Poland Facts – Funny Facts About Poland Culture

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Fun Facts About Poland Culture

We are Poles and we are proud of it. Read 10 or more fun facts about Poland and get to know this beautiful country better! We have some fun facts and some unusual customs. Hopefully, you get to experience some when you visit.

We have come up with a list of Poland facts. These facts about Poland cover everything from clothing to birthdays and even our donuts. Hint: they are not the same as everywhere else. We hope you like our list and that it might inspire you to visit, or at least have an interesting conversation with your Polish friends.

Funny Poland facts #1

 We don’t use dryers

Yes, it’s true! After washing, we hang our clothes on a traditional dryer line. This is true even for new and traditional Poland clothes. Then we take them off from the dryer and iron them.

It’s very time consuming and just stupid. We have no idea why we can’t buy an electronic dryer to make it faster. Not the most interesting fact about Poland, but at least now you will know why there are clothes hanging everywhere.

dryer poland facts
One of the funny things about Poland culture: We like to wait hours for our clothes to dry.

Funny Poland facts #2

We don’t trust people if we don’t get drunk together.

Another fun fact about Poland and one all tourists enjoy. Ask any Pole if he has a friend with whom he didn’t get wasted. It’s just impossible! If you want to have a good friend, you need to party hard with him at least once. You will see what kind of person he really is and whether you can trust him. We enjoy a good party and getting to know our new friends. We bring this Polish custom with us when we travel, its a great way to make friends.

That’s crazy but we talked with many Poles and all of them agree. Their best friends are people who saw them wasted. We are still not sure if it is one of the good or bad facts about Poland.

When you sneeze you will hear Na zdrowie! which means bless you. What’s interesting, Poles are saying exactly the same words before they are drinking alcohol. So bless you and cheers have the same meaning. Use this fun fact about Poland when you visit the country and we are sure your new friends will be impressed.

We guess Polish people will always find an excuse to get wasted. If you sneeze twice it means that you need to drink alcohol! Sneezing three times in a row means that you are going to have sex soon. This last one is an interesting fact on Poland and one you should try to remember.

Alcohol in the country is so important that I’ve actually written the separate post about the best vodka in Poland.

Check out best vodka tasting tours in Poland.

vodka poland facts
Vodka Poland – those two words just looks good together.

Funny facts about Poland #3

We are Catholics but we hate church.

One of the more interesting and unusual facts on Poland, it’s really weird but many Poles hate church. But its worse, we still go!!

They are going to church every Sunday though. Why? They must be seen by others and they don’t want to hear their mamas and grandmas complaining that they will go to hell. Yes, Poles are very hypocritical and it’s not really one of our favourite fun facts about Poland.

church poland fun facts
Funny facts about Poland: We are Catholic but we don’t like church.

Funny facts about Poland #4

 Every spring we kill dolls.

It’s a Polish tradition to make human-sized dolls at the end of winter (called Marzanna) and drown it when the spring begins. This is how we say goodbye to the winter and, by accident, make of Poland funny and really interesting country. Do you have traditions like this?

Of all the fun facts on Poland, We think this is one of the most unusual and we’re not sure if it happens in many other countries.

folk poland facts
Traditional Polish folk pattern.

Funny Poland facts #5

Fun fact: Our donuts are not round.

Polish donuts are like a ball with frosting on the top. There is a marmalade, rose jam or other confiture inside. You must try one when you are visiting the country. They are totally different from those in the United States.

Every year, on Thursday before Ash Wednesday, we celebrate Tłusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday). On this day you can eat as many donuts as you want. People ask each other how many donuts did they eat. This is another of our favorite Poland facts, what a fun competition to have!

Would you like to get some Polish snacks all the way to your home? If yes, then follow this link.

polish donuts facts
Facts of Poland: Our traditional donuts

Funny facts about Poland #6

We celebrate name day.

This is one of the most interesting facts about Poland. When you turn 18 years old, you become an adult. Its one of my favourite traditions and a great way to remember everybody’s name.

