China Facts – Mind-Blowing Traditional Chinese Culture Facts

China facts – Interesting Fact About China That Will Blow Your Mind

China is a fascinating country! We spent more than 2 amazing weeks in Beijing more than a month ago. It was not enough to explore the beauty of this country, so we will definitely come back there in the future. Anyways, there are so many interesting China facts to share with you! In fact, we cumulated more than 10 facts about China. This is so far the most unique, the weirdest and the most exciting country we have ever been to. Let’s talk more about the traditional Chinese culture.

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Interesting China facts #1

Weird table manners

Something that you have to avoid in most countries in the world is totally acceptable in China. This fact about China is just like in Vietnamspitting, yawning, grunting and burping are normal behavior when you eat in China.

For us, it was extremely disgusting and we couldn’t get used to it. Maybe if we stay in this country a little bit longer, it would be easier for us to tolerate it.

Interesting China facts – 10 fun facts you didn't know about!
Interesting facts about China: eating etiquette

China interesting facts #2

Children toilet etiquette

This fact about China is really weird! Pampers are not popular in China. Most children wear special pants with a big hole bottom. When they feel they need to make a poo or pee, they just squat and do it wherever they want.

And this is what you call an eco life! More about open-crotch pants here.

Children pooping in China -Interesting China facts
Fun facts about China: the children toilet etiquette

Interesting China facts #3

World’s most populated country

China is the most populated country in the world (with more than billion people in 2016).

Here’s what this fact about China REALLY means:

  • The population of China is more than 4 times bigger than the population of the US
  • One in every 5 humans is Chinese
  • Chinese is the most popular language on the world (based on the number of native speakers)
  • 14% of people in the world speak Chinese
Chinese culture facts: the population
Chinese culture facts: the population

China interesting facts #4

One of the biggest countries in the world

In contrary to most people think, China is not the biggest country in the world.

It’s 4th after Russia, Canada and the United States.

Russia is almost 2 times bigger than China!

If you are wondering where is China located in the world, it’s located in Eastern Asia.

Do you know the official name of China? It’s actually “People’s Republic of China”. Also, do you know China capital and currency? The Chinese capital is Beijing and the local currency is Renminbi.

Flag of China
Amazing facts about China: China size

Interesting China facts #5

World’s largest army 

The Chinese army has the biggest number of soldiers in the world (more than 2 million people).

Just to compare- it’s the same as the population of Paris or Budapest.

Chinese army
Interesting facts about China: the army

China interesting facts #6

Panda owners

The next China fun fact is that China is the owner of all pandas. Literally, all of them! Every single panda that lives on this world belongs to China. All China pandas live in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, and taking one of the most popular Chengdu Panda tours with a local travel agency is a must when you are visiting this region.

If you see a panda in other countries, it means it is lent from PRC (People’s Republic of China). What’s interesting, when a baby panda is born, it is sent to China (always by FedEx) to help expand the gene pool.

Giant panda
Amazing facts about China: the pandas

Interesting China facts #7

Virginity rescuers

Another China fun fact is that restoring virginity is possible and quite popular in China. This plastic surgery even has a medical name- hymenorrhaphy.

Chinese women pay a lot of money for reconstructing their hymens before the wedding night. They just don’t want their future husbands to find out that they are not virgins anymore…

Virginity reconstruction in China
Interesting facts about China: the virginity reconstruction

China interesting facts #8

Traffic jam business

China is the most populated country in the world. No wonder they have huge traffic jam problems.

What to do when you are late for your meeting and you are stuck in a traffic jam? You are calling the bottleneck rescuers! Two guys will come to you on a motorbike. One will drive you whenever you want and the other will take your place in a car.

Clever, huh?

Traffic jam in Beijing
Amazing facts about China: the traffic jams

Interesting China facts #9

Relics of the past

It is unbelievable but 35 million Chinese people still live in caves!

They don’t have enough money for building a house, so they are using caves as their shelters.

Man of China
Interesting facts about China: living in caves

China interesting facts #10

Late sunrises

The next China fun fact is that it’s a huge country with only one-time zone! That’s why in some places the sun rises even at 10AM.

In the past, China has 5 different time zones. But in 1949 the Communist Party leaders decided to set one time for the whole country. Since then, everybody is using an official Beijing time.

Sunrise in China
Amazing facts about China: the sunrises

Interesting China facts #11

Chinese New Year’s fiesta

Chinese New Years is the biggest holiday in China. It is celebrated in January or February and it’s the real holiday for everybody. Almost nobody is working, everyone is going back home to celebrate this happy time with their families.

