Vietnamese food seller in Mekong Delta
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About Mekong River

Mekong is the longest river in Indochina. It goes through China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and it’s 2,703 miles long! Mekong Delta is of course the end of this famous river.

Mekong is very important for Asians. It’s a great source of water, fish and the most important trade route in Indochina.

We were lucky to be in Ho Chi Minh city which is very close to Mekong Delta. We wanted to see the place where this famous river flows into the South China sea.

Below you can read what we experienced there.

Boats parking on Mekong Delta in Vietnam

How to get to Mekong Delta?

First of all you need to get to Vietnam. Remember that there is no visa on arrival in this country, so you will have to arrange everything before you arrive. The best and the easiest way is to apply for visa online.

When we were planning our trip at home, we wanted to go to Mekong Delta by ourselves. We changed our mind in Ho Chi Minh. Our hotel had great and cheap offer to see Mekong Delta. We bought it and it was good choice! The bus pick us up from the hotel and then drive us back to the same place.

Most of Ho Chi Minh hotels have Mekong Delta trips in their offer. So just ask when you are there :).

Palms in Mekong rest stop in Vietnam

We spent 2-3 hours in a bus. There was one stop during our trip at Mekong Rest Stop. We guess every bus must stop there.

Restrooms were free and there was beautiful scenery nearby. You could buy drinks and food but it was quite expensive. We weren’t hungry or thirsty, so we were just taking a pictures and enjoying the beauty of Vietnam :).

Mekong Rest Stop in Vietnam

Our impressions from what we saw

We were surprised, horrified and delighted when we arrived to Mekong Delta.

The Nature was really beautiful and exotic. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about local people. We were horrified by the poverty and dirt.

Delta is the end of Mekong river. So you can see there EVERYTHING what people throw to this river in every each country.

Poverty and dirt at Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Mekong delta is extremly polluted and dirty. This water is just disgusting… We were shocked that some children were swimming there! It looked worse than a puddle where European children can only play in rain boots.

Child swimming in Mekong river, Vietnam

When we left our bus, we enter the passanger boat. There was a guide who were telling us about Mekong river but we couldn’t hear him. He had strong Vietnamese accent and boat’s motor was so loud that it was almost impossible to understand anything.

All we did was taking photos and looking around.

After more than half hour we reached the shore. We were seperated on groups of three or four there. Each group has its own canoe driven by Vietnamese.

And this is what we liked the most! We entered narrow water path. All we could hear was silence, water and birds. It was just amazing 🙂
Vietnamese standing in a canoe at Mekong Delta

What to eat and buy?

When we left our canoes, we watched performance of Vietnamese artists and then were invited to taste local cuisine. There were a lot things to try but here’s what we recommend to eat and buy:

  • fruits
  • pop rice
  • sweets
  • scorpio and snake vodka
  • Vietnamese hats
  • funny Buddha statues

Scorpio and snake vodka at Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The way back

We were going back by the same passanger boat that we arrived.

When we get to the shore, we needed to walk for a while to our bus.

We were really shocked by what we saw. It was food market. But most of animals were still alive, held in terrible conditions.

Hens legs were bounded, so they couldn’t move. In small bowl, there were thousand of fish. We can’t even imagine how much suffer these poor animals experienced…

Food street market in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Interesting facts

  • In Mekong river lives Irrawaddy dolphin which is very rare. It’s such a cutie, take a look on a picture below


Source: Wikipedia

  • There are some houseboats on Mekong Delta. It looked really great 🙂

Boat house at Mekong Delta in Vietnam

  • During Vietnam War Americans really hated that Vietnamese soldiers were hiding in the jungle. It was almost impossible to find them.

Patryk with bamboo at Mekong Delta, Vietnam

  • Mekong river has many names. In Laos and Thailand they call it Mae Nam Kong (which means Mother Water), in China, they call it Lancang Jiand (which means Turbulent river) and in Vietnam they call it Cuu Long (which means Nine Dragons).

Passenger boat at Mekong Delta in Vietnam

What do you think about Mekong Delta? Have you been there? Would you like to go there? Write an answer in comment 🙂



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