Now you won’t celebrate your birthday but your name day. When we think about Poland country, there are not many other countries that celebrate name day. Oh, and if you want to discover a few more Polish holidays then check this out.

It’s very popular in Poland to celebrate Name Day. Everybody knows that you need to call Maria on 2nd Feb, Jolanta on 15th June, Wojciech on 23rd April, Krzysztof on 25th July, Anna on 26th July etc. This is a useful fact for Poland to remember if you have any friends from there.

Facts about Poland: A gift for Name day
Facts about Poland: A gift for Name day

Funny facts about Poland #7

We know English but we are afraid to speak.

We have absolutely no idea why it’s so common in Poland to hide our English knowledge.

Poles have low self-esteem and they are sometimes afraid of making a mistake when we speak another language, especially English. But its ok, there are a lot of countries where the people are worried about how they speak and sound in Asia and Europe. We might struggle a little but we think, we just need a little more practice in school.

Even our Prime Minister Donald Tusk who recently become president of the European Council is afraid to speak English.

Take a look at the video below

Polish Prime Minister Donald TuskIn Polish schools, we learn only by writing, reading and listening. It’s not very common to speak English in class.

Hopefully, it will change in the future. We love speaking other languages.

Funny facts about Poland #8

We are very superstitious.

Many people believe in the bad luck of number 13. They are worried if the black cat crosses their road. These are facts of Poland and of the world, but we don’t think younger people believe in it as much anymore.

Have you heard about this one? When we see a magpie bird, we believe someone will come to visit us.

And stork in our garden, of course, means somebody is pregnant. Are any of the superstitions similar in your country?

Fun facts about Poland: Poles are scared of black cats
Fun facts about Poland: Poles are scared of black cats

Funny facts about Poland #9

Watching ‘Home Alone’ is a Christmas tradition.

Haha, yes! The story of Kevin is well known to every Pole. Ok, maybe this one isn’t just about Poland country. Home alone is famous everywhere. It is one of the Poland fun facts that we really enjoy. No matter what country we are in we always like to watch Kevin.

Every year we watch Home Alone on Christmas Day and we still enjoy it 🙂

Check out my post on Christmas in Poland and see some of our other traditions.

Funny facts about Poland #10

We love boutique hotels

Because we have so much history and beautiful buildings, Polish people love turning them into hotels. You can find amazing hotels all across the country.

The Hotel Dwor Kosciuszko Krakow is one of our favourites and perfect for couples. Each room is individually decorated so each stay can feel completely different. Check out latest prices for—>Hotel Dwor Kosciuszko Krakow

Another one of our favorite hotels is located in Gdansk not too far away from Krakow. If you prefer a relaxing getaway then Dwor Oliwski City Hotel & Spa is the perfect location. The hotel boasts a Turkish bath and spa. A great place to unwind after making new Polish friends. Check out latest prices for—> Dwor Oliwski City Hotel & Spa

Lastly, we cannot forget Warsaw and the Hotel Bellotto. Located in the heart of the city you don’t have to venture far to see some of the most important sites in the city and some of the best nightlife Warsaw has to offer. Check out latest prices for—> Hotel Bellotto

Its a fact of Poland we love our hotels and I hope you do too. Have you stayed in any of these before?

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Fun Poland fact: There are many awesome boutique hotels in Poland
Fun Poland fact: There are many awesome boutique hotels in Poland

Funny facts about Poland #11

Our men still kiss our hands.

We love this tradition! Polish men always kiss woman’s hand when the occasion is solemn (e.g. first meeting, name day etc.). This is definitely one of the facts of Poland we really like, isn’t it romantic? 

Update September 2018:

Funny facts about Poland #12

You can’t name your child however you like in Poland

The final decision is always up to a Head of the Civil Registry Office. If he or she doesn’t think the specific name is appropriate, he/she may refuse to register your child. You need to go to court that will judge who is right. Check the list below to see if your name is acceptable. This is one of the more interesting facts about Poland. We think its a very strange law.

