Inverness in Scotland
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Inverness top tourist attractions

Inverness is a town very close to Loch Ness. It’s full of life during summer and it’s really calm and lazy in winter. It’s one of the oldest town in Scotland. Below we made a list of Inverness top tourist attractions

But Inverness is not only starting point for Loch Ness. It’s beautiful city itself. Below you can find top tourist attractions there.

1. Town House and Tolbooth Steeple

These two beautiful buildings are situated in the town center at the beginning of the Inverness Historic Trail.

Town House is Victorian gothic building, used as an office of the Highland Council.

Tolbooth Steeple is 45 metres tall and it was a jail in the past.

Both of them are really beautiful and so… Scottish ;).


2. Inverness castle.

It’s amazing! Just like other castles in Scotland, it’s situated on the hill. View from the top is incredible- you can see River Ness and the city.

Right now in the Inverness castle, there’s a court. Too bad it’s not possible to go inside and see how the interior looks like… IMG_6448

3. Public Library.

It’s on the Inverness Historic Trail as well. It’s right next to the Bus Station, so every tourist will see it for sure.

The library reminds us of Greek buildings, so it’s really beautiful :).


4. Inverness Cathedral (St Andrew’s Cathedral).

Another building of the Inverness Historic Trail.

It’s episcopal church, situated right next to the River Ness.

Inverness Cathedral is really big and monumental. It so big that it was difficult to make the picture of the whole church!


5. Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

We really liked this museum. It’s great especially for kids. You can learn there a lot about history of Highlands and animals that live in this area.

You can even learn Celtic language a little! It’s also possible to wear traditional Scottish clothes and knight’s armor. Patryk tried it and it was really heavy!

As usual in Scotland, ticket price is up to you. You choose how much you want to pay. IMG_6418

6. River Ness walk.

All tourist attracions mentioned above are really close to the River Ness.

Inverness is a small town, so you can everything in just one day.

River Ness walk is a great idea to relax and admire the beauty of this little Scottish town.

inverness top tourist attractions

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