Butcher Rzeznik Krakow Restaurant Review

Butcher Rzeznik Krakow Restaurant Review

Krakow is one of the most popular places in Poland. It is visited by tourists from all over the world. They keep coming back there to wander around the beautiful Rynek and Kazimierz, visit the neighboring Auschwitz concentration camp and Wieliczka salt mine. Among many other reasons to travel to Poland is trying delicious local food. There are hundreds of restaurants in Krakow but this post will be about the particular one- the Butcher (Rzeznik).

About Butcher

Rzeznik is situated in the heart of Rynek, the most vibrant place in Krakow. There is no better location in the city. When it’s warm enough, you can sit in the beer garden outside and watch the people passing by. Don’t worry about getting a sunburn! All the tables and chairs are placed under the umbrellas.

Butcher is definitely NOT a place for vegans. They specialize in serving delicious Polish beef. Rzeznik has some fish options as well, so if you are a vegetarian, you can still have lunch or dinner there. Even though it’s not the cheapest places to dine in Krakow, the prices at this steakhouse are quite affordable. You get what you are paying for- quality and taste that is not that easy to find in other restaurants.

Garden at the Butcher restaurant
The Butcher garden with Krakow Main Square view

 Food and Drinks

The main reasons to go to Butcher is to eat authentic Polish beef and drink unique cocktails.


You can choose from different kinds of steaks: Chateaubriand, Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, Tomahawk, New York Strip, T-Bone, and Sirloin. All of them are served in the degree of doneness of your choice and are accompanied with french fries and a salad. If you want, you can order sauces as well: green pepper, colored pepper, barbecue, mushroom or bolete.

Even though the entire menu of Butcher’s was tempting, I ordered medium-rare Sirloin with mushroom sauce. Patryk went for a beef burger.


We took zurek for a starter. In Poland, they say that you can tell whether a restaurant is good or not only by tasting this traditional soup. If it’s ok, then all the other dishes will be great as well. If not, then don’t even bother trying anything else because you will be disappointed. 

This rule worked well in Butcher! Their zurek was out of this world, one of the best we’ve ever had. Even though Mia is just 1,5 year old, she couldn’t stop eating this soup. She even tried the beef rib that was inside.

Zurek – sour cream soup with beef rib

If you don’t like zurek, you can choose other Polish soups: rosol, goulash or fish soup with crayfish necks. Next time we will go to Butcher we will definitely try their Tartare (beef or salmon). The other starters they have in a menu are roasted tenderloin served with potato salad, fresh tenderloin with avocado and mango, boletus (with cream or butter), herring with potato salad or salad with grilled goat cheese, pear, and apple.

Main Courses

Rzeznik is a steakhouse so the best choice is, of course, to try their beef. 

My medium-rare Sirloin was honestly the best steak I’ve eaten in my entire life. It was simply perfect. The meat was juicy enough and the accompanying salad and french fries made it a delicious dish.

I ordered 2 sauces: mushroom and colored pepper. The first one was great but I didn’t really like the second one. It was too spicy for me. Patryk loved it though and he added it to his burger.

Sirloin – rump steak

Talking about the burger- it’s funny that the name ‘burger’ is the same for something that you can buy in every McDonald’s. It’s like you would travel to Rome in Georgia and say that it’s almost like Italy. Well, it’s not.

At Butcher, you can eat the REAL burger. With red onion, pickles, salad, and few slices of bacon. Yummy!

Burger made of authentic Polish sirloin beef.
Burger made of authentic Polish sirloin beef.

If you ended up in the steakhouse and you don’t like beef, you can also choose Polish grilled salmon or lamb with spinach and potato.


My recommendation is to try the Polish cheesecake (sernik). If you have already eaten it, go for the chocolate cake, white chocolate truffles, or homemade ice creams.

Chocolate cake served with caramel ice cream and whipped cream.

We’ve tried the chocolate cake that you can see in the photo above. It was REALLY sweet, so it’s good that the portion was quite small and we’ve shared this meal. It would be hard to eat it after dinner.


Butcher is a good place not only if you are hungry. They are famous for their signature drinks. If you are thirsty, you will find virtually everything there. From alcohols (beer, wine, vodka, and more) to coffee and lemonade. They also offer seasonal drinks like hot beer or wine in the wintertime and iced coffee in the summer.

A Place Worth Visiting

We are really happy that we were invited to test the Butcher’s menu. We are definitely planning to come back to this restaurant. Next time we will try their salmon, rib eye, and fish soup.

See the full menu at Rzeznik–> here.

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