Interesting facts about Vietnam
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We have spent more than a month in Vietnam. We must admit this country is weird and we are not sure if we want to come back there. We know many people who love Vietnam though. It has a lot to offer: beautiful mountains (like Mai Chau), amazing sea and of course the Halong Bay. Vietnam may be controversial but it’s still a place everybody should visit. In this post we gathered for you Vietnam interesting facts. Some of them may surprise you, some disgust you and some will make you laugh! So here we go…

Vietnam interesting facts #1

Vietnamese people eat dogs and cats.

This is probably the weirdest and the most disgusting thing about Vietnam. Dogs and cats are very popular to eat in this country.

At the beginning we thought it is just a rumour or something to attract tourists. We talked with many Vietnamese people though and they all confirmed that ‘pet meat’ is eaten in Vietnam.

Ughh… We couldn’t try it but we saw many restaurants where they served meals made of dogs and cats.

The worst part of it is that most dogs that are eaten by Vietnamese people are raised in a house, they live with people. They are treated like all dogs in any other countries on the world. And then, usually when they are about 2 years old, they are killed and eaten.

Vietnamese claims that the best meat is from the young dog. The older the dog is, the more tough and gristly its meat is. They also said that every dog breed tastes differently.

It’s also worth to know that Vietnamese buy stray dogs from other Asian countries (like Thailand) only to eat them.

Not every Vietnamese eat dogs. Some of them treat dogs and cats as pets. They must take very good care of them- kidnapping and killing animals is very common in Vietnam.

Cho Meo dog meat in Vietnam interesting facts

Vietnam interesting facts #2

Munching and belching is normal in Vietnam.

Did we say that eating dogs and cats is the most disgusting thing about Vietnam? Maybe we were wrong. Munching and belching is the thing that stops us from eating in Vietnamese restaurants.

Loud eating is considered as rude in most countries on the world. But not in Vietnam (and China).

The other disgusting thing is that Vietnamese has a despicable habit of littering in the place they eat. So you will find used napkins, food scraps and cigarette butts on the floor of every traditional Vietnamese restaurant. Ugh… gross!

Not all the people in Vietnam eat loudly though. Not every restaurant is dirty, you can find the places that are clean.

Vietnam interesting facts Vietnamese street

Vietnam interesting facts #3

Everybody can feel like a millionaire in Vietnam.

Vietnamese currency is very funny! 1$ is more than 20,000 VND. That’s why it’s normal that you will pay 50,000-100,000 VND for a dinner or more than million VND for a stay in hotel!

Such a big amounts of money is very confusing to tourists and sadly, Vietnamese people take advantage of this.

For example- you may give someone 100,000 instead of 10,000 and he won’t tell you that you are mistaken. You have to be very careful with the money in Vietnam!

Vietnam interesting facts Vietnamese currency

Vietnam interesting facts #4

The capital city of Vietnam is not the largest in the country.

In most countries on the world, the capital city is also the largest one in the whole country. It is different in Vietnam. Hanoi (capital) has population of 6.5 million people, whereas in Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon) live more than 7.5 million people!

These two cities are the biggest in the country but they are situated quite far away from each other.

The distance between Saigon (Southern Vietnam) and Hanoi (Northern Vietnam) is more than 1,500 km (930 miles)!

Check out the best hotels to stay in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. If you prefer renting an apartment, go to AirBnb!

Vietnam interesting facts Hanoi

Vietnam interesting facts #5

Vietnamese people don’t hate Americans.

Before visiting Vietnam, all we know about this country is that they had a war very recently. And Americans played a great part in it.

Usually, when foreigners come to another country, start fighting and killing local people, they are treated as aggressors. So we thought it’s quite obvious that Vietnamese people hate Americans. Especially that The Vietnam War ended only 40 years ago.

We were surprised that Vietnamese people actually… like Americans. It’s mainly because of Vietnamese great leader, Ho Chi Minh told that they shouldn’t blame American citizens for the war. It’s the LEADERS who are responsible for all these deaths.

