Why it's always good to follow your heart?
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Why it’s always good to follow your heart?

It’s been 3 weeks now since we moved to Thailand. We finally feel it’s real. For the first few days we thought it’s just a dream. Every night we were dreaming of packing and preparing to our trip. When we woke up in the morning we were surprised that we are not in our bed in Poland. We realised that it’s extremely important to follow your heart.

It’s very personal post. We are sharing with you our deep feelings, it’s really hard to describe them all…

At the beginning of this year we were very confused. We just got married, so we thought we are supposed to have a child and buy the house.

We were looking for a nice apartment to buy in Poland. We saw dozens of beautiful flats. But none of them seemed right for us.

Both of us felt deep inside that this kind of life isn’t for us. We knew we just can’t settle down and live normal life. We knew we must follow our hearts and more importantly- show others that it’s possible to do what they love and just be happy.
But… It’s easy to say and difficult to do. We still thought buying a house would be a right choice.

On Monday, Feb 24th we found our dream apartment. We booked it and had one day to make the final decision.

When we come back home, we were discussing if it’s the right decission to make.

And then I said to Patryk: You know what? We shouldn’t buy it. Let’s buy one-way ticket to Thailand. We should do what we love and we should take our time to think this all through.

Patryk replied with no hesitation: You are right, let’s do it! You should follow your heart and I also feel it’s a great idea.

And we bought our tickets. It’s been all so sudden and unexpected that I couldn’t sleep for a week. I felt we were irresponsible and childish. And on the other hand brave and strong.

Our family was surprised. Some of them wished us good luck. Others said we are just escaping from The Real Life.

But is the real life living in routine? Going to work everyday, have kids, retire and die, unremembered?

Or the real life is following your heart? Doing what you love, changing the world, helping others?

After 3 weeks in Thailand we already feel that decision was the best things we could do. We are SO happy and we know everybody deserves life like ours (or better!)

We want to start helping YOU to be happy. Give your strenght that we already have.

We are working on our book and course about traveling, making a good relationship and earning money online.

We are here for you. If you need any help, if you have any question or if you just want to talk- don’t be afraid to contact us!



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