Chinese New Years celebration lasts for 15 days!

Nothing can be compared to this. It’s really unusual that the whole country is having a holiday for such a long time.

What’s interesting, Chinese New Years is celebrated in many other countries in the world. Considering the huge population of China, it is very likely that the Chinese New Year is even more popular than Christmas! It’s a traditional Chinese holiday you should experience once in your lifetime.

Let’s talk about Chinese new year greetings to help you figure out what to say on this traditional Chinese holiday.

Chinese New Year greetings go like this: “Xin Nian Kuai Le” which basically means “Happy Chinese New Year”.

Another Chinese new year greetings would be like this: “Gong Xi Fa Cai” which means “Happy Lunar New Year”.

Here are a couple of fun facts about the Chinese new year calendar:

  • In the Chinese new year calendar, the Chinese New Year Date always changes.
  • The Chinese new year calendar also has a zodiac animal each year.
Celebrating Chinese New Year
China facts: Chinese new year parade

Interesting China facts #12

Births restriction

China is the only country in the world where the reproduction is limited. Until 2015 Chinese couples could have only 1 child. For more than a year now, they can have 2 children.

It’s actually an extremely interesting subject for us, so we wrote another post about one-child policy in China. You can read it here.

One-child policy in China
Amazing facts about China: birth restriction

Interesting China facts #13

The empire of pigs

Half of the pigs on the world belong to China! On an average day, Chinese people consume 1.7 million pigs.

If you want to get snacks from all over the world directly to your home—> click here.

Pigs on the beach
China facts: the pigs

China interesting facts #14

Multi-religious country

Due to the huge population of China, almost every religion of the world is adhered there. The most popular are Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

An interesting fact is that there are more Christians in China than in Italy!

Praying in China
Amazing facts about China: the religions

Interesting China facts #15

Ice creams inventors

Who doesn’t love ice creams? We can eat this delicious dessert thanks to China. It is believed that they first made it more than 4000 years ago by mixing milk, rice mixture with the snow.

Ice creams in China
Chinese food facts: the ice cream

China interesting facts #16

Medical geniuses

Nowadays, we all know that the blood is circulating in our veins. But it wasn’t so obvious in the past.

European scientist William Harvey was proud to announce this in 1628. He didn’t know that Chinese people discovered it… more than 2000 years before him!

Lack of women in China due to one-child policy
Amazing facts about China: the medicine

Interesting China facts #17

Mathematical geniuses

It isn’t a big secret that Chinese people are one of the best mathematics in the world.

History of mathematics in China dates back to 11th century BC! Thanks to China we know today the decimal and binary systems, geometry and algebra.

Hotel Jen Upper East Beijing Best hotel Beijing
China facts: mathematics

China interesting facts #18

Architectural geniuses

It is a commonly known fact that the world’s biggest man-made structure is situated in China. The Great Wall is not visible from the space but it’s still impressively long- 8,850 km (5,500 miles).

The most famous imperial palace in China called The Forbidden City has more than 9,000 rooms! This is definitely one of the traditional Chinese places you should visit while in China.

The Great Wall of China Beijing
Amazing facts about China: the architecture

Interesting China facts #19

Gods of war

Chinese people war the first to use gas and chemical weapons during the war.

European did the same… 2,000 years after them! These kinds of weapons were used during World War II.

When it comes to WWII, it’s worth to mention that Shanghai in China was the world’s only port that was accepting Jews running away from the Holocaust without an entry visa.

Another interesting fact about Chinese war skills is that they invented kites to frighten their enemies more than 3,000 years ago.

Stop hating
China facts: the wars

China interesting facts #20

 The longest continuous civilization on the world

Last but not least- China is the world’s longest continuous civilization. It began about 6,000 BC and last until today.

Here are a few Ancient China facts:

  • Ancient China had the longest lasting empire in history.
  • The Last Emperor of China became ruler when he was still a toddler – he was only 3 years old.
  • The four greatest inventions of Ancient China are Gunpowder, paper, printing and the compass.
Jumping photo at The great Wall
Amazing facts about China: the history

Interesting China facts #21

Chinese Grammar is actually not that complicated

Chinese grammar can seem complicated, but it can also be basically simplified Chinese. To give you an example, in the Chinese grammar the verb tenses don’t dramatically change which makes it easier.