He said that:

Everything depends on the Americans. If they want to make war for 20 years then we shall make war for 20 years. If they want to make peace, we shall make peace and invite them to tea afterwards.

He also said:

Love other human beings as you would love yourself.

He thought that Vietnam is the most important thing in the world and Vietnamese should focus on rebuilding the country, not on hating the aggressors. We talked with many Viets and they all said that War was long time ago and they had already forgiven U.S. all their faults.

Vietnam interesting facts

Vietnam interesting facts #6

Tortoise is a lucky symbol in Vietnam.

Vietnamese people love tortoises. They believe that they are bringing luck and health. They admire longevity of turtles and believe that keeping tortoiseshells at home will prolong their lives as well.

There are four sacred animals in Vietnamese culture. Tortoise is one of them. The others are dragon, phoenix and unicorn. So the tortoise is actually the only REAL animal of all that Vietnamese worship.

There is even a myth about a Tortoise God who helped King An Duong Vuong building Co Loa citadel on the outskirts of the capital city of Vietnam- Hanoi. The famous Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake (also know as the Lake of the Restored Sword) is associated with a myth about King Le Loi. It is believed that he returned the sword to the Tortoise God after defeating his enemies. Vietnamese people believe that the old tortoise is still living in the Hoan Kiem Lake.

tortoise the lucky symbol in Vietnam

Vietnam interesting facts #7

Vietnamese are smokers.

One of 10 facts about Vietnam that people didn’t know about is that it’s a heaven for smokers. According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 25% of Viets smoke cigarettes. It is 1/4 of the population of the entire country! Smoking is considered as manly ‘activity’ so it is very unlikely to see Vietnamese woman with a cigaret.

Smoking is very cheap in Vietnam. One package of cigarettes cost less than $1! It is also very popular to smoke from the bamboo tube pipes.

Vietnam interesting facts Cigarettes

Vietnam interesting facts #8

Vietnam is world’s largest cashew nuts exporter.

Vietnam produces almost 30% of all cashew nuts on the world!

Cashew nuts are popular in many countries and continents, especially in Asia, Europe and America. But production of them is quite controversial.

Why? Because it causes very serious damage of cashew’s factories workers. Cashew has two layers of hard shell between which are caustic substances (cardol and anacardic acid). They can cause severe burns.

Many people who work in the cashew industry have permanent damage to their hands because of this corrosive liquid. The factories don’t always provide gloves to their employees.

That is why some people believe that buying and eating cashew nuts is not ethical.

Cashew nuts in Vietnam

Vietnam interesting facts #9

Vietnam is famous from weird drinks.

Have you ever heard of the Snake Wine? It is quite popular in Vietnam (and also in China). They put the whole snake (or scorpion) into the bottle and than pour the rice wine into it.

We tried it- it tastes quite well!

The best liquor is from the venomous snake. Its venom is denatured by the ethanol so it is harmless.

Vietnam interesting facts Snake wine

The other weird Vietnamese drink is Eggnog Coffee. It’s an coffee with… egg.

It tastes amazing! We were surprised how good this drink is. In addition to coffee and egg, Viets add to this beverage sweet, condensed milk.

So the condensed milk is on the bottom, strong, Vietnamese coffee is in the middle and egg white foam is on the top. These 3 layers look and taste amazing.

fast wifi Hanoi where to work online in Hanoi?

Vietnam interesting facts #10

Vietnamese New Year is celebrated at different time each year.

Vietnamese New Year is the biggest holiday in Vietnam. It is called TET (Tết Nguyên Đán).

It is celebrated in the very same time as the Chinese New Year, always on January or February. It is interesting that is doesn’t have fixed date and the time of celebrating TET is different every year.

We were lucky enough to be in Hanoi during Vietnamese New Year. It was wonderful to see the people celebrating. They behaved like people in any other country on the world- they were watching fireworks at midnight and wish themselves happy new year.

