8 weird things about Thailand

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8 weird things about Thailand

Thailand is our favourite  country on the world! We love Thai cuisine, culture and weather. But, just like any other places, it sometimes surprise us. There are so many weird things about Thailand! Here are some of them:

1. It’s getting dark really quickly

Sunrises and sunsets in Thailand are really quick! It’s only 10-15 minutes when the day changes to a night and conversely.

It’s really different from Europe. We read that the closer to equator, the faster sunrise and sunset is.

Bangkok at night weird things about thailand

2. Automatic toillets

They are really awesome! You can find them in Bangkok (especially in big shopping malls).

You can wash and dry after you are done doing… things you usually do in the toillet 😉

Automatic toilet in Thailand

3. House for ghosts

Thai people are really crazy about ghosts! They believe ghost can haunt them if they are not nice enough for them.

That’s why they built little houses in front on almost every building. When the ghost is around, he stays in this little house and won’t haunt you in your home.

Thai people are extremly superstitious. Everytime something weird happen, they think it’s because of ghosts. They bring drinks to them to calm them down. Thai ghosts especially love red Fanta.

So don’t be surprised if you see over a dozen bottles of red Fanta in front of little house in Thailand. It’s for ghost 😉

Red fanta for ghosts in Thailand

4. Taking off shoes

Thai people consider feet as clean and shoes as dirty. That’s why they take off their shoes before entering to temples, houses, stores etc.

If you go to Thailand, you must behave like locals. So don’t be disgusted to walk barefoot in some buildings. You’ll be just fine. Thai people are clean, so don’t be affraid of contracting diseases. We were in Thailand for a month and nothing bad happened to us!

Taking off shoes in Asia

5. Left-hand traffic

This may be normal for Britisher but for us it was jusr weird. It was difficult for us to get used to left-hand traffic.

Nevertheless, few days it was normal for us. We even rent motorbikes and car for a few days!

Road in Thailand

6. More respect for men than women

It was really weird at the beginning. Everytime we were in restaurant, Patryk got his food first. When we were speaking with Thai people, they usually ask Patryk about his opinnion.

In Thailand, men are just respected more than women. It’s strange but that’s how it works in this country. Maybe it’s a rule for Asia in general…

weird things about thailand

7. Dogs act like cats in Thailand

Haha, we love Thai dogs! They are so lazy and calm… They sleep all day and do everything what usually cats do.

There are a lot of stray dogs in Thailand. They sleep on the street and people give them food. They are happy just like Thai people 🙂

Dog sleeping on the beach in Thailand

8. Thai people don’t care so much about their children

This is something we actually admire. Thai people treat children like adults. Children do everything like their parents. They drive motorbikes, eat spicy food etc.

On the picture below you can see mother who is leading her son on a leash. It was weird for us but locals did not pay any attention to this. Maybe it’s normal in Thailand ;).
Thai child

Do you know any other weird things about Thailand? Share them in comments!


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  1. My Wife and I are English and are in Chaing Mai now for a couple of months. We have noticed some of these strange things already. It's great to soak up some culture and I love seeing how happy these people are.

    I did not know the red Fanta was for ghosts. I did wonder why there is food and drinks outside houses.

    As a "Britisher" (British) person, driving on the left is great and certainly helps when trying to cross the road!

    We've not been here for long but already we feel accepted and welcome. The people are friendly and the calm way of life is very refreshing 🙂

    • Thai people are really friendly! You are lucky to be in Thailand right now… We miss this amazing country everyday :).
      Yes, it's funny that Thai people give drinks and food to the ghosts!


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