Let’s discuss a few simplified Chinese words to help you get around:

Hello in Chinese: Ni Hao

Bye in Chinese: Zàijiàn

Good night in Chinese: Wan’ān

Here are a few other words in simplified Chinese:

Cool in Chinese: Liáng

Fun in Chinese: Kāiwánxiào

Chinese New Year in Chinese: Zhōngguó xīnnián

Fun fact for China is that Chinese Grammar is actually not that complicated
Fun fact for China is that Chinese Grammar is actually not that complicated

China interesting facts #22

China is known for its unique hotels

Book a unique hotel and make the most of China while you’re there.

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China interesting facts #23

Many websites are blocked in China

If you think you can scroll down your Facebook feed in the evening, while you are in China you are wrong.

Facebook, Google, YouTube and many other world’s biggest websites are blocked in China.

What’s the reason? Chinese government wants to control the information that are uploaded and downloaded in the country. That’s why the websites used by Chinese should also be own by Chinese.

It’s easy to bypass the Great Firewall of China though. If you want to know how, check out this post.

Best China VPN - How To Break Through the China Firewall
Great Firewall of China will block your Facebook

China interesting facts #24

Silk Road is world’s oldest and longest trade route

Did you know that the Silk Road is the oldest, longest and most popular trade route in the world?

The majority of the Silk Road belongs to China’s territory of 9,597 million km2, and Silk Road is 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers) long and extends across the entire area of China. The road starts from Beijing and is a connection to East and Southeast Asia with East Africa, West Asia, and Southern Europe.

History records that the beginning of the Silk Road started in the Han Dynasty period and the road was closed for trade during the Ottoman Empire.

The road has an interesting name “Silk,” and for many, it is an association that traded only with silk, but it does not. The name for the first time was spanned by the German geographer and historian Ferdinand Von Richthofen when he wanted to describe his journey along the Silk Road.

It’s believed that not only silk from the East to the West was traded, but various goods were traded as well: from animals, porcelain, precious stones, gold, silver, teas, carpets, even slaves.

Silk Road exists today but is not used for trading, it is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in China because of the long Silk Road tours that allow you to experience ancient China.

China has invested vast amounts of money in training the way to be acceptable for tourist purposes. And it really has great success.

Chinese travel agencies offer many interesting Silk Road Tours that include visiting breathtaking destinations that are part of the Silk Road. Also, there are tour packages where includes riding camels in the desert and that brings a fantastic experience. To go on the road where many years ago were the most critical trade route, and the feeling that you are part of that road today is the most beautiful experience ever.

Whenever you have the chance to go on a Silk Road tour in China, do not miss it.

silk road camels
Silk Road is world’s oldest trade route.

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Did you know these facts about China? Do you know any other interesting pieces of information about this country?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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        1. OMG haha, we literally have no clue how to even check this! But we think they must have came out with this idea in the same year when they invented the normal pants, so it’s like… 2-3 thousand years ago? :D

  1. Very good knowledge ..but it’s believed that number zero was invented by Indian merchants and trigonometry was given by India too

  2. India was the first country to accept zero in their number system.

    Some scholars assert that the Babylonian concept wove its way down to India, but others give the Indians credit for developing zero independently.

    The concept of zero first appeared in India around A.D. 458. Mathematical equations were spelled out or spoken in poetry or chants rather than symbols. Different words symbolized zero, or nothing, such as “void,” “sky” or “space.” In 628, a Hindu astronomer and mathematician named Brahmagupta developed a symbol for zero — a dot underneath numbers. He also developed mathematical operations using zero, wrote rules for reaching zero through addition and subtraction, and the results of using zero in equations. This was the first time in the world that zero was recognized as a number of its own, as both an idea and a symbol.

  3. Clever Chinese people learnt all those about mathematics, science, martial art, architecture, astrology, sports and many more advanced technology to live an improved life as human beings from wise Indians thousand years ago.

  4. China is not the Longest continuous civilisation on the world, the area of Syria and Iraq is.
    With damascus being the oldest continuously inhabitant city in the world

  5. Just scouring the internet for everything related to china travel. I must get out there. Always intrigued by their foot but I also want to experience the great wall and other places first hand too.

  6. China is always a place in my traveling list and i really want to know more about that place from a long time. Your blog is really helpful for me to provides such knowledge.

  7. ok,I ‘m a chinese ,It’s interesting here, all that is true .
    by the way i come here by ivacy vpn,
    Do you like your country ?yes
    do i ? it’s a difficult question ,I love this land deeply .
    But I don’t like the bloody story and right struct.
    We can’t drop our old culture, it make our country what it looks like today ,we are looking for some way out .
    Bad events occur here year by year,lots of good man die ,I hope it won’t happen again, Many decide looks like the decider has no brain。
    Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism are weird in my sight.
    WE wear potty pans when we were little ,animal aren’t you?

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