The one weird thing was that there was a table in front of every house. It was a kind of gift for the God that lives in every home. The feast included whole boiled chicken (with head), beverages (like coca-cola, water or tea), alcohol (beer, whiskey or even vodka), fruits and cigarettes.

After the midnight, people were eating all these gifts and burning fake money (to send them to their ancestors and deceased relatives in case they need them in their afterlife).

Vietnam interesting facts TET

Did you know this facts about Vietnam? Do you know any other interesting facts about this country? Share your thoughts in comments!


  1. Great article! The one fact I knew prior to reading this article was that Ho Chi Minh City is bigger than its capital, Hanoi! There were some interesting facts about Vietnam like the drinks made from snake venom or that their New Year is celebrated at a different time each year. I love dogs too much to experience people eating them, so I don’t know how willing I am to take on a Vietnamese restaurant. Halong Bay seems incredible– definitely on my bucket list!
    Jesse Richheimer @ Green Global Travel recently posted…What is an Eco Lodge? A Guide to “Green” AccommodationsMy Profile

    • We love dogs too so we couldn’t eat them… The good news is that most restaurant in Vietnam don’t serve dog meat, so you can travel through this country and don’t even notice that dogs are getting killed there. Yes, Halong Bay is amazing!

  2. Loved reading this post! We didn’t stay in Vietnam very long, and though we’re asian by blood, some of the cultural things are hard to get over.

    Also, it’s probably not the case with everyone, but we did feel like there was some animosity towards Americans. Our guide mentioned Agent Orange a lot, which made us feel uncomfortable, but later we learned that he doesn’t even think of us as Americans so those comments weren’t directed towards us.

    It’s beautiful and still worth visiting but not for everyone! 🙂
    Esther of Local Adventurer recently posted…Traveling Light with the Lo and Sons Seville Laptop ToteMy Profile

    • Oh it’s interesting! We were asking many Vietnamese people about the US and they all said that they like America. Maybe it wasn’t true 😉
      Yes, Vietnam is very interesting country and it’s definitely worth visiting!

  3. Most of these weren’t even facts at all. Vietnam is a generally poor country and your disgusted by them eating dogs? How is that any different from eating lamb or young cows? They have to eat whatever they can.

    • To be honest, we think that eating any animals is disgusting… People shouldn’t do it.
      What we didn’t like about eating dogs though is that some people in Vietnam keep them in a house for 2 years and then kill them. We really can’t understand how you can be so close with an animal and then have it for a dinner!

  4. This article is very biased and filled with incorrect information.

    1. Vietnamese NEVER eat the dogs that they keep at home at pets (or guard). They do eat dog but somebody else’s dogs, not thiers. You make Vietnamese look like barbarians.

    2. Loud eating is RULE is Vietnam and not socially accepted. Of course, there are bad and rule people here and there but you can see them everywhere and in every country. You only see the worst and stereotype the rest of the Vietnamese which is very unfair.

    3. Littering where people eat on the street is a part of Vietnamese streetfood culture. They do not litter in restaurants or any non-streetfood eateries. Of course, they are trying to change it but it will take time. Being still one of the poorest countries in the world, not a lot of people are very well educated so it is not easy to change their mindset overnight.

    4. You said you were surprised because “they [Vietnamese people] behaved like people in any other country …”during Chinese New Year. Damn you!!! What did you expect???? You expected them to put a bullet in anybody’s skull and say Happy New Year????

    Vietnam is Vietnam. America is America. France is France. Every country is different and embrace the differences when you travel to a new country. Be open, understanding and generous and everything will be better.

    All is all, this article disgusts me.

    • Dear Binh,

      Thanks for your comment. We are really sorry that you feel offended. We didn’t mean to hurt you- these facts about Vietnam are true, so please don’t take it personally. Of course every country has different culture and that’s beautiful about this world.
      Please don’t expect bloggers and influencers to write only about the superlatives: the truth is sometimes negative. Like you said, loud eating and rubbish on the floor are something that may be discouraging for foreigners but this it how Vietnam looks right now. We can’t do nothing about it. Our duty, as bloggers, is to tell our readers the facts, no matter how controversial they are.

