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Curvy Dating — Enter The Word Of Plus Sized Dating Websites 

Curvy Dating A Fat Girl— Enter The Word Of Plus Sized Dating Websites

Dating. It’s hard. For everyone. But today, we are not talking about everyone, we are talking about dating as a curvy person.

All-day we see images of made-up models on advertisements and photoshopped and filtered selfies on our Instagram feeds. All of this can enforce ideas that we may be not be good-looking enough to attract a mate!

It can be especially nerve-racking when you are simply representing yourself with 5 pictures and 100-word dating bios! Curvier singles worry about what kind of pictures to put up, and how their date might react to their bodies in real life.

And it’s not just big and beautiful ladies who worry about their looks! Guys feel the pressure too. There is a lot of pressure to be muscular and fit, amongst a host of other qualities. Compare a man’s and a woman’s dating app matches, and it’s clear that it’s a lot easier for women to find dates than it is for men!

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The Challenges of Chubby Dating For Women

You Don’t Know His Type.

You’ve lived in your body for many years, and you know there are men who admire women with a little or a lot more. But that does not mean it’s always easy to know which guys out there are into girls your type!

When we already may feel really self-conscious it can be difficult to open up and let a guy know you are interested. Also, a lot of guys are not super open about enjoying chubby dating. They may feel pressure from their friend group or colleagues to date thin or skinny women.

Now, in my opinion, you should never date a guy who isn’t proud to show you off in public, but they may need a safe space to try and get to know plus-sized women, Especially if they are shy or not very social.

Most Dating Apps Are A Bad Experience

Many plus-sized women have a pretty awful time when using standard dating apps and sites. These apps are filled with slimmer women and tend to give the best results to those who fit more traditional ideas of body types.

There are some great BBW dating apps out there that can be a great experience for both men and women but they are in the minority. You really need to be careful where you’re spending your time online or else it’s easy to waste a lot of time and money.

If you’ve spent any time on the most popular apps out there you probably know what I’m talking about. Don’t despair though! Just make sure you take the time to do your research before making a choice in the future!

You Don’t Know What to Wear.

We all know sizes are limited for plus sized girls, it can be hard to find something to wear for a special date night when you really want to make a good impression. Girls in smaller sizes have tons of cute options to pick from before heading out for Friday night happy hour with a new boo.

Big and beautiful women, well, the options can be limited. I suggest finding a couple of cute outfits well in advance of a date, ao and have a look in your closet totally prepared! Remember, that guy is there for YOU, not your dress.

It’s great to make a stunning first impression, but your smile and personality are the things he will really remember when he calls you up for date #2!

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The Challenges of Dating as a Plus Sized Man

Having Your Masculinity Questioned.

Physical expectations of women is a common topic in society. But, men have a lot they need to live up to, too! Men are expected to be tall, strong, muscular, good at sports, and wealthy, don’t forget about the chiseled jawline!

But this is just not the reality for most men! Shout out to the internet for popularizing the word “dad bod”, a time when women all over the web expressed how much they really love a guy with, ahem, softer edges. I’m not quite sure the fellas want to be called curvy. The truth is, a lot of women could care less if their man as a gym body or looks like a pro athlete. Masculinity is not defined by muscles

Should You Talk About Weight?

Bigger guys dating cuvy girls might not be sure if they should bring weight up at all. Some people with some extra weight on them are the type that are always looking to drop a few pounds and get closer towards their goal weight.

Others are content being on the curvy side, and some people are just genetically bigger! It wil probably be important for a man to find a woman who has similiar views on living with or without the extra weight, or they could end up with some tension or resentment between the two of them.

You’ve Got Male – So Much of Dating is in The Inbox!

The world of dating is almost completely online these days. It’s considered inappropriate to flirt at work, no one wants to be that awkward neighbor, and more and more men are worried about bothering women in public.

Singles of all ages pretty much need to be on some kind of dating website app in order to have a chance at meeting someone new! There are thousands of online dating services, that’s right — thousands. There are the super common ones like Tinder, POF, OkCupid, and Bumble — but tons of other niche dating sites are showing up around the web as well. 

So Where Should Big and Beautiful People Find Dates?

The most popular dating sites don’t have a ton of information about the person, and you rely mostly on pictures and a few blurbs to decide if you might want to give that person a chance.

All of the options, with little to go off of, can feel really overwhelming for people who are looking for something meaningful. So, people turn to niche dating sites to be more specific and intentional with their dating. It can be hard to know which sites will actually have valuable members or members at all!

Check out some dating sites reviews before you pour too much time into a new app. Dating can be frustrating and disappointing enough as it is, it’s best to go in armed with knowledge and set your self up for success! Make sure you just get on the best plus size dating sites.

A lot of curvy women dating online are choosing to use curvy dating apps to connect them to the right men. Gone are the days of believing that men aren’t interested in “dating a fat girl”.

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Where to Find Dating Sites For Plus Size Women and Men

So what kind of plus-sized dating websites are there out there? Well, you have a few different genres. There are “fat people dating sites”, which are meant to connect plus sized singles to one another. Some people choose to go to overweight dating sites because they want to date another hot curvy person just like themselves!

A lot of the websites out there seem geared toward big girls dating thinner guys, but don’t worry, there are dating sites for fat guys too. They are sometimes just named creatively, and often marketing as big women dating sites.

If you are looking for curves connect style dating sites, try WooPlus, which markets itself as a space for plus-sized women, but it is not just a fat dating site. Anyone is welcome to join WooPlus, but it is definitely a placed were dating a fat girl is seen as normal or even celebrated.

It’s a great place to get started whether you are a man or a woman. Another popular website is called Feabie, they call themselves a social network for fat admirers. On Feabie you might find more of the types who fetishize bigger men and women but not necessarily. 

Curvy Dating — Enter The Word Of Plus Sized Dating Websites 

Focus on The Big Girls

There are also dating websites geared toward big girls dating men who may not share the same body type! There are men of all shapes and sizes who love hot curvy women, from the slightly chubby to a lot more to love.

Get your self on curvy women dating app so you know that all of your potential suiters will love the idea of dating you, curves and all! Some of the sites out there can also be a bit fetishy, like a curvy white women dating site.

Although it’s great when people know what they like we want to be careful not to date guys that full-on fetishize dating a fat girl. You don’t want a guy who will only love you for your body, just like you don’t want a guy who will date you despite your body (no! My boyfriend is not doing me a favor by “dating a fat girl”—puh-lease!).

Some of the most popular sites for big girls dating any sized guy have pretty obvious names such as BBWCUpid and MenWhoLikeBigWomen. On these kinds of websites, you will find no shortage of chubby to fat women dating all kinds of men!

Any Sites Just For Men?

There are not really any solid plus-sized dating websites exclusively marketed towards women looking for bigger guys. Men will have the best options being on an inclusive website that is geared towards bigger couples.

Remember, dating for bigger people is not limited to big and beautiful dating sites! You can hop on any general or niche dating website or app and find the BBW of your dreams!

The most important thing about dating is to remember that there is a special someone out there that sees you exactly as their type! Ok! So now we know where to find sexy curvy singles online, it’s time to research some sites and get your profiles up!

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