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The Most Luxurious Hotels In South America To Put On Your Bucket List!

South America is a continent full of beauty and nature, but there’s no getting away from the fact that there’s great inequality, poverty, crime, and no-go areas. South America has a lot of luxury to indulge in too, though, yet like Asia, luxury isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind.

Too bad! Low prices, friendly people and amazing food make it a dream holiday spot for everyone. Keep on reading to discover why South America is one of the hottest destinations in the world if you are looking for luxury.

Here is a map of South America’s luxurious hotels that you can find in this post:

Santa Catarina Island In Brasil

Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state, is a paradise in the south of Brazil, which is predominantly a 54km island.

The island is full of famous beaches and resorts, like the Ponta dos Ganchos and Praia dos Ingleses.

Here, you can enjoy boating and windsurfing in the extraordinary lagoon. Despite the island having peaceful, quiet resorts, there are still half a million people on the island — this is not deserted. There is plenty to do with good nightlife and restaurants.

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena in Colombia

Located in the old monastery, Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena is one of the most luxurious hotels not only in Colombia but also in South America in general.

You will find plenty of luxurious facilities there, which includes a swimming pool, stylish rooms, and, of course, gourmet food served in hotels’ two restaurants.

Llao Llao Hotel & Spa in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country which is rich in forestry, nature and luxury resorts. One being noteworthy in particular is the Llao Llao resort.

This is a huge multi-building resort that is considered an architectural masterpiece. Surrounded by forestry and waterfalls, this resort offers a top-of-the-range golfing experience, tennis, and spa. There’s even a cabin that can be booked which has views of the Moreno lake.

Tierra Chiloe in Chile

Overlooking the Pullao Bay, Tierra Chiloe in Chile is one of the most luxurious hotels in South America.

It has a private beach and an all-inclusive option, so there is no better place to relax. The traditional, wooden interiors are not only cozy but also spacious. 

Cayena-Caracas in Venezuela

In contrary to all the other luxury hotels in South America that you can find in this rank, Cayena-Caracas is located in the big city. It doesn’t make it any less luxurious though.

The stylish neo-classical, 5-star facilities and professional staff make it a perfect place to stay during your trip to South America. If you add to this the amazing location and the proximity to the tourist attractions and important places in the city, the good stay is guaranteed.

South America’s National Parks

Machu Picchu Hotel In Peru

South America is home to some of the most incredible national parks in the world. These aren’t just for days out though — they’re a good spot to sleep if you want incredible views. A great example of this is the Belmond Machu Picchu sanctuary lodge in Peru.

This lodge is actually the only place you can stay within the entire national park, making it a truly special experience. It’s located on the doorstep of the Machu Picchu ruins, where there are some amazing trails, gardens and of course, mountains.

Iguassu Falls Hotel In Brazil

Likewise in Brazil, you can stay in the Iguassu national park if you book with the Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas.

This is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, along with the hotel being situated on the beach. This offers a great mixture of nature and comfort, as you can quite as easily lay on the beach under palm trees as you can hike around the national park.

How To Get To South America?

Of course, a luxury holiday starts with the journey — there’s no need to wait. Most long-haul airlines will offer 1st class, but these can sometimes be as pricey as having a private jet.

In fact, private jet hires are increasingly common since the price has come down a little, making it a possibility for some luxury travelers.

South America is a great decision for a luxury holiday. Of course, your experience can vary widely given the sheer size of the continent.

But the climate, prices, nature, landscapes and luxury resorts all make it one of the most special holidays in the world. In fact, this is the ultimate place to come for nature lovers as there is no end of mountains and hiking trails, along with rich sea life and wildlife.

It’s a photographer’s dream — but equally a newly-wed bride’s.

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