      We don’t really understand what’s wrong in telling that celebrating New Year is the same in Vietnam and other parts of the world? What’s negative about it?

      Regardless what you’ve said, we wish you all the best. We strongly encourage you to take a look on our other articles about Vietnam, where we promote your country to our readers:

  5. In Vietnam some people do that stuff not all of them and it is very rude accusing Vietnamese which stuff not all people do so this is A really mean article 😡

    • We are very sorry that you feel that way, Hannah. Please go through our post again. We say clearly that

      Not every Vietnamese eat dogs

      Not all the people in Vietnam eat loudly though. Not every restaurant is dirty, you can find the places that are clean

      more than 25% of Viets smoke cigarettes

      We hope it will make you feel better!


  6. This article was very biased, not that informative, and most of the article was about you complaining and or criticizing Vietnamese culture. It was very rude. Stating that eating dogs is disgusting is an opinion, which shouldn’t be on a “10 Facts About Vietnam” article. Not to mention that saying belching and loud eating is gross is also an opinion and that shouldn’t be in the article at all. And adding in an “Ugh… gross!” (Munching and Belching is Normal in Vietnam) DOES make the article biased and negative, and does not make the article about telling the facts, even if they are controversial. “Our duty, as bloggers, is to tell our readers the facts, no matter how controversial they are.” (Reply to Binh’s comment). Not all Vietnamese people litter, smoke, and eat rudely so please do not add biased opinions into a fact article. Thank you.

    • Hi Kaitlyn,

      This is a personal blog, so you are right. Everything we say it’s our opinion. It’s a fact though that eating dogs in Vietnam is popular. But stating that it’s disgusting is what we think about it.

      Please go through this post again. We say clearly that NOT ALL the people in Vietnam eat loudly etc.

      Take care,
      Karolina and Patryk

  7. I felt quite offended when reading this. The truth is, eating dog meat and loudly munching and all that are not the norm in Vietnam is not socially accepted, but some people still do it. The most offensive part about this article was when you said “the most disgusting part about Vietnam”. Why is it disgusting. We are not fond of eating dog or cat meat, but even if we were, I find no reason for it to be considered disgusting. Different cultures means people will live differently, and nothing about a certain culture should be considered disgusting. However, I do acknowledge this is your opinions and I do not wish to argue deny it; however I do wish you would be more considerate and open to other cultures. Thank you for reading.

    • We are really sorry that you feel offended. You are right that our language may be a little bit too harsh but this is our blog, so we have a right to be subjective. There is something disgusting about every country. Please check our other posts- we are making fun even of our homeland, Poland. We also have other posts about Vietnam where we write how beautiful your land is :).

  8. I knew all of these! Cuz in Vietnamese! I was just reading to see which ones u got right! All of them are right. But look,the thing about the dirty restaurants aren’t really clear. Yes u can find clean ones but there is a reason why some are not clean. It’s cuz the dirty ones were built by a poor family,and that’s all they can get it. Or it’s cuz Vietnam is a country like that,it can be dirty but it can be a great view😊. Here are some more facts:
    •Vietnam is originally spelled “Viet Nam”.
    •”Pho” a Vietnamese food that’s delicious is very expensive in a lot of countries.In countries only millionaires could afford 1 bowl of it pho a day.
    •The reason why the big city “Ho Chi Minh City” has more people living there than the capital city “Hanoi” is cuz even tho Hanoi’s the capital doesn’t mean it needs more people living there. It’s the capital cuz of its beautiful sunshine and view. It’s gorgeous and glistening lakes and rivers do take the chance of being capital city.
    •Ho Chi Minh City is named after Vietnam’s 1st president.(aka Uncle Ho)

    Loved the article ❤️