There is no list of the forbidden names in Poland, however, there are some names that are ‘not recommended’. Here it is:

Abbadon, Akain, Alexander, Alma, Andrzelika, Arden, Arkhan, Bastian, Benjamin, Bhakti, Boromir, Brian, Carmen and Carmen, Chiara, Clea, Cynthia, Dayan, Emmaus, Ewan, Herrad, Jail, Joshua, Julek, Karl, Klea, Krystina, Kuba (as a female name), Lester, Lilith, Lorina, Majka, Malta, Martin, Martyn, Maximilian, Maya, Merlin, Montezuma, Morena, Natasha, Nicol (female), Nicole (female), Nika, Nikol (male and female), Nikola (male), Ole, Opieniek, Pacific, Pakita, Strawberry, Radek, Rener, Ricardo, Sofia, Tea, Teonika, Tonia, Tupak, Una, Unka, Weronika, Victoria, Violeta and Violetta, Wilga , Wolf, William, Xymena.

Fun facts Poland: some names are forbidden in Poland
Fun facts Poland: some names are forbidden in Poland

Funny facts about Poland #13

The third largest exporter of beer

Some of the most popular Polish beers that can be found all over the country include Zywiec Beer, Tyskie Książęce and Lech Premium. Don’t worry about pronouncing the name correctly. Try them all and see which one is the best. Poland is also the third largest exporter of beer, that’s an extra beer Poland fact.

Beer Poland
Beer Poland

Funny facts about Poland #14

The longest pier in Europe 

Poland has a direct access to the Baltic Sea. One Poland fact many people don’t know is that we have really good summers in our country.

Sopot (that is part of Tricity along with Gdynia and Gdansk) is one of the most popular beach destinations. It has the longest wooden pier in all of Europe and it has some of the nicest Waffle shops. If you want to discover some other must-see locations in Poland then follow the link.

5 Best Islands & Peninsulas in Northern Germany

Funny Poland facts #15

Extra Poland facts we thought you should know

We have tried to show you some of the Fun facts of Poland, looking at our culture and society but here are some extras that might also help you on your trip:

About Poland country: The population of Poland is just about 40 million, that’s a lot of drying clothes.

Poland interesting facts: The Capital of Poland is Warsaw. This city has undergone many changes over the years and you can see this through the wide variety of architecture that can be found in the city.

Facts of Poland: Like a lot of Europe, Poland was affected by the second world war. There are tons of museums and exhibits and interesting places to visit in Poland to learn about this history.

Check out best tours in Poland:


Have we missed any Poland Facts? Are there any more interesting facts of Poland that we should add to the list?

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  1. Not using the dryer and doing the manual way of drying the clothes is not a bad idea but sometime it get worst because of sun rays of dirty winds. So better to use dryer than manual way of drying clothes. Thanks

  2. Your donuts are sort of our “bolas de Berlim” we just use normal sugar instead icing one. I love eating, so can you guess which is my favourite day in Poland? Fat Thursday obviously :p

    Home alone is also our tradition haha and now I know why my girlfriend is supresticious :p

    The first time I went to Poland I notice how every guy is a proper gentleman, open the doors to the ladies, it’s a great thing to see. Chivalry is definitely not dead in Poland!

    • Haha yeah Fat Thursday is awesome. The only day in the year when you can eat as many donuts as you want!
      Chivalry is definitely not dead in Poland. Too bad it is in many other countries in the world ;).

  3. shame so many want to leave and come over here.
    The mistrust of neighbours. The poor peasant menatlity is destroying our communities. Many did not ask, nor want, nor need the polish invasion to our shores. It is very sad, especially when you google what poland think of immigrants to their country. I don’t think, as is becoming cl;earer now, that poland is ready to be in the eu.

  4. Name day is an interesting fact, at least through this we could remember both the name and date of birth. Many countries are still there who do not use dryer, may be natural air is what they want the clothes to have. Superstition is something which all the countries have and the people believe it too, most common being the black cat crossing you being a sign of bad omen but now a days its just a matter of laugh and bad omen becomes good 🙂


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