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Fun United States Facts That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of!

United States Travel Facts – Crazy Facts About the United States

The United States is a beautiful land that is home to National Parks and spectacular scenery. Nevertheless, during your travels through the various states, you will find that some unbelievable things have taken place during the country’s history. The following fun United States facts are fun to note, especially if you visit a place where a crazy event actually occurred.

#1 Interesting United States facts

Mule Service Is Still Used for Delivering Mail in Arizona

Locals in the town of Supai, in the state of Arizona, receive their mail by mule train. That is because the terrain in the area is too precipitous for motorized delivery. The mules take the mail through the beautiful valley of the Grand Canyon.

It is no wonder then that many people consider Supai the most remote village in the US. The village is home to about 200 people from the Havasupai Tribe and is situated on the Havasupai Reservation. Once you arrive in Supai, you will be greeted by a general store, an eatery, and—yes—the reason for the mule train – the US post office.

#2 Fun United States facts

Ohio Was Not Officially Admitted as a State Until 1953

Because of a technicality, Ohio was not officially recognized as a state when it first entered the Union in 1803. Members of Congress failed to go through the steps needed for recognition at the time.

When certain lawmakers noted the error in 1953, they went through the motions required to officially recognize the state and retroactively made the statehood date the original founding year.

#3 interesting facts about the United States

Kansas’s Landscape Is Actually Flatter than a Pancake

While people who drive through the state of Kansas admit that the terrain is flat, scientists have indeed proven that the state’s topography is actually flatter than a pancake.

They accomplished this feat by buying a pancake from a local diner and testing the flatness of the food against the ground. According to their measurements, the pancake measured .957 against the ground, which measured .997 on a perfect flatness scale of one.

#4 United States travel facts

Las Vegas Is A Gambling Capital Of The World

There are more than 100 casinos in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, the biggest one in the world is not located in the United States but in Macao, China.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular places to visit in the US. Couples from all over the world travel there to get married. Although the city may be quite pricey, there are many free or cheap things to do in Las Vegas, so anyone can go there!

#5 interesting facts about USA

More Bourbon Is Sold in Kentucky Than There Are People

If you ever visit Kentucky, you will note that it is home to a number of distilleries. The bourbon that is sold there makes this US state the world’s leading producer of the alcohol.

In fact, according to manufacturers, 4.7 million barrels of the substance is sold. That compares to a state population of about 4.3 million people.

#6 fun United States facts

The Town of Clinton in Missouri Has a Popular Tourist Attraction – The Tightwad Bank

The Tightwad Bank is an actual bank in Clinton, Missouri. Some customers have signed up for accounts at the bank just because of the name.

Another branch is located in Reading, Kansas. Both locations have seen deposits of about $20 million.

#7 United States facts

Lobster Was Once So Abundant in Massachusetts That People Got Sick of the Food

While lobster is a well-liked marine food, it was overabundant at one time in US history, especially in the state of Massachusetts. In fact, so many lobsters were harvested from the sea that some servants at the time added a clause to their agreements for employment.

They amended the contracts so they would only be provided lobster a couple of times each week instead of at every meal all throughout the week.

#8 fun facts about USA

Hollywood Replaced the Original Film Capital of Fort Lee, New Jersey

When you are going to Los Angeles in California to visit Hollywood, you may believe that the cinematic art form originated in the glamour capital. However, Hollywood may have never existed if it was not for Thomas Edison. Because the inventor’s film business was located in New Jersey and held numerous patents, any competing studio could barely make any money.

As a result, a number of companies decided to base themselves in Hollywood. They were formerly located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. However, the westward move made it possible for the companies to finally prosper. In fact, both Universal and Paramount were founded because of this move.

United States travel facts #9 interesting facts about USA

Boring, Oregon Is an Official Partner of Dull, Scotland

Boring, Oregon may be a sleepy town in the United States. But Dull, Scotland can also claim this same type of fame. Both the towns, therefore, became official partners in commemoration of their names.

In fact, Oregonians designated one day Boring and Dull Day to celebrate the partnership. The move was made to increase tourism in each of the two towns.

#10 fun United States facts

South Dakota Holds the Record for the Fastest Change in Temperature

If you travel through South Dakota, you may have to check the weather. The state has the distinction of having the fastest change in temperature of any state. This landmark event happened on January 22, 1943, in the city of Spearfish. At that time the temperature jumped from minus-4 degrees Fahrenheit to 45 degrees above Fahrenheit in just a couple minutes.

That event made Spearfish, South Dakota the all-time world’s record holder for the fastest temperature change. Later that day, the temperature again plummeted to minus-4 degrees Fahrenheit, which caused the glass windows in the town to crack.

#11 United States travel facts

A Huge Dome Was Almost Constructed Over Winooski, Vermont

At one point in US history, the town of Winooski almost approved the construction of a large dome to cover the town. Officials in the Vermont locale thought that encapsulating the town in a dome would answer the area’s winter energy conservation needs. However, the town was unable to obtain the needed funding and ended up going domeless.

Needless to say, if you travel in the United States, you will find some interesting sites and attractions. Knowing some of the crazy stories of some of these places just lends more fun to travel. It is also great to know what activities are featured that are singular to an area.

For example, Haines in Alaska is known for the extreme sport of heli-skiing. If you prefer to ski on the ground, visiting the place in November is advised, as that is when the other skiers take to the skies. Or, you can go sandboarding in the Great Sand Dunes Park in Colorado if you want to avoid the snow altogether.

Whether you choose to visit a site that is home to a crazy fact or visit a place that can get a little crazy, you cannot help but have a fun and memorable time in the United States.

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