From zero to hero- how the luxury starts…

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From zero to hero- how the luxury starts…

We are normal people just like you… But few years ago we saved some money and decided to spend a weekend in luxury hotel in Warsaw, capital of Poland.

We felt wonderful with these huge beds, excellent staff and delicious breakfasts.

On Sunday, Patryk woke up and said: ‘Hey, Do you know what? If we continue our studies and find a normal job, we would never live in a luxury like this. We would get a mortgage and worry everyday how to pay all the credits… Do you want to live like this?’

Of course me, Karolina said ‘No, honey, I don’t’.

And he said: ‘Let’s do something about it! We should start a company and travel around the world, like we always wanted. We deserve living in a luxury and we should start fighting for it right now!’

I was pretty excited about this idea. But I knew it will be very difficult to do. So in the way back to our flat in Cracow, we decided that we will take some time to think about it. It would be reckless if we just capsize our lives upside-down in one day.

On Monday, Patryk went to his college to one of the most important exams that he had. I stayed at home. I was surprised that he came back after… one hour. He said that he just left the classroom and give a blank card back to the teacher.

I was both angry and excited… Because I knew that it’s no turning back! Patryk’s parents were so angry that they said they wouldn’t give him any money for living. So we needed to create a profitable business in a few months.

THANKS GOD we managed to do it ;).

It was difficult, but it was a great test for our relationship. We didn’t have money, we just had a dreams. So we worked very hard everyday. We knew from the beggining that our business should be online and that we want to sell something. We quickly found products and all we needed to do is finding customers.

We start from the biggest Polish auction site, Allegro. It was terrible so we created our own e-store.

Now it’s profitable and we need to work only few hours a day via Internet.

We don’t have home, we are living where we want to.

We don’t have any commitments. If we want to spend some time in a cottage by the sea, we do it. We wake up everyday and swim in the beautiful, crystal clear water.

If we are bored of this calmness, we are moving to a big city. We are going to cinema, eating out in a luxury restaurants. And if we are missing some physical activity, we are going to the mountains, gaining new peaks.

We are FREE people, we are truly the masters of our lives.

We love it and we encourage every single one of you to fulfill your dreams!

Just think what you want to do in your life and find a way to pay for this. Money is something you create. It all starts in your head. Be brave, determined, hard-working and self-willed. That’s all you need to do.

You have only one life and you should start living it today :).



  1. wow what a wonderful story! kudos to you guys for following your dreams! This sounds like the ideal life – for me at least! I hate staying in one place all the time. Gotta work harder so I can achieve these dreams! too!

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring story!! I already made that decision and I’m working in my on line project. I’m only missing the most important thing: a great partner/boyfriend/guy/husband to make it and enjoy it with.


    • Thank you very much Angie! We are happy that you decided to make your dreams come true :). Don’t worry about the partner- he will appear in your life in the right time and place. We didn’t expect to meet, it was just a random day when we started talking with each other. Our love was unexpected, unplanned and surprisingly strong from the very beginning.
      We are sure that you’ll find your Mr Right soon. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you!


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