’ve never had a problem with spending 24 hours a day together. Many of you asked how do we manage to never be apart and still love each other. We’ve asked fellow travel bloggers to help us writing this post. They are giving you best tips on how to survive traveling with your partner. Enjoy!

1Laugh together

2Accept your individuality

3Be ready for less romantic moments

by Christine from Christine Abroad

When traveling with your partner you have to be prepared for less romantic moments (to say the least) during your journey. There are several bad things that can happen while traveling the world, even though you try your best to avoid it. For example, you can lose your passport, you can crash with your rental car/bike, you can get robbed, and it’s not uncommon to get food poisoning.

Which brings to the main point, traveling as a couple and get a severe food poisoning is as you can imagine not very romantic. Even worse if both get sick at the same time, and you’re running in rounds between the toilet to puke or even do the number two. I’m sure we can all agree that diarrhea and vomiting don’t exactly go hand in hand with romance.

These are just a few of the many things that can happen while traveling, and these kinds of moments are mostly not so romantic.

But do not worry, there is still plenty of time for romance during your travels. It’s just good to keep in mind that bad things can happen, so you won’t get too disappointed or embarrassed if you would get a really bad food poisoning when on a romantic trip